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All Great Hard Drive Recovery Tools You Need to Know

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Jul 17, 2024 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

When your PC crashes, recovering data will be your priority. Data recovery from the hard drive of any computer is executed by hard drive recovery tools or data recovery hardware tools. Most of these tools are connected to the hard drive and the data is retrieved from hardware tools more safely and thoroughly. Hard drive data recovery software will fail to recover data if data has been replaced and data recovery hardware will be the only choice to recover lost data. Compared with software, hardware tools will have a higher success rate of recovery and also repair damaged hard drives. And most hard drive recovery tools have data recovery software included.

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Part 1: Hard Drive Recovery Kit Providers

If you have tried some unreliable data recovery software and ended up with no result, a hard drive recovery kit with all recovery equipment like USB cable, U-disk, and recovery platter will help you out. When choosing the right recovery kit, proper consideration is a plus. A viable service provider must be licensed or registered to fully handle hardware recovery. Some of the common and most preferred hard drive recovery tool providers:

Hard Drive Recovery Kits

Provider name Website Telephone Number
salvation data http://www.salvationdata.com (+86)28 68107757
R studio http://www.rstudio.com 844-448-1212
Dolphin data lab http://www.dolphindatalab.com (727)449 0891
Lc tech http://www.lc-tech.com 0086-28-69699494
Nano forensic http://www.nanoforensic.com +90 212 506 81 83


Hard drive recovery kits are needed only when you find no solutions to help you recover hard disk files. But usually, it will never be a necessity as long as you use a hard drive recovery tool that is 100% trustworthy and reliable, for example, Recoverit Data Recovery.

Part 2: The Best Hard Disk Recovery Tool

Recoverit Data Recovery is a professional hard drive recovery tool. It can recover your lost videos, photos, music, documents, emails, and any other format of data from your PC's hard drive as well as from USB drives, external hard drives, and other storage devices.

With Recoverit hard disk recovery tool, hard drive data recovery is no more a difficult task. Download the hard drive tool, install and launch it, and make your hard drive recovery job much easier, as Recoverit comes with an intuitive interface for even a novice.

How to Get Data off a Hard Drive

Recoverit features 2 versions to meet different needs on Windows and Mac computers. Here, we take the Windows version to perform hard disk drive recovery. Now, launch the hard drive recovery tool, and follow the below simple steps to restore hard drive data.

1. If the hard drive to be restored is an external one, you should connect the external disk to the computer first. And this page may come to your aid: Recover Data from External Hard Drive.
2. For Mac users, we also provide hard drive recovery solutions, for example, Mac hard drive recovery and External hard drive recovery on Mac.

1. Select a recovery mode

To recover hard disk files with the hard drive recovery tool, you can select the "Deleted Files Recovery" mode to start.

2. Select a hard disk

Different hard drives will be shown here. Choose the hard disk from which you want to recover data. Next, click on "Start" to begin the data scan.

recover data from Hard Drive

3. Scan the hard drive

The hard disk recovery tool will start a quick scan immediately. It can scan some of your lost data for you.
Go to the "All-Around Recovery" mode if the quick scan can't find your lost data. It will deeply search more files from the hard drive.

deep scan Hard Drive

4. Get data off the hard drive

With the hard drive recovery tool, you can preview these files before you recover them to check their conditions. Now just make sure you tick the files you want to recover. Now click on "Recover" to get the selected data off the selected hard drive.

Hard Drive data recovery

Part 3: Hard Drive Recovery Training

Hard drive training providers are those individual companies that teach professionals the best techniques for safe data retrieval from a crashed computer hard drive. Some training facilities are found on the ground while others provide online training classes. In online training facilities, clients have required some subscription fees for online web classes through videos or webinars.

Both two modes of communication with students offer practical lessons and give them a list of the most recommended tools to be used for the full data recovery process. In the lesson, students will learn how to check the hard drive problem, the hard drive recovery process, and as well as how to use hard drive recovery tools. The following are recommended training services for data recovery from hard disks:

Hard Drive Recovery Training

Training service providers Websites Telephone number
My Hard Drive Died http://www.myharddrivedied.com 678-455-9007
Information security institute http://www.infosecinstitute.com (866)-471-0059
Do data recovery http://www.dtidata.com/training.htm (866)-438-6932
National forensic data recovery http://www.national-forensic-data-recovery-training-center.net/ +1-775-323-3282
Cebit training institute http://www.cbit.com.au 1300-55-33-24


My Hard Drive Died is a professional hard drive recovery group. It provides hard drive data recovery services for individuals and businesses, and also hard drive recovery training services for professionals to improve their skills. To those new data recovery practitioners, My Hard Drive Died also gives certifications. Depending on the requirements, learners can choose to be trained in the classroom or online training. You can also buy their training books and learn hard disk recovery by yourself.

Information security institute is mainly set up for training. Not only they will train students for data recovery but also you can find other computer skills training here. Different from the first training group, they provide online training, enterprise training, and also government training. As an institute, the certifications will be more creditable.

Do data recovery, like this first one, is a data recovery service provider. Data recovery software, data recovery service, and data recovery training are all there. The training service will charge you some money and you need to reserve classes. There is no practical classroom and all classes are conducted online.

From the name of National forensic data recovery, you will be clear that this training service is mainly for legal activities. It is better to say recovering evidence than data. Referring to security, all the classes will be attended in the training laboratory. So you need to register as a student first. And this service is only available in the US.

Cbit training institute is a training service in Australia. Apart from training services, you can also get their experts to help you recover hard disk files directly. With each training class, the trainer will be listed out with their introductions. Different courses will have a different charge. Forensic hard drive courses are also included in the training.

Closing Words

Now, we have known the best hard drive recovery tool, hard drive recovery kit providers as well as data recovery training providers. However, to be honest, for many of us, a professional, reliable, and secure hard disk recovery tool may be the best option, since it can simplify the hard disk recovery task and increase the chance of hard drive recovery. Recoverit Data Recovery is our first recommendation in particular. With a 96% hard disk recovery rate, Recoverit can always help you get your data off a hard drive without any hassle and much effort.

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