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Fix File History Does Not Recognize This Drive Windows 10

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

I've been using File History on my Win10 laptop for a couple of years with no problems, saving to an external drive. For the recent weeks, when I go running it, I get the message: "File History doesn't recognize this drive." How can I fix this?

If you are receiving the error saying "the hard drive is not recognized by File History", then it is related to the Windows backups. Either you cannot create any backup or the backup is not complete. The backup will only proceed when you fix the error in the way.

Backup is of great importance when we encounter an emergent situation like system crashes, virus attacks, and hard drive corruption. The are in-built backup programs for Windows OS, for example, Recover and Restore is for Windows 7 while File History is for Windows 10.

The article will aim specifically at Windows 10: its File History cannot detect the hard disk. Follow my lead to explore how to fix the error.

Overview of File History Doesn’t Recognize This Drive

File History is a feature on windows 10 that supports data backup. The data can be the file, folders, documents, photos, videos on the hard drive or system files, system updates, system drivers, applications, etc. But at times, users confront an error i.e. File History in Windows 10 does not recognize this disk. Here in the section, I would like to introduce the symptoms and causes of error.

1. Symptom

A common symptom to show up for the error is the error message itself i.e. file history doesn’t recognize this drive. When you try to transfer your disk or system image backup to another hard drive, you confront the error message that aborts the operation. Apart from the disk not recognized, you may also get a message saying the file is not specified. In both cases, it is the file's history utility that fails to work properly. As mentioned above, it can be seen in both internal and external devices.


2. Causes

The potential reason for the error i.e. file history doesn’t recognize this drive is the startup issue. When your device starts, it is unable to boot the linked drive and when you try to connect to that particular drive, you get the error message. This can also occur in case you have made changes to the drive. The solution to this issue is changing the boot priorities or checking for the appropriate connections between the device and drives.

Once you are familiar with the symptoms and causes of the error, now next you would be looking for solutions to File History detective error.

How to Fix File History Doesn’t Recognize This Drive Error?

All you can do is to type file history in the search bar and launch it. If you receive an error message saying no file history was found, configure the settings. Turn on the file history frame. This article explains all the errors and solutions linked to this problem.

Backups are important to deal with the consequences i.e. system crash or system failure, corrupted or damaged drives due to physical disasters, viruses, or malware attacks. All these situations would end up in potential data loss. Backups are created to avoid data loss and in case if any one of the above-mentioned situations surfaces, you can use the backup to rehabilitate your device to the last working condition. As far as the current topic is concerned, if you confront an error saying file history doesn’t recognize this drive, then here in this section, two of the solutions are explained with detailed steps to resolve the error. Let’s get started.

1 Select Another Drive for File History Backup

If your file history is unable to recognize the drive, it is either the faulty connection, loose SATA cable connection for the internal drive, or inappropriate connection for the external drive. The error can also occur due to bad sectors, corrupted partitions, or damaged drive. In this regard, you can opt for selecting another drive for file history backup.

Step 1: In the windows main menu, type file history in the search box. Click the utility to open it.

Step 2: In the next window, select the option of configuring file history settings in case you are unable to find the file history.


Step 3: Now select the option of select another drive in the dialogue box popping up with file history doesn’t recognize this hard drive error message.


Step 4: Now select the new disk and click ok to proceed with the changes.


Once all steps are complete, you have successfully shifted to a new drive. Hence, the error is resolved. Now you can easily transfer the backup (system/disk image) to another drive (external/network) efficiently.

2 Turn on File History Service to Repair Not Working File History

Sometimes, file history fails to work because the utility is turned off in settings. This won’t allow file history to access any drive and to carry out its functionality. Turning on the file history utility will fix and repair the file history and don’t recognize this drive problem and let you create the backups again. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: In the windows main menu, type services in the search box and navigate to the option. Click open services to launch n new window.

Step 2: In the next window of services, navigate to the file history services.

Step 3: Now click the option of starting the service followed by clicking the option of setting the startup type. Set it to automatic.

Step 4: Now restart your device to save the changes.

As all steps are completed, you will be able to sue the file history again without any error.

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Final Words

Creating a backup for your device is the responsibility of some built-in utilities. In the case of windows 10, it is the backup and restores and file history undergoing the process. In case, file history fails to work properly, you may confront an error with a message file history does not recognize this drive windows 10 or file history drive is full. This error appears either due to faulty connections or faulty drives. In this article, both perspectives are explained in detail. Moreover, two of the in-built mechanism are discussed with steps as solutions to resolve the error. You can either select another drive to work with file history or turn on the file history utility from settings.

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