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How to Fix Blue Screen 0x0000007b Error

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

Just imagine, if your personal computer stuck with the Windows bluescreen 0x0000007b and so what will you do next? The very first question in mind while you face a Windows bluescreen 0x0000007b error would be that why did it happen, right?

Hence, in this article, you can go through the complete method wise solutions and a software glance to rectify the corrupted files with proper guidance. We have fixed the blue screen death of code 124 error, Stop 0x000000f4 error, 1033 error, bccode 50 error. Don’t get stuck with this bluescreen error code, start to clean up the act by following these easy solutions below.

Part 1: What is bluescreen 0x0000007b?

Windows Blue of death is an error stop message encountered by device driver problem. Have you wondered why it is so? Well, the typical Windows bluescreen 0x0000007b occurs periodically for Windows users at regular intervals. This may annoy you as it entirely disrupts the controls looking forward to ensuring the storage mechanism on the computer. The worst part is that you can do nothing while the error pop-ups on your windows screen.


Bluescreen error in simpler terms is also referred to as BSOD (Blue screen of death). Many Windows users might come across this issue during the startup. So, let’s us explain the causes and solution to get out from the current issue. The simple answers might be a surprise for you.


Part 2: Causes of bluescreen 0x0000007b?

There’s a way for you to identify the causes of Windows bluescreen 0x0000007b. Imagine what it would be like to STOP: 0x0000007b and get the message as INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. You can directly point out the main cause as hard drive error and RAM shortage. Generally, there is an automatic storage process to record the booting process by the hard disk. It’s a familiar process and it usually goes like this. If the hard disk fails to record the booting method then it’s your situation to get Windows bluescreen 0x0000007b error message. Soon, you have to figure it that though, your system boots after the bluescreen 0x0000007b the recovery has been started with the prompted shutdown message.


Usually, the Windows-based operating system will evoke this STOP: 0x0000007b. Chances are there such error bluescreen 0x0000007b are prone to Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Besides that sometimes the Data corruption and viruses may inhibit the wrong sequence to make the issue on the hard disk.

Part 3: How to fix bluescreen 0x0000007b?

To begin with Windows STOP: 0x0000007b fix point, you might have known many methods. As foremost said, you have sorted out the virtual causes.

Now, let’s take a closer looks at various methodologies to fix the Windows STOP: 0x0000007b. You have to try without hesitation until the error gets sorted.

Method 1: System Check

  1. Open the box terminal to search command prompt.
  2. Type the command DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
  3. Again type the command SFC / scannow

Don’t interrupt in between the scanning process. Just leave it to complete 100% final score. Below, we have listed some of the error messages. From the list, you may get one among them.

Perform the scan mode in the safety mechanism through system file checker tool. Before that, cross-check the file path %WinDir%\WinSxS\Temp with the folders such as PendingRenames and PendingDeletes.


In this step, you can see the command prompt will scan each and every file in Windows. It will verify the files are protected or not. If the file you have is corrupted then it gets replaced simply by the storage available in the copy of each cache.

After that, try to restart the computer and thus it will rectify automatically. The error message Windows STOP: 0x0000007b may last only for a short period after applying this method.

Method 2: Undo changes from modifications and configurations

Secondly, you might have changed some modifications or configurations in the system. Later on, it will be the immediate cause due to mismatch configurations. Press the F8 button and choose “last known good configurations”. If you observe the Windows bluescreen 0x0000007b has been rectified then the error message won’t be displayed. Instead, if you get the error message again then the problem is not with the configuration done by us. It’s totally depending upon the system malfunction.


Method 3: Try to restore system

Thirdly, try using the system restore option found default in Windows operating system. If the issue disappeared then the actual problem is with the change you have made recently.

Method 4: Change the hard disk controller

Due to the uncontrolled mechanism of the hard disk, sometimes you might get the Windows STOP: 0x0000007b. Use the BIOS strategy to change the hard disk controller. Choose which method will be flexible as per your convenience. It may AHCI Mode to IDE Mode or vice versa. Bring the settings of BIOS by clicking the button F2. You will get the display of BIOS settings instantly.


Note: The above method is more basic to retrieve the system requirements. If you still realize the Windows STOP: 0x0000007b then commit us to move on with serious errors in the hard disk.

Method 5: Chek hard disk corruption

There is a way for you to cross-check the hard disk corruption. Use the command chkdsk. You can repair the hard disk by using the command chkdsk.

  1. Click on the Windows terminal box. You will be displayed in the search box. Type the word “command prompt” into the box.
  2. You will get the display of command prompt immediately. Type the command “chkdsk c: /r”.
  3. In the terminal box, you can observe the process of command “chkdsk c: /r”. Once if the process gets completed, please restart the system again. Check whether the Windows STOP: 0x0000007b is fixed or not. Though it appears again you have to try another chance.


Method 6: Try to fix MRB.

This part is very easier to use. Try another command “fixmbr”. Due to the error obtained from corrupted master boot record, you might have received the error message Windows STOP: 0x0000007b. The system will create the new master boot to record the manipulation of system activities. Once if you execute the command “fixmbr” again try to restart the computer. By doing this, our error will be fixed automatically. HoYouver, this command rectification problem will be processed only in Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Let us start the execution of the command prompt:

  1. Click on the terminal box and type command prompt in the box.
  2. Then type the command “fixmbr”. Once if the process completed then restart the system again.
  3. Cross check whether the error message appears or not.


Method 7: Fix issue from BIOS settings

Another important fact is keeping an account of memory issue in BIOS settings. It gets better: If you are sure about the memory issue then clear the CMOS.

Note: If the error still persists in your system then try to repair the files which are corrupted in Windows. Simply, run the repair portion in system start-up.

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Part 4: How to recover data if you lost data after bluescreen 0x0000007b?

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Note: You have found the immediate solution to retrieve the lost data in hard disk. Restart your computer and check the error message Windows STOP: 0x0000007b. It will be fixed automatically. No more stress to get back your complete database.

Therefore to conclude you would agree to the fact that this article brings you a complete solution for rectifying the recurring bluescreen error code and then saving your data from getting lost forever. Isn’t that amazing? So, take cue from one of the methods discussed above and get rid of this annoying bluescreen 0x0000007b error code. Good luck and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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