How to Format The Hard Disk Drive in Windows 7?

Formatting a drive is a necessary maintenance task you should know how to do to keep the PC fast and free from viruses.

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A computer's hard drive experiences malfunctions over time, which are caused by multiple factors like viruses, or sketchy or incompatible software, or the computer’s old age. To help maintain and resolve performance issues, reformatting the hard drive every year is advisable. In this article, we will learn how to format the hard disk in Windows 7. If in case you forget to create a backup of your files, then we will show you how to recover those files.

  • Part 1. Overview of Formatting Disk in Windows 7:
  • Part 2. Types of Hard Drive Formatting For You to Choose:
  • Part 3. How to Format a Hard Drive in Windows 7 by Disk Management?
  • Part 4. How to Recover Data from Hard Drive After Format?

Part 1. Overview of Formatting Disk in Windows 7:

Windows 7, introduced many user-friendly features with its release. One of them was revamping the method to format the hard drive on the go by adding the freshly minted Disk Management utility. It allowed the user to create partitions and format the hard drive with ease. Here in this section, we will discuss everything related to disk formatting on Windows 7.


1. What Is Hard Drive Formatting?

Disk formatting permits the user to remove the used storage from the storage device altogether and also helps in managing one or more new file systems. It can also be used to check for faulty tracks or defective sectors within a hard drive.

Formatting is basically the process of setting up/preparing a storage device for first use, which includes main on-disk structures initialization, partitioning (dividing disk space into segments), and executing another file system’s tasks.

Formatting can be done on almost every kind of storage device like a Hard disk drive, USB flash drive, external hard drive, and an SSD. Before formatting any type of hard drive, we recommend that you should form a backup of all the crucial files present inside the storage device. The backup will allow you to open and use the data again after the formatting is finished.

2. Reasons for Formatting the Hard Drive:

There may be multiple factors behind formatting a storage drive, we will discuss some of those reason in this section of the article.


Closing Words:

Formatting a drive on Windows 7 is an easy as well as fast, which saves the user both time and money. If in case your hard drive gets infected with some virus, then you must perform a full format on your drive. Now you know the way to create and delete partitions on your Windows PC by using the disk management utility. Formatting the disk means that your data will get erased with no trace, but Recoverit by Wondershare allows you to recover that data if you ever feel the need to use it again.

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