In the world of data recovery, users have two options. You can either hire a data recovery service or get data recovery software. Data recovery services can be really expensive and might require a long time.

At the same time, data recovery software is just as effective and sometimes even more effective than recovery services. Going with data recovery software is a better option for personal use. However, hundreds of recovery tools are out there, and the question is which one to choose.

Today, we'll review DiskGetor data recovery and help you understand what to expect.

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DiskGetor Data Recovery Overview

DiskGetor claims to be one of the best data recovery solutions available. If you've accidentally deleted a file, formatted your drive, or a virus deleted important documents & folders, DiskGetor might be the right tool for you.

Moreover, it's possible for this tool to recover data even if you've written a new one on your partition or hard drive, but the chances of successful recovery can be low.

DiskGetor data recovery software is available only for Windows OS. This paid software offers a free version that can give some solid results. However, the paid option offers the core features and functionalities every user is looking for.

diskgetor data recovery features

DiskGetor Key Features and Functionalities

Here are the main features and functions of DiskGetor:

  • Recover deleted files: DiskGetor can recover files deleted by a virus, accidentally deleted, or lost because of hardware issues. You can also recover all deleted files through the recycle bin.
  • Recover formatted drives: Formatting a hard drive or a USB drive means deleting all the files. DiskGetor can recover all of the formatted data, help unformat the hard drive, and ensure you don't lose any sensitive data.
  • Recover missing drives: Whether you lost files because of partition loss or Windows deleted some of your important files, DiskGetor can recover all the data. Whatever issues your drive has, you can rely on this software to recover data.
  • Custom restoration: DiskGetor has a unique function allowing custom restoration by file headers. Users can set their headers based on file types or features.

DiskGetor User Interface and Experience

DiskGetor hasn't been updated many times. Additionally, this tool is no longer being updated, and it shows the most when looking at its interface. It looks like it's from 2005, but this is a very effective recovery software, and that's what matters.

The interface looks old, but the layout is intuitive. Users get used to it quickly and discover all the features logically. You can always find the information needed in the help section and access it whenever needed because it's always present at the top.

diskgetor data recovery user interface

All the buttons are large and logical. The layouts are intuitive, and you know what it will do when clicking on a button. However, the menu with the recovery options is cluttered, and the descriptions aren't that well-written, meaning that you will have to read them several times before understanding.

DiskGetor Data Recovery Process and Performance

When you notice something's wrong with your hard drive and your files are missing, stop using the drive right away. Don't move any data on it, don't write new data to it, or try to get data out from it. Turn on DiskGetor and start recovering your files.

DiskGetor Data Recovery Steps

Download and install DiskGetor and start the software. Once you've done that, follow these steps:
  1. Once DiskGetor starts, select Recover Deleted Files and click Next.
    selecting recover deleted files in diskgetor
  2. Select the storage device you want to recover data from and click Next.
    selecting recovery drive in diskgetor
  3. Wait until DiskGetor scans the drive. When ready, select the folders or files you want to recover and click Recover.
    recovering data using diskgetor

DiskGetor Data Recovery Performance

DiskGetor is a reliable recovery program that can recover files from an overwritten, partitioned, or formatted drive. On average, DiskGetor needs around 90 to 120 minutes to scan 500GB drives, which isn't that impressive in terms of time.

Remember that scanning requires a lot of memory and CPU, so consider turning off all other processes or operations to ensure your computer doesn't get frozen.

However, it has a 95% average recovery chance, making it really effective.

DiskGetor Data Recovery User Comments

Even though DiskGetor has mixed reviews, here are some comments made by a user on CNET:

"Way better than any other recovery software I've used. The price is minimal, considering my data is completely intact."
"Takes a while, but worth it. You can't purchase with a credit card if you have a free email account, which is a pain."

Here are some of the sites where you can check user reviews:

DiskGetor Data Recovery Download and Pricing

DiskGetor data recovery software can be downloaded directly from the official website. You can find all the options available on this page. DisGetor data recovery pricing and plans:

  • DiskGetor Free: free forever
  • DiskGetor (single user): $69.00 one-time payment
  • DiskGetor (2 – 3 user license): $59.00 one-time payment
  • DiskGetor (unlimited users): $199.00 one-time payment

Final Verdict: Pros and Cons of DiskGetor Data Recovery

DiskGetor is a worthwhile recovery tool to consider. It can recover data from formatted drives or damaged partition tables, and files damaged by viruses.

However, it's important to mention that it doesn't offer some of the modern features that some other competing recovery tools do, including recycle bin recovery, specific path scanning, and deep scanning.

In addition, this tool's interface is outdated and has no ongoing updates. At the same time, the price for unlimited users is very high, especially when considering how old DiskGetor is.

  • Offers multiple recovery modes that offer more effective results;
  • Works with various types of files, including popular media formats, Microsoft Office formats, etc.;
  • Easy to use;
  • Many guides and useful information.
  • Outdated interface;
  • Scanning can be really time-consuming, as can recovery;
  • Only available on Windows;
  • The free version doesn't let you recover data (only scanning is available).

The Best Alternative to Consider – Wondershare Recoverit

Wondershare Recoverit comes from a reputable company that's been working on developing data recovery algorithms for over a decade. Even though DiskGetor data recovery software is a solid option, Recoverit beats it in so many areas.

Free Download
Free Download

Here's a direct comparison between DiskGetor and Wondershare Recoverit:

Specs & features DiskGetor Wondershare Recoverit
Number of supported file types 12+ file types Over 1000+ file types
Data recovery rate 75% 98%
Deep scan
NAS recovery
Free trial
File preview
Pricing DiskGetor (single user): $69.00 one-time payment Wondershare Recoverit (single user): $69.99 per year
User interface ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Supported OS Windows Windows, macOS, Linux
Scan and recovery speed Medium 🚀Fast

Before you start, download and install the app from the official website and launch it.

  1. When it starts, click Hard Drives and Locations and then select the drive where your files were located.
    selecting the recovery drive in recoverit
  2. It will automatically scan the drive and display discovered files in real time. Click on the files you're interested in, click Preview, and then click Recover after previewing the file.
    scanning process in wondershare recoverit
  3. Select the save destination, name your recovered file, and click Recover.
    saving recovered files with recoverit


DiskGetor is a bit misleading because it claims to be free and lets you go through a recovery process until the very end, when you're asked to get the paid version. It can effectively recover files that it supports from specific storage devices.

Outside of that, it can't really do that much. Even though Wondershare Recoverit is more expensive on paper, the benefits and advantages surpass the costs, especially because it's a supported tool that's being maintained and updated. In other words, it will only get better in the future.

Free Download
Free Download


  • Does DiskGetor Data Recovery work?
    Yes, DiskGetor definitely works with recovering files lost in different scenarios. However, the recovery rate is somewhere around 75%, which is impressive considering how old this software is. Some of the most recent solutions offer better recovery rates and support more different file formats.
  • Is DiskGetor Data Recovery safe to use?
    DiskGetor doesn't raise any alarms with antiviruses when downloaded or installed. At the same time, there are no issues when scanning your computer. There have been no reports or testimonials about security issues when using DiskGetor.
  • Is DiskGetor data Recovery outdated?
    Yes, DiskGetor is outdated regarding user interface, support file formats, and additional features. However, DiskGetor can compete with some of the latest tools regarding data recovery success rates and performance.
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