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Laptop Charger not Working: Find What is Wrong with Your Laptop’s Charger and the Method to Fix the Problem

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

"My Lenovo laptop's charger is not working? Early this morning, I tried to recharge my computer, but it failed to detect the adapter. Do I have to buy a new charger, or is there some solution to fix the problem?

The charger is the oxygen supplier of the laptop, and without it, you would not be able to carry on with your routine tasks. But sometimes some mishap or carelessness could result in the charger or the laptop's charging abilities to malfunction. If that is the case and you find the laptop charger not working at all, then read through our article as we will discuss every possible solution to reverse the issue.

Part 1: Why Is My Laptop Plugged in and Not Charging?

Whenever you connect the charger to your laptop, you will instantly receive an indication in the form of a beeping sound, or a dedicated LED installed inside the computer will light up. If that does not happen and you find the laptop not charger even after plugging in the charger, then there could be several factors behind such a problem. Here are some of them:

All of the issues mentioned above are easily fixable, and you will find the solutions in the next section of the article.

Part 2: 4 Tips to Solve the Laptop Charger Not Working Issue

It doesn't matter if the issue with the charger not working on your laptop is related to hardware or software as the four handy solutions mentioned below will help in fixing and have your laptop's battery up and charging in no time:

  1. Troubleshoot Hardware Issue;
  2. Power Reset your Laptop;
  3. Update your Battery Driver;
  4. Update your BIOS.

1. Troubleshoot Hardware Issue:

Following are the ways to troubleshoot various hardware issue that could be causing the charger not to work:

2. Power Reset your Laptop:

The power reset of the laptop is the answer to most things. Sometimes the device needs a tuneup, and the power reset brings that to the table. Here is the method to hard reset the laptop:

3. Update your Battery Driver:

A recent Windows 10 update may have disrupted the battery's ability to detect the charger. It is mainly due to the incompatibility of the battery's driver with the new Windows update or because of its outdatedness. You can fix it by update the battery's driver through Windows Device Manager utility and here are the steps to do that:

lenovo charger not working 1

lenovo charger not working 2

4. Update your BIOS:

Updating the BIOS may fix several other issues, including the laptop not charging problem as well, but you would have to be very careful while performing it, as even a small misstep could result in data loss or something even worse, such as permanent damage to the motherboard. Here are the steps to update the BIOS of the laptop:

Part 3: Laptop Charger Not Working – Recover Lost Data from the Laptop with Recoverit:

As discussed in the previous section, a procedure such as updating the BIOS could result in data loss. But luckily, Recoverit Data Recovery software has the potential to retrieve files from every possible circumstance thanks to its wide variety of unique features which are mentioned in the list below:

deleted data recovery

Recoverit Data Recovery - The Best File Recovery Software

  • A minor misstep while updating the BIOS could crash your laptop. But Recoverit's crash recovery feature will assist you in recovering every file you want from that crashed computer;
  • It can recover permanently deleted files from the Recycle Bin folder without breaking a sweat;
  • The application has the complete ability to read 1000+ file formats in every support system of both Windows, macOS, and external storage devices.

Here are the steps to perform data recovery with Recoverit:

Step 1. Select a Location:

Run the application on your laptop and select any folder you like from the interface from which you wish to recover data. Click on "Start" after that.

recoverit interface

Step 2. Scan the Location:

After hitting the start button, the recovery scan will begin, and you will be required to wait a few minutes for the scan to finish. The timeline of the scan depends on the volume of lost data. Recoverit's interface permits you to stop/pause the scanning process to check the progress of data recovery. It will notify you after finishing the scan.

operations during scanning

Step 3. Preview and Recover Files:

The preview section of Recoverit will allow you to view and verify the legitimacy of the files. Once you are satisfied with the outcome, carefully select the data you wish to retrieve and click on the "Recover" button to save the restored files.

preview recovered photos


The battery and the charger will give you some indication of malfunctioning before entirely giving up from doing their job. It is recommended to check the health of the battery and the charger constantly to avoid any such issue.

In this article, we have discussed every possible way to help in fixing the charger, not the working problem. We hope that at least one of them helped in reviving your battery and charger. Other than that, we also showed you the process of recovering data with Recoverit if any such solution resulted in some data loss on the computer.

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