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How to Recover Lost Data from APFS Volume on Mac

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Aug 04, 2023 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

What is APFS?

Apple File System or APFS is a file system developed by Apple for its latest OS, MacOS High Sierra. It is faster and more reliable than HFS+, the previous file system used by previous versions of Mac OS. APFS of Apple File System is particularly recommended for SSDs and flash drives but can work for mechanical and hybrid drives too. Drives and volumes formatted with APFS don’t crash that often and protect you from issues like file corruption.

However, no file format is completely invulnerable. The APFS is no different and there are some reasons why you might end up losing data from an APFS volume. The following content will outline the solution for you about how to recover lost data from APFS volume on Mac.

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What causes data loss in APFS volume?

The most common reason for losing data could be disk corruption. While it is very rare for APFS drives to be infected, viruses can still damage them and cause the data stored in them to be corrupted. Moreover, if you are not able to shut down your Mac properly and it abruptly closes before the data has been saved due to a sudden power outage then again you can stand to lose data. Another possible reason for data loss might be an issue with the operating system. Although the chances of that happening are quite slim, you can stand to lose a lot of data if your operating system fails or crashes.

Can you recover lost data files from the Apple File System?

Fortunately, there are tools made for recovering lost files that use the Apple File System. Such tools can recover lost data files from external and internal APFS storage devices. You can also recover and repair corrupted files for such devices.

In this article

Part 1: Free Download Mac APFS Volume Data Recovery

Recoverit is a reliable and effective data recovery tool that works just as efficiently on Windows PCs as it does on Macs. It is one of the only tools capable of recovering data that can even get back lost data from drives formatted with APFS.

The Best APFS Volume Data Recovery Software

Recoverit - The Best APFS Volume Data Recovery Software

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Download and install Recoverit on Mac, launch it, and follow the next simple steps to recover lost data from APFS Volume.

Part 2: How to Recover Lost Data from APFS Volume on Mac

Using Wondershare Recoverit to recover lost data

Once you download and install Recoverit on Mac, launch it, and follow the next simple steps to recover lost data from APFS Volume.

Select the location to deeply search for lost data. Select the APFS hard drive to process.

wondershare recoverit

It will start a quick scan, also you can go to "All-Around Recovery" if the quick scan cannot search your lost data.

Recover lost data from APFS volume-step 3

You can preview the recovered data from APFS Volume on Mac after the deep scan. Click the "Recover" button to save your files.

recover lost data from APFS volume-step 4

APFS format is ideal for your Mac especially if you have installed macOS High Sierra on it, this file system will ensure that you can copy and duplicate files and folders quickly and also enhance the reliability of your drives. However, if your APFS volume becomes corrupted for some reason and you end up losing your data then don’t lose hope. You can easily get back your lost data using data recovery software. Recoverit Data Recovery is the best software that can help you in retrieving any files which you might have lost. It makes it easier to recover lost data from APFS volume efficiently and quickly.

Use Disk Utility to Repair the APFS SSD

Disk utility is a great tool to solve various issues such as partitioning hard disks, repairing corrupted hard drives, mounting & unmounting storage devices, etc.

Start by launching the Disk utility. Go to applications then select utility.

Under utility, select the volumes you want to repair from the left sidebar, then click the Fist Aid tab at the top of the disk utility window.

Click on Run from the pop-up window that shows up to start a First Aid scan on the volumes you selected. In other Mac versions, click on the Repair Disk button. Disk utility will repair the storage volume you chose. If the disk utility finds issues it cannot repair if the hard disk drive does not appear under disk utility, consider getting help from data recovery experts.

MAC OS disk utility window

Part 3. Use TestDisk to recover APFS volume

TestDisk software was designed to recover and repair lost or damaged volumes by using the command prompt. TestDisk uses the command line to execute its processes.

The procedure below will guide you to recover lost data files from the APFS volume on Mac.

Step 1. Start by Launching TestDisk from the Terminal app then select Create a log file using your arrow keys.

testdisk utility

Step 2. Use the arrow keys to select the disk that has the lost partition.

testdisk utility

Step 3. Select the partition table type. Most times, the testdisk program defaults to the correct type.

testdisk utility

Step 4. Analyze the current partition structure and search for lost partitions.

testdisk utility

Proceed to Search for missing partitions with a Quick or Deep search. Once this is done, perform a partition recovery to recover lost files from the APFS volume.

testdisk utility

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