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Laptop Blank Screen: How to Fix the Computer’s Blank Screen Problem?

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

"My Windows 10 PC is showing a blank screen after login. What is the reason behind such an unforeseen issue with the screen? Can I fix it?

It is not a new fact that your computer would cause some sort of problem which could be related to both its hardware and software. Among the most recurring issues is the computer showing a black screen, no matter which brand of PC or laptop you are using.

In this article, we will discuss why such an issue occurs so regularly and how to fix them with minimal or no loss of data. Other than that, we will also show you how to recover your content, if data loss ever occurs.

Part 1: Why Is My Laptop Screen Blank?

There could be any number of reasons behind the sudden occurrence of the blank screen on your laptop. As discussed in the previous section, the problem could both be with the software and hardware.

Not only that, but the lack of compatibility with a recently installed program could also be the culprit behind that. It could also be related to the driver handling the graphics of the laptop. It is wise to check the graphics adapter of the laptop screen immediately to get to the bottom of the issue and solve it.

Part 2: How Do You Fix a Computer when the Screen Is Blank?

If you fee that the graphics adapter of the laptop screen is working fine and there is something wrong with the OS, then the best thing you could do is try the list of solutions stated below to fix the laptop blank screen problem:

  1. Test your Power Supply;
  2. Perform a Hard Reset;
  3. Test your Monitor by connecting an External Monitor;
  4. Recover BIOS using a Keypress Combination;
  5. Reseat the Memory Modules.

1. Test your Power Supply:

Most of the time, the blank screen problem with your laptop occurs due to the sudden inability of the laptop's charger to supply power to it. We recommend checking whether your laptop's power supply is working or not. If the charger of the laptop is giving power, then the issue is not with the power supply, and you should jump on to the next solution.

2. Perform a Hard Reset:

If the laptop is still showing a blank screen, then you would have to perform a hard reset on the machine to see it working again. The hard reset procedure will clear every bit of information from your laptop's memory without erasing any hard drive storage. It is important to disconnect every external device connected to the computer. Here is the method to perform a hard reset on the computer:

3. Test your Monitor by connecting an External Monitor:

Every laptop comes with ports such as the HDMI port to allow you to use the computer on a separate and bigger screen to work. If you are still not sure whether there's something wrong about your laptop's graphic adapter, then the easy way to check it by connecting an external monitor with the computer. If that doesn't work, then check out the next solution. But if this solution work, then you should consult a technician to fix the fault with the screen's hardware

4. Recover BIOS using a Keypress Combination:

If your laptop is showing a blank screen, but the hard drive seems to be functional, then you could fix the blank screen issue by recovering the BIOS using the keypress combination. It is the method of recovering the last working version of the laptop's BIOS. Here is the process:

5. Reset the Memory Modules:

The only thing left to do after that is reseating the RAW or the memory module of the laptop. Here is the method:

Also, you may want to know how to fix unbootable Windows 7 caused by a black screen.

Part 3: How to Recover Lost Data from a Blank Screen Laptop:

If you lose any data stored inside the laptop after performing the solutions mentioned above or under any other situation, then that data is easily recoverable, thanks to the high-efficiency recovery rate of the Recoverit Data Recovery tool for Windows. Check out some valuable features of the tool before learning the method to perform quick data recovery:

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Recoverit Data Recovery - The Best File Recovery Software

  • It is available in both Windows and macOS;
  • It can retrieve files in 1000+ file formats in every support system;
  • No matter if the screen is blank or the computer has crashed altogether, you can still recover data from the laptop with Recoverit.

It only requires three simple steps to perform the data recovery, which are listed below:

Step 1. Select a Location:

After installing Reoverit on your computer, run the application on the laptop. Once you see the interface, select the disk or folder from which you wish to recover lost content and click the start button to initiate the scanning process.

recoverit interface

Step 2. Scan the Location:

The scan will start immediately. You will have to only wait for a few minutes before Recoverit scans through gigabytes of storage space to find erased data. It will notify you as soon as the scan completes its job.

operations during scanning

Step 3. Preview and Recover Files:

You can verify the files through Recoverit's preview feature. Select the data you intend to retrieve and press the "Recover" button to finish the recovery process.

preview recovered photos


There is no direct solution to fix hardware failure other than consulting with a related technician. However, if the problem is with the software, OS, or the BIOS, that could cause the blank screen to occur, then the issue could be quickly solved with any of the five techniques that we had mentioned in the article.

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