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How to Open Apple Pages Files on Your Windows 10 PC

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

In 2017, Apple made the iWork available for free for its computers and devices. It opened the door for a lot of users. If you use both Mac and Windows computers at home and work, you may need to open Apple pages files on your Windows PC. By default, a Pages file is saved as a Pages format file with a ".pages" file format. The file extension is typically invisible to the Mac user, but if you send a Pages file on a Windows computer, the .pages extension is visible. If you try to open a Pages file on your Windows PC using MS Word, you will find out that it does not recognize the format ".pages." Here you will learn how to open Pages documents on Windows PC.

Part 1. How to Open and Edit Pages Files on Windows:

Pages are Apple's word processor software similar to Microsoft Word on Windows. Pages files are saved on the computer as ".pages" extension. It is a part of Apple's iWork productivity suite. It runs on the macOS and iOS operating systems. Pages were released on February 11, 2005. Upon opening the Pages app, it asks you to choose a pre-designed template. It features templates such as basic, report, résumé, letter, business card, posters, cards, and newsletter. The Pages application can open and edit Microsoft Word documents. It can also edit Office Open XML files and plain text documents. Pages can also export reports in the DOC, PDF, and ePub format.

The latest version 8.0 was released on March 28, 2019. The most recent update offers a new table of contents view, which allows the user to navigate a document or book easily. It also features Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages, where one can type vertically in the entire text of the File.

1. How to Open Pages File on Windows 10?

When you try to open an Apple Pages file in Microsoft Word, you'll see a dialog box. Follow the step below to open a pages file on Windows.



Make sure you have your file extensions visible in Windows so you can change the Extension of the pages document.







2. How to Edit Pages file on Windows 10?

Opening and editing a pages file on Windows is not as easy as double-clicking a random file. In the above section, we discussed how to view and open a pages file on Windows. In this section, we will discuss how to edit the said File. If you have access to an Apple ID and a web browser like Google Chrome, then there's a way to open and edit pages files on Windows. Here are the steps:




Part 2. How to Convert Pages to Microsoft Office Documents on Your Mac?

Now that you have learned how to open and edit .pages files on a Windows PC, It is worth mentioning that you should always save a copy of your Pages File to other formats like ".Doc or.Pdf" while you are using a Mac computer. Here are the steps to save a .docx or .doc file in Pages for Mac.



Part 3. How to Convert Pages to Microsoft Office Documents Using iCloud?

iCloud is a cloud storage service created by Apple Inc. Cloud storage allows digital data to be stored in logical pools. iCloud enables the user to store data like documents, photos, and music on remote servers for download to iOS, macOS, or Windows devices. It also allows those files to be shared and sent to other users.

You can also upload and convert the Apple Pages file to MS word and other files with iCloud. You'll need an iCloud account for this to work. You do not have to own a Mac or any Apple device to use iCloud and Pages. If you have a legitimate email address, then you can quickly sign up for an account and use the program. Here are the steps to Change Pages to Microsoft Office Documents Using iCloud:



Part 4. How to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive?

Your data is vulnerable when you transfer it from one place to another through an external memory source. The drive could get corrupted, or the computer might fail to read the disk altogether. Such type of error usually occurs when your external hard drive is exposed to some malware, or you fail to eject your disk correctly. You will not be able to access the data inside if such a problem occurs. It might lead to the deletion of your precious files. You can recover the data by running it through a data recovery software.

When you delete data on your computer the first place it goes is to the recycle bin. After emptying the recycle bin, it becomes difficult to access the deleted files. When you "delete" a file, the computer's file system eliminates the path to access that file. It also offers the storage that the file was using before being deleted to be available for future use. The binary numbers(1 and 0) that make up the file still live on inside your computer's processing unit. It remains hidden until they are overwritten with another file. Parts of the file may stay on your hard drive for years, while other traces may be replaced within a few minutes.

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1. Pick the Location:

After launching the Recoverit Mac data recovery software, follow these steps:


2. Scanning for Lost Data:


3. Recover the Lost Data:

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Closing Words:

It is a shame that Apple does not offer the iWork suite on Windows. Having to view and edit different files across several platforms can be unavoidable in some situations. That is the case when you need to open .pages documents on your Windows PC. This article will help you in dealing with this kind of issue. It is essential to create a back up for your files and save the data in different formats before performing any procedure. You can freely use the method that fits you the best. If in any case, your data is formatted or lost, then you can quickly recover the formatted data by using Recoverit Recovery Software.

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