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Guide: How to Recover Data From PS3 Hard Drive

Lost game saves or experienced PS3 hard drive failure? Worry not; we'll explore PS3 hard drive recovery and show how to get back deleted saved game data on PS3.
Theo Lucia
Theo Lucia Originally published Mar 25, 24, updated Jul 17, 24

Released in 2006, the PS3 came with a fantastic HDD that allowed users to play games, watch videos, browse the web, and so much more. Although revolutionary at the time, the PS3 is still present and active in many homes, providing hours of entertainment to children and adults of all ages.

However, due to its age, constant reading and writing, and often incorrect usage by users, the PS3 HDD is often the cause of heartbreak as it's prone to corruption and data loss. Even so, these issues are most often fixable, and today, we'll show you how to recover PS3 hard drive data.

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    1. Use Wondershare Recoverit
    2. Recover With Backup
    1. Backup Important Files
    2. Don't Store Too Much Data
    3. Be Careful When Formatting

Causes of PS3 Hard Drive Data Loss

While PS3 consoles are getting old, and age plays a pivotal role in the health of your console's hard drive and its data, there are multiple other culprits behind PS3 data loss. Namely, PS3 data loss can happen due to any of the following reasons:

  • Accidental deletion of games or game saves;
  • PS3 hard drive formatting before backing up;
  • Sudden ejection of the PS3 hard drive, especially during data transfers;
  • Virus attacks and malware infections through malicious software;
  • Physical damage to the PS3 hard drive due to falls or hits;

If any of these have happened to you, you should stop using the console to avoid additional damage or data loss and immediately attempt to recover data from a PS3 hard drive.

How to Recover Data From PS3 Hard Drive

Although losing your precious game saves on a PS3 can be devastating, there's nothing to worry about in most cases, as there are multiple ways to recover these files. Let's immediately jump into these PS3 data recovery methods and learn how to retrieve data from a PS3 hard drive.

Use Wondershare Recoverit

The most straightforward way to recover data from a PS3 hard drive is with a professional data recovery app. You'll find dozens of these apps online, but Wondershare Recoverit undoubtedly takes the crown as the best option due to its advanced features and ease of use.

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Free Download

While using Wondershare Recoverit is effortless, we've included a detailed step-by-step guide for your convenience, which you can find below. You will need to connect the corrupted PS3 hard drive to your PC beforehand, and then you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Wondershare Recoverit app on your PC and select Hard Drives and Locations on the left-hand side.
    wondershare recoverit app user interface
  2. Select the corrupted PS3 hard drive, and Recoverit will launch an all-around scan.
    scan the corrupted ps3 hard drive
  3. Adjust file filters and add keywords to speed up the scan.
    adjust file filters and add keywords
  4. Use the file preview option to verify file integrity before recovering data.
    preview the files recoverit has found
  5. Click Recover once the scan is complete to save the files. Alternatively, you can pause or stop the scan if the app has found the files you're looking for.
    recover the discovered files

With support for over 500 data loss situations, 1,000+ file types, and 2,000+ storage devices, Recoverit is a perfect solution for any data loss. Check it out and see how fast you can recover your data.

Recover With Backup

Backups are another excellent option to recover data from a PS3 hard drive. You can quickly and safely restore your PS3 data from a computer backup when dealing with corrupted PS3 hard drives or after accidentally formatting or deleting your games.

However, PS3 data recovery through backups is only viable if you've created backups of your essential games and game saves in the first place.

Tips on Preventing Data Loss on Your PS3 Hard Drive

Although PS3 data recovery is relatively simple when you have backups and effortless with apps like Wondershare Recoverit, preventing it is far better than treating it. We've included a few tips that can help you avoid going through the abovementioned steps in the future, and you'll find these below.

Backup Important Files

Regular backups are a pillar in safeguarding your vital files. Although they'll take a few minutes of your precious time, these backups will allow you to quickly and safely restore data in case of a digital disaster. You should create them frequently and on as many devices as possible.

Don't Store Too Much Data

A PS3 hard drive's storage space can vary from 20 GB to 500 GB, depending on the age and model of the device. These hard drives are large enough for installing multiple older games and keeping numerous game saves. However, storing too much data on a PS3 hard drive isn't the most fantastic idea.

PS3 hard drives are becoming old, and their aged hardware can fail. By filling up your disk drive, you're essentially increasing the chances of errors, corruption, and data loss. To avoid these disasters, transfer your game saves to a safer storage medium and keep only a handful of games you actively play on the PS3 hard drive.

Be Careful When Formatting

Although occasionally formatting a hard drive is vital in keeping it healthy, you must be careful when performing this action. Such an operation wipes the hard drive clean, deleting all of your files from it, and you should only do it after you've successfully backed up your data beforehand.

Choosing the Quick Format option when formatting on a PC is sufficient in most cases, as it allows you to recover data from the hard drive in case you've forgotten to create backups before the process. On the other hand, the Full Format option overwrites the empty storage space with zeros and ones, making it unnecessary and far more challenging if you ever want to recover data from the drive.


The Sony PS3 is a home entertainment system that made many childhoods enjoyable. However, the PS3 is prone to failure due to its age, with the HDD being the most problematic part. Whether due to constant reading and writing, formatting, or unsafe ejection, PS3 hard drives can quickly lose vital data.

Fortunately, your games and game saves are often recoverable, and regular backups to your PC can help in such situations. Alternatively, you can use the PS3's built-in Safe Mode and the Restore File System option to repair corrupted PS3 hard drives.

Professional data recovery tools like Wondershare Recoverit are another solution to the issue. Moreover, an app like Recoverit works without backups and will help you recover data from a PS3 hard drive even if the Safe Mode doesn't work.

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  • How do you get back deleted saved game data on PS3?
    There are three ways to recover data from a PS3 hard drive. If you do it on the console, you must access the built-in Safe Mode and find the Restore File System option. On PC, you can use backups if you've previously created them or a data recovery tool like Wondershare Recoverit when you have no backups and are dealing with a corrupted PS3 hard drive.
  • How do I transfer data from my PS3 hard drive?
    Transferring data from a PS3 hard drive onto a PC is relatively simple, and all you need is a SATA to USB adapter. You can then remove the disk drive from the console and connect it to the PC, and it should immediately be recognized in File Explorer.
  • Where is PS3 saved data stored?
    The game saves of your favorite PlayStation titles are stored on the included PS3 hard drive. This HDD can range from 20 GB to 500 GB in size, depending on the model of your console.
  • How can I fix a corrupted PS3 system storage?
    Sony PS3 has a built-in Safe Mode you can use to repair the console's corrupted disk drive. To access it, restart the PS3, hold the power button until you hear two beeps, and then release it. From there, you must connect the PS3 controller and navigate to the Restore File System and Rebuild Database options.
  • How to replace a hard drive in a PS3?
    Replacing the PS3 hard drive is simple, as you only need a screwdriver. Here's what you'll need to do:
    1. Turn off the console, disconnect all the cables, and turn the PS3 upside down.
    2. Remove the plastic cover and unscrew the blue screw.
    3. Slide off the DVD cover and remove the PS3 hard drive.
    4. Insert a new HDD and follow the steps backward.
  • What happens if you format a PS3 hard drive?
    Formatting a PS3 hard drive erases all data from it. You should only do it when necessary and only after backing up your vital games and game saves beforehand.
Theo Lucia
Theo Lucia Jul 17, 24
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