How to Restore Pics from Kodak Camera

Without a proper guideline or help, it's really hard for any person to recover the lost photos. Reading this article and learn how to restore all your lost photos and also get a "Zero" data loss result.

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"I don't know what happened; I just can't find all my photos from Kodak Camera. I don't know if I have accidentally deleted them or not. Can someone please help me with this? I want my pics back! They are very important to me."

This is one of the most common scenarios that are available on the Internet. Kodak cameras are very good for taking pictures and the specs are cool of those cameras, but nothing is perfect. Kodak cameras can also have some flaws that can be managed easily if you know how to do it.

If you are one of those people who lost their photos of Kodak camera and you want to restore photos by using the best tool available on the Internet, then you have come to the right place. After reading this article, you will be able to restore pics from your Kodak camera easily in no time.

Part 1 Chance of Photo Recovery from Kodak Camera

Maybe you have taken some beautiful photos while traveling around the world or you are a photographer who likes to take a lot of pictures with your Kodak camera. So losing all those precious and beautiful photos will cause you an emotional breakdown for sure. It's pretty obvious to have this question that, if there is a chance of photo recovery from Kodak camera.

1. Factors in Kodak Camera Photo Loss:

There can be various reasons that cause Kodak camera photo loss. But some common factors are –

  • When you are navigating through various camera options, you can unintentionally delete the pictures from the Kodak camera by pressing the "Delete All"/"Erase All" option.
  • Any kind of malware attack to the memory card on the Kodak camera can sometimes automatically delete photos from its memory without giving you any kind of caution.
  • If you are using any unauthenticated antivirus tool to scan virus-infected Kodak camera's memory card, it can also cause the deletion of certain photos while removing any threat from it.
  • Sometimes, you can erase images from your Kodak camera thinking that they are not of much importance or you don't need them anymore. But later you realize that you deleted all the wrong pictures accidentally.
  • Any kind of the wrong usage of memory cards can also cause photo loss from the Kodak camera. If you remove or take out the memory card during the "Read/Write" process or any other important execution, it can corrupt the entire memory card and cause photo loss.

2. Chance of Camera Photo Recovery:

It's possible to restore pics from Kodak camera because as it may seem that you have lost your photos or deleted them, the photos are not entirely deleted permanently. The photos that were lost or deleted for any reason, they remain invisible in the memory card. Only because of this, you can restore photos from your Kodak camera.

But you must remember that you will have to use photo restoration software to restore photos from your Kodak camera easily. You need to keep in mind that whenever any kind of data gets lost from your memory card or any other storage device because of any reason, you need to stop using that immediately.

Stop taking any more photos or videos from your Kodak camera. If you continue using your camera, the new photos will be saved as the old ones, so the deleted photos will be lost forever. Just stop using your memory card and camera, keep them in a safe place until you use a photo restoration software to restore pics from Kodak camera.

Part 2 Recoverit Photo Recovery: Best Photo Restoration Software

Recoverit Photo Recovery is an all-in-one photo recovery tool that can give you a guaranteed result every time without any data loss. This is the best photo restoration software that will help you to restore deleted or lost photos, videos, and audio files from Windows computers and MacBook.

This amazing tool has all those advanced features and functions that no other photo recovery software has and it will restore photos easily in no time. It also has an advanced system but easy to use interface that is totally user friendly. So you will face no difficulties while using this software.


  • If you accidentally delete photos from your computer and also empty the Recycle Bin or Trash folder, you can use this software to recover them again.
  • It can recover photos when your computer system gets crashed and the photos get deleted, crashed, or lost.
  • This software can help you out to recover photos when you format the SD memory card and the hard drive devices.
  • It can recover photos when the partition of hard drives or USB drives get lost or resized improperly for technical reasons in your computer.
  • The software can restore photos when your memory card, computer hard drive, or other storage devices get any virus attack issue.
  • It can also help you retrieve photos when you lose data for any kind of issue.


  • It features a 96% recovery rate and advanced scan algorithm to help you restore photos, videos, and audios.
  • It can restore photos from all types of disk file systems such as FAT, exFAT, NTFS, HFS, APFS, etc.
  • It can restore JPG, TIFF/TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, CRW, CR2, RAF, SR2, WMF, DNG, ERF, RAW, etc. image formats.
  • It allows you to preview, select, and restore all the photos that you lost.
  • It comes with user-friendly and intuitive interfaces, supporting photo recovery without any tech knowledge required.

Part 3 How to Restore Pics from Kodak Camera

You can easily restore pics from the Kodak camera by using Recoverit Photo Recovery. Launching it, you can easily proceed to restore photos from the Kodak camera.

1. Video Guide to Photo Restoration from Kodak Camera

If you find photos and videos lost or deleted from your Kodak camera, watch the video and get the solutions to recover lost files.

Recent Videos from Recoverit

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Recoverit Photo Recovery supports to restore photos from digital cameras in different brands. For example: recover Nikon camera photos and how to retrieve Panasonic camera pictures.

2. How to Restore Photos from Kodak Camera

If you have deleted or lost photos, here is how you can recover them. Now, connect your Kodak camera or its memory card to the computer, and follow the guide to get them.

You need to choose a drive where you lost your photos from the list of drives that are displayed on your screen. Click on the "Start" button to start the scanning process.

select sd card for Kodak cameras

Now the software will start an all-around scan on your memory card deeply and thoroughly. As the memory card is scanned, all your lost photos will be displayed based on different locations.

Kodak photo restoration

Finally, you can preview and choose the photos that you want to recover. Now select the files and click on the "Recover" button to start recovering the data. Save the files on another drive instead of saving them on the same drive where you lost them.

Kodak photo recovery

Part 4 Something About Kodak Camera

Kodak is a technology sector giant that focuses on image related gadgets and accessories. Kodak and their partnered companies offer hardware, software, consumables, and services to customers around the world in graphic arts, commercial print, publishing, packaging, electronic displays, entertainment, commercial films, and consumer products related markets.

Kodak cameras are advanced and good for taking pictures because you can record videos and take photos that are very high quality by using them. Kodak cameras are not that famous nowadays but Kodak cameras were very famous before the invention of digital cheap cameras.

The company was first named The Eastman Kodak Company that produces cameras and camera-related products. George Eastman and Henry A. Strong founded this company on September 4, 1888. With time Kodak cameras became famous and they grew very big with their interesting cameras, but as time passed Kodak cameras also saw it's a downfall as other companies replaced Kodak with their products.

1. File Formats of Kodak Camera

Various file formats are supported by Kodak cameras and Recoverit Photo Recovery supports the recovery of these file formats.

  • RAW file formats – KDC, DCR, KDC, DC2, and K25, etc.
  • Regular file formats – JPG, JPEG, etc.
  • Video Formats – MOV, AVI, MPEG, MPG, etc.
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2. Models of Kodak Camera

Kodak has various models of camera produced for both professional and personal uses. Here are some of the models and these models are also supported by Recoverit Photo Recovery software –

Professional Digital Cameras:

Kodak DC220 Pro Edition, DCS 300 series, DCS 400 series, DCS 500 series, DCS 600 series, DCS 700 series, DCS Pro Back, DCS Pro 14/n, DCS Pro SLR/n, DCS Pro SLR/c.

Consumer Digital Cameras:

  • Kodak DC Series – DC 20, DC25, DC40, DC50, DC80, DC120, DC200, DC200 Plus, DC210, DC210 Plus, DC215, DC220, DC240, DC260, DC265, DC280, DC290, DC3200, DC3400, DC3800, DC4800, DC5000.
  • Kodak EasyShare DX Series – DX3215, DX3500, DX3600, DX3700, DX3900, DX4330, DX4530, DX4900, DX6340, DX6440, DX6490, DX7440, DX7590, DX7630.
  • Kodak EasyShare CX Series – CX4200, CX4210, CX4230, CX4300, CX4310, CX6200, CX6230, CX6330, CX6445, CX7220, CX7300, CX7310, CX7330, CX7430, CX7525, CX7530.
  • Kodak EasyShare LX Series – Kodak EasyShare LS420, Kodak EasyShare LS443, Kodak EasyShare LS633, Kodak EasyShare LS7434, Kodak EasyShare LS7535, Kodak EasyShare LS755.
  • Kodak EasyShare C Series – C182, C190, C300, C310, C315, C330, C340, C360, C433, C503, C513, C530, C533, C603, C613, C633, C643, C653, C663, C713, C703, C743, C763, C813, C875, C913, C1013, CW330, CD43, CD40, CD33.
  • Kodak EasyShare Z Series – Z700, Z730, Z740, Z760, Z7590, Z612, Z650, Z710, Z712 IS, Z812 IS, Z885, Z8612 IS, Z1012 IS, Z1015 IS, Z915 IS, Z980, Z981, Z990, Z1275, Z1285, Z1085 IS.
  • Kodak EasyShare V Series – V530, V550, V570, V603, V610, V705, V803, V1003, V1073, V1233, V1253, V1273.
  • Kodak EasyShare P Series – P712, P850, P880.
  • Kodak EasyShare-One series – Kodak EASYSHARE-ONE / 6 MP, Kodak EASYSHARE-ONE / 4 MP.
  • Kodak EasyShare M series – M883, M340, M873, M853, M753, M1033, M763.

Other Digital Cameras

EZ200, mc³ Portable Multimedia Device, SP1, WP1, and SP360 action cams.

3. Memory Cards of Kodak Camera

Here is a list of Memory cards supported by Kodak camera and Recoverit Photo Recovery supports the recovery of the types –

EASYSHARE CX-, DX-, LS-Series Cameras support –

  • DX3500, DX3600, DX3900: CF memory cards up to 1 GB
  • LS755: xD memory cards only
  • All other CX, DX, LS: SD memory cards up to 1 GB

EASYSHARE C-Series Cameras support –

  • C1450, C1550: SD and SDHC memory cards up to 32GB
  • C300, C310, C315, C330, CD33, CW330, C530, CD40, CD50: SD memory cards up to 1 GB
  • C340, C360, C433, C503, C533, C603, C633, C643, C663, C703, C743, C875: SD memory cards up to 2 GB
  • CD43: xD memory cards only
  • All other C-Series Cameras: SDHC and SDHC UHS-1 memory cards up to 32 GB

EASYSHARE M-Series Cameras support –

  • M590, M583, M577 TOUCH, M5370 TOUCH: MicroSD and MicroSDHC memory cards up to 32 GB
  • All other M-Series Cameras: SD, SDHC, SDHC UHS-1 memory cards up to 32 GB

EASYSHARE P-Series Cameras support –

  • P850, P880: SD memory cards up to 2 GB
  • P712: SD or SDHC memory cards up to 4 GB

EASYSHARE V-Series Cameras support –

  • V1233, V1253, V1073, V1273: SDHC, SDHC UHS-1 memory cards up to 32 GB
  • All other V-Series Cameras: SD memory cards up to 2 GB

EASYSHARE Z-Series Cameras support –

  • Z610, Z650, Z700, Z710, Z730, Z740, Z760, Z7590: SD memory cards up to 2 GB
  • All other Z-Series Cameras, including MAX: SDHC and SDHC UHS-1 memory cards up to 32 GB
  • EASYSHARE SLICE Digital Camera support – MicroSD and MicroSDHC memory cards up to 32 GB.
  • FUNSAVER FD-Series Cameras support – SD and SDHC memory cards up to 32 GB
  • EASYSHARE ONE Camera support – SD and SDHC memory cards up to 1 GB
  • Digital Video Cameras support – Zi6, Zi8, PLAYTOUCH Zi10, Zx1, ZxD, PLAYSPORT Zx3 and Zx5, PLAYFULL Ze1: SDHC and SDHC UHS-1 memory cards up to 32 GB
  • MINI Zm1, MINI HD Zm2 supports - MicroSD and MicroSDHC memory cards up to 32 GB

With all those old and new models, supported file formats, and memory cards, it's easy to say that Kodak cameras have all the options that you would love to try out. Advanced technology and resources have been used in the Kodak cameras and they are better than a lot of cameras that exist on the market. The latest Kodak cameras have all the advanced features and functions that can compete with any other camera that exists on the market.

Part 5 Precautions Against Kodak Camera Photo Loss

Here are 5 most important precautions that you can take if you don't want to lose photos from Kodak camera –

  • You can use the "Write Protect" system in your memory card that will help you to avoid any kind of accidental delete issue.
  • You need to keep backup of all your photos and videos on your computer or any other external drives so that you can avoid any kind of data loss.
  • Always connect your Kodak camera to a virus and malware-free computers, this will help you to avoid any kind of system or data error.
  • Always keep your camera charged before using, don't use it when the power is low. Power failure can damage the photos and videos available on your camera.
  • Don't use file sharing feature when you are not using your network because public networks can cause system file damage anytime.

Closing Words

This article is a clear and detailed guideline on how to restore pics from the Kodak camera. If you are confused and you don't know how to retrieve your lost photos, you can read this article to get the easiest solution to solve your problem.

The best way to restore photos from Kodak camera is by using Recoverit Photo Recovery software. There is no doubt in the abilities of this software because of the advanced features and easy to use a process that will allow you to restore photos from Kodak camera in no time.

What if you find the camera videos lost too? Get answers here to recover video files now.
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