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How to get the Best Free Hard Disk Recovery Software Full Version

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

Though cloud technology promises to store data safely and securely, various incidents of data leak and data theft prevent most people from storing their data over the cloud. Today, Hard disk is still the most preferred and trusted device for storing data, and a pen drive is utilized the most for transferring data from one computer to another. But the real problem begins when these trusted as well as preferred devices are attacked by a virus or get corrupted.

In almost all cases, important data in them is lost. Sometimes the data is so important that people are ready to pay a fortune to get it back. Luckily, you don't need to spend that much to get back your lost data. You don't need to pay anything to recover your lost or deleted data because some free data recovery tools on the market can recover your data for free. On this page, we will offer the best free hard disk recovery software and the guide of how to get the hard disk recovery software free download full version.

Part 1. How to get the Free Hard Drive Recovery Full Version

If you search the internet for "hard disk recovery software free download full version" or "USB data recovery software free download full version," you will come across various data recovery software programs' but not all of them will serve the purpose. A proper understanding of the different offerings is necessary to get the best free hard drive recovery software.

In the search results, you will come across the following two types of offerings:

  • 1. Crack: A cracked software is the modified version of a software in which some features, such as copy protection, nag screens, and adware are removed or disabled. The tools involved in cracking are commonly known as loader, patch, or keygen.
  • 2. Official Key: A software with an official key is the genuine software that runs exactly as it is programmed to work. People can use such software without any worries because they usually come with guaranteed support directly from the manufacturer.

Part 2. What is the Disadvantage of Cracked Software License

Because of increased software prices, cracked software and keys are now being downloaded a lot. However, every person aware of the disadvantages of crack will suggest avoiding cracked software. Today, you are going to learn the important reasons justifying why cracked ones are disadvantageous. Here they are:

  • With cracked software and licenses, your PC is always at the risk of infection. Most of the time, crack is nothing but malware that can slow down your PC, leak your information, damage your files, and expose your computer to cyber thieves.
  • A cracked software does not work for long. The software companies usually update the program regularly where they secretly check whether the software is registered or not. In the case of cracked ones, the companies block the program and make it useless.
  • Another common problem with cracked software programs is that they often lead to crashes. Users facing crashes or getting the blue screen now and then are usually the victim of cracked licenses. In such cases, you can't even complain to the company.
  • Cracked licenses are also a big security threat. Since they are not eligible to receive updates from the company, you don't get access to any new security feature released by the developer or company.
  • Some of the cracked software programs contain bugs or malicious codes and forcefully remove some programs from your computer. Again, you can't do anything except feeling like a victim.

Part 3. Is There Any Recovery Software Free Download Full Version for Hard Drive, USB, Hard Disk, or Pen Drive?

As mentioned above, when you search for terms like HDD recovery software free, you will come across various tools to recover your lost or damaged data from Hard Drive, USB, Hard Disk, or Pen Drive without charging anything from you but not all of them provide their services for free.

However, there is Recoverit Data Recovery software that can recover your lost or deleted data of up to 100 MB at an amazingly high rate. This software has made data recovery faster, easier, and reliable. It supports over 550 different data formats, including all (almost) documents, images, emails, multimedia files, archives, and others.

Whether the devices have FAT, FAT32, NTFS, APFS, HFS+, or other file systems, they can quickly search and recover data from them. The robust Data Analyzer Engine and Advanced Deep Scan algorithms of Recoverit free hard drive recovery software help it to achieve such wonderful results in a very less period.

It is also capable to recover lost data from RAW hard drive, formatted hard drives, and resized or lost partitions. Above all, it can recover the lost or deleted data from virus attacks or computer crash with a solution in the form of bootable media.

Main Features of Recoverit Free Data Recovery Software:

free hard disk recovery

Recoverit Free Hard Disk Data Recovery Software

  • Recover lost data from hard disk, USB flash drive, Pen drive effectively, safely and completely.
  • Recover any data due to accidental deletion or lost, formatted, lost partition, virus attacked and the system crashed.
  • Recover any data and file types with a high success rate and without any quality loss.
  • Supported OS: For Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016, and Mac OS X 10.10 and later

Part 4. How to Get Your Data Back with Recoverit Data Recovery for Free

By now, you know that the Recoverit Data Recovery program is the best recovery tool to get your data back for free. After knowing the procedure to recover the data, you will seriously look forward to making it your first choice for getting back the lost or damaged data for free. The procedure involves just the following three steps:

Step 1 Launch Recoverit free data recovery and select Hard Drives and Locations to get started. Select a hard disk drive where your data files get lost from. Click the disk to process.

free hard disk recovery software

Step 2 Recoverit free hard disk recovery software will start to scan the drive. It will perform a quick scan first, then continue with a deep scan, which will search more files from the hard drive or the storage device.

scan the disk

Step 3 This software could retrieve any lost data from your hard disk drive, you can preview some recovered files and select your recovered files to get them back.

hard disk recovery full version

There was a time when losing the data was nothing less than a nightmare because not many tools were available to recover it and the available ones were priced too high. In recent times, various free Data Recovery tools have emerged in the market, but many users still don't understand which one to use.

However, there is the Recoverit hard disk recovery software free download full version which can get the deleted or lost data back in record time and that too, for free. The best thing with Recoverit is that it comes from a globally known and trusted brand, Wondershare. With such a facility, users don't need to go for the recovery tools with cracked licenses.

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