How to Create Recovery Partition for Windows 10/11 and Mac OS X [2021]

This page talks about the best way to create a recovery partition for Windows 10/11 and Mac OS X.

How to Create Recovery Partition for Windows 10/11 and Mac OS

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In the given article, we learn how to create recovery partition for windows 10/11 and MAX OS X (Yosemite) which proves to be helpful for users looking to store their data. However, before we understand the fundamentals that help create recovery partition in windows 10/11 and MAC OS X (Yosemite), we must garner additional information about the subject.

Part-1: What is Recovery Partition?

To being with, Recovery Partition is a crucial partition on the Hard Disk Drive that is used to restore the Operating System if there is any unforeseen problem. Although the Recovery Partition can be seen as a usable drive when viewed through Windows Explorer, one must resist the prospect of storing files onto it as it may cause the system recovery process to fail. Therefore, if you create recovery partition, let it act as backup for unseen situations rather than another storage area.

Advantages that encourage you to Create Recovery Partition:

Why Create Recovery Partition instead of using Recovery CDs?

The other important question that arises is why do we need to use a Recovery Partition and why not simply a Recovery CD that we can insert. People often argue that the space devoted to create recovery partition can instead be used for the storage of files and other important media data.

Part-2: How to Create Recovery Partition for windows 10/11?

Here, we list the steps that help you to create recovery partition for windows 10/11. While Windows 8 and 10 give users the option to create recovery partition through USB and CD, and as we have listed out to below, taking the former route is better. The steps are as follows:

  1. To create recovery drive, use the recovery drive creation tool that can be accessed by pressing Start key. Type "˜Recovery Drive', and click on Settings, and launch the "˜Create Recovery Partition' drive application.

    Create Recovery Partition on Windows step 1

  2. Once the Recovery Media Creator appears on your desktop, you will know if the operating system comes with a recovery partition. If it is present, copy it to the recovery drive. This might enable you to save space close to 3.5 GB. However, if it's not present, you can create it.

    Create Recovery Partition on Windows step 2

  3. When the tool is opened, ensure that "˜Backup System Files to Recovery Drive' is selected and then click on Next.
  4. You can now create recovery partition on your system. Also, if there is a USB connected to your system, it might show up in the options. However, you must click on the disk to create recovery partition. Click on Create.

    Create Recovery Partition on Windows step 3

  5. Click on Finish, and you have your recovery partition on the hard disk.

Part-3: How to Create Recovery Partition for MAC OS X (Yosemite):

To create recovery partition of MAC OS X (Yosemite), one would require OS X Installer from the App Store and the Recovery Partition Creator would also be required. It is an Apple Script that allows the partition to be created in a friendly way.

Here are the steps:

  1. Start the Recovery Partition Script. Using Time Machine, one can create a backup. This is a necessary precaution while the script prompts you with the OS X version being put to use.

    Create Recovery Partition on Mac step 1

  2. Click on OK, and then select the primary disk partition which contains the OS X install. Click OK again.

    Create Recovery Partition on Mac step 2

  3. You can connect an external disk, but that would mean having to connect the disk each time Disk Recovery Assistant is used.

    Create Recovery Partition on Mac step 3

  4. The OS X Installed downloaded from the App Store must be selected. After clicking on OK, you'll be prompted to check the drives for errors before the partition is created by the script. Click on "˜Continue'.

    Create Recovery Partition on Mac step 4

  5. Click on OK to let the script creating the Recovery Partition with the OS X of your choice. The process takes a while, but once the process is complete, it allows us to repair disks with the Disk Recovery Assistant, and not Internet Recovery which is a tedious process.

    Create Recovery Partition on Mac step 5

As we see above, creating a recovery partition in windows 10/11 and Apple MAC OS X (Yosemite) is not that difficult, if one is aware of the steps. The steps to create recovery partition in both the Operating Systems have been listed out clearly, and can help you create a backup of your installed software and other programs and applications. This is particularly helpful in case you happen to lose data accidentally, and therefore, it is often advised to create recovery partition on the system hard disk itself.

Part-4: How to Restore a Deleted Recovery Partition

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