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How to Fix Computer Crash after Installing Windows 10/11

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Jan 24, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

The upgrade to windows 10/11 hasn't been a completely happy affair for the users. After the update, many users complained of a computer crash after installing windows 10/11. If you are facing the problem of a computer crash after installing windows 10/11, it could be because of several reasons. To start with, you could be facing the blue screen error, along with low CPU performance, all this adding to the woes of your Operating System. In this article, we look to address the issue and see why the problem of computer crashes after installing windows 10/11 occurs.

Computer Crashes Randomly

One can utilize the unwavering quality screen to look for a brisk, easy to understand directing instrument that will show all the ongoing framework and application crashes. We were first acquainted with the Reliability Monitor in Quite a while Vista, and it has been on every single present-day form of Windows from that point forward. Essentially hit the Window key and type "˜Reliability'. You at that point need to press Enter to dispatch the "˜View Reliability history' easy route.

how to fix computer crash

On the off chance that the PC crashes haphazardly, you'll have the option to see a "˜Windows disappointment' here. Application disappointments drill down all the accidents pertinent to your application. Nearby, it offers you other data that may be valuable in understanding why PC crashes haphazardly. If the PC crashes arbitrarily after the establishment of a specific programming or equipment program, you may need to perform a framework reestablish.

This program gives us occasions from the Even Viewer in a way that interests to beginners too. Window Event Viewer would likewise gracefully us with this data, however it won't be that justifiable.

fix a crash computer

On the off chance that you are hoping to get to Windows Event Viewer to comprehend why PC crashes arbitrarily, dispatch the Start menu and quest for "˜Event Viewer', at that point move to "˜System' under "˜Window Logs', and search for "˜Error' messages. Similar mistake messages are additionally seen in the unwavering quality screen. In any case, don't be frightened by each message that shows up in this window.

The other explanation when PC crashes haphazardly could be the blue screen blunder which we will examine in detail in the accompanying segment.

Blue Screen Error causes Computer Crashes Randomly

crash computer

Check for Updates:

Regularly, the blue screen mistake happens because Windows has not been refreshed for some time. One can go to the pursuit box on the taskbar, search up for Windows update, and select a similar alternative. On the page of Windows Update, you can check for updates, and along these lines, introduce the vital updates.

Hardware Elimination:

In uncommon events, an acquaintance of equipment with your framework can cause a blue screen mistake. For the ones who are encountering such an issue, it is fitting to evacuate the USB Drive or some other equipment gadget that has been introduced, closed down the PC. You would then be able to turn on the PC.

Reduce the Animations running:

fix computer crash

Windows will in general run a ton of liveliness, every one of which can make your PC delayed down, and accordingly, you should impair these movements. One can press the Windows key+ X or right snap on the Start button and select "˜System'. At that point move over to the "˜Advanced System Settings' on the left sheet and pick "˜Settings' catch under the Performance tab. You at that point need to pick the alternative, "˜Adjust for best execution under Visual Effects to impair all the activities, or select "˜Custom' and expel the individual liveliness you are not keen on utilizing.

Check for Memory Leak to ease Hard Drive Crash:

It is conceivable that one of your projects isn't discharging the memory it has been utilizing after its fruition. This can make the gadget run gradually. You can check for the program that is utilizing the most memory by playing out the accompanying advances:

Occasion Viewer can prove to be useful if one is seeking check for program blunders and other important investigating data.


While normal users could blame the windows 10/11 update for the problem of computer crash after installing windows 10/11, it must be understood that the problem might arise due to one of the above-listed reasons. One should ensure that the RAM installed is functioning properly as low memory is often the reason behind the computer crash after installing windows 10/11.

How to Recover Lost Data caused by Computer Crash

If you face the problem of computer crashes after installing windows 10/11, you could risk losing some crucial data which would then have to be recovered using the Recoverit data recovery software.

Please download and install Recoverit data recovery software, and then follow the next simple steps to perform hard drive data recovery.

Simple steps to recover lost data from computer hard drive

Step 1 Choose the "Deleted Files Recovery" option to start computer hard drive data recovery.

recover lsot data from hard drive

Step 2 Make sure you remember where you lost file saved before, select it, and click "Start" to scanning lost files.

recover data from hard drive

Step 3 If a quick scan can't get your lost files, you can go to the "All-Around Recovery" mode which will deeply search more files from hard drives.

deep scan hard drive data

Step 4 Preview and check the desired files and click "Recover" button to recover your data.

hard drive data recovery

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