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How to Fix the Blue Screen Error in Windows 10/11

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

Just like any other operating system, Windows 10/11 is a software that is vulnerable to different sorts of issues and problems. That’s the reason why we experience a number of inconveniences and setbacks while dealing with this operating system. The blue screen is a common issue that has been faced by different users using different variants of the Microsoft Windows operating systems including Windows 10/11. It is also known as the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) and has been causing a lot of trouble to different users of Windows 10/11. If you are experiencing the blue screen of death, you have come to the right place as this article discusses everything that is there to know about the BSoD and the probable solutions to this issue. Go through the below-mentioned sections to know more.

Different factors that cause blue screen error in Windows 10/11

When it comes to the blue screen of death, there are several factors that might cause a Windows 10/11 user to go through this sort of unwanted experience. Some of the most common causes in this regard are listed below in order to give you a general overview of the subject.

Part 1. How to Fix Blue Screen Errors in Windows 10/11

When it comes to fixing the blue screen issue in Windows 10/11, there are a few different methods that might be used to take care of the ongoing issues. Some of them are discussed below for your convenience.

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1. Scan your computer for virus

Make sure that you are using the latest variant of antivirus and then perform a thorough virus scan on your computer in order to identify any possible threats and free your computer of those unwanted viruses.

2. Apply all the updates and service packs

Service packs comprise of patches that help in improving the operations of Windows 10/11. So you need to check out your windows service packs by going to Control Panel > System.

The majority of the patches may be found by opening the Windows Update center. You may check your computer for installed patches by going to Settings > Updates and Security.

updates and security

3. Test your System Memory

Step 1. Open the Run command box by clicking Windows key + R simultaneously and type in mdsched.exe followed by Enter key.


Step 2. Hit the "Restart now and check for problems" button to restart your computer and check out your memory status immediately.

windows memory diagnostic

Step 3. A blue screen will be displayed showing the memory check progress for your computer.

windows memory diagnostic tool

After the completion of the process, you will be provided with the results suggesting if the computer is suffering from any bad memory or not.

4. Run a Hard Disk Drive test

Close all the programs on your system and follow the instructions given below.

Step 1. Go to Start > File Explorer > This PC

Step 2. Make a right-click on the local drive that you want to check and hit "Properties".

Step 3. Open the "Tools" tab and hit the "Check" button.

Step 4. Make sure that there are no issues with your hard drive.

5. Use safe mode to roll back drivers

Sometimes the blue screen of death issue arises due to incorrect drivers. So the best strategy is to roll them back to the previous versions. In order to do so, follow the steps given below.

Step 1. Boot your computer in Safe Mode

Step 2. Open up the run command box press Windows key + R simultaneously and type in devmgmt.exe followed by the enter key.

Step 3. In the list of devices, select the device for which the driver rollback is required. Make a right-click and open its Properties.

Step 4. Open the "Driver" tab. Hit the "Rollback Driver" button.

By the way, you can also learn to fix Ndis.sys blue screen error.

Part 2. How to Recover Data after Blue Screen Errors

Sometimes when the blue screen of death comes up, you are in the middle of doing something important but since it crashes all the ongoing activity on your RAM, all your progress goes into the gutter and you end up losing some important data. Recoverit can help you retrieve lost data from the computer hard drive and fix the blue screen of death.

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Step 1. To retrieve your lost data from your hard drive, you can select the "Deleted Files Recovery" mode to get started.


Step 2. Select the target location where your files get lost and click on "Start" to process.

recover lost files

Step 3. Recoverit data recovery tool will start a quick scan first. After it, if you can't find your files, you can turn to "All-Around Recovery" for more files while with a longer time.

lost file recovery

Step 4. After the scan, you can preview the displayed files, choose the files you want to recover, and click "Recover" button to get them back.

recover lost files

In order to sum it all up, it may be said that the blue screen of death isn't a direct threat to the safety of your computer but it may still cause you a good deal of trouble. So the best approach is to eradicate the root causes behind this problem to take care of it once and for all.

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