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How to Fix Windows 10/11 Grub Rescue Errors

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

I had both Linux and Windows installed on my computer; I recently downloaded the upgrade to the 10 version before the free download expired. The download did not completely go thru, I was prompted that there was a problem with the download. I continued to use my PC afterward and the next day I was unable to access the computer, as I am getting a "grub rescue" prompt. Looking on the Internet for ways to fix this, but am not that tech-savvy, and unsure if I can try to fix this issue. I understand some of what I am finding to solve the issue but am putting this post to see what feedback I may receive from the MS community. I am not sure what version of Windows I had before the 10, I think it was 7, but not sure, and I do use Linux and want to get that back also. Thank you.

While typing those grub rescue command to boot your device sometimes there occurs particular errors which impede the booting process. Often it is termed as grub rescue error. Mostly any disturbance caused to the Ubuntu partition on any misconfigured boot loader file of the operating system can cause this error. This article explains every aspect that is responsible for causing the error.

Talking about grub rescue, it is directly related to the boot loader system. Any misconfiguration in it may lead to this error. It may appear on the device and while booting you can get a pop-up message i.e. no such partition grub rescue. When you install the grub live on the device, a part of it is saved in Ubuntu in Master Boot Record (MBR) while the other stays in the Linux boot partition. The part resident in Ubuntu is crucial. If you happen to resize the Ubuntu partition, the grub cannot further read the boot information, hence leading to the error. In case of attempting reinstallation of the Ubuntu system, you have installed the new one but not installed grub 2 compatible to it raise the grub error. The error also occurs due to damaged grub 2. So whenever the grub error shows up, you are going to see the error message i.e. no such partition grub rescue especially when you are using dual operating systems.

Part 1: When Error No Such Partition Grub Rescue Windows 10/11 Happens?

Using two operating systems on the device, you often see this no such partition grub rescue error while booting the system. Why? Here are some of the reasons that may lead to this error. The error may also arise due to changes made both operating system partition residing on the same disk.

1. Delete Ubuntu Partition:

In case you happen to delete the Ubuntu partition that carries a part of grub rescue because the command-line system is a bit difficult to use. Once deleted, reinstallation of the partition is quite a task. Here is when this error occurs.

2. Resize/Merge/Split Partition:

When you either merge, resize or split the partition on the hard drive, the grub error is going to impede the normal functioning of your device while restarting due to rubbing rescue error.

3. Reinstall Ubuntu OS:

If your device faces any breakdown due to physical or technical reasons or any file system failure, opting to reinstall the operating system is a good choice. This reinstallation may lead to a grub error.

4. Restore Ubuntu OS to the Old Version:

Once the up-gradation is installed but due to some errors, you are restoring the old version of the operating system, grub error may appear in the course of the process.

Part 2: 6 Solutions to Fix Windows 10/11 Grub Rescue Issues

Once you know about the particular reason causing grub rescue no such device error, it’s time to crack some of the important methods to fix the Windows 10/11 grub rescue issue. Here are some of the method based solutions.

Method 1: Set the correct partition

While making any change in partitions, sometimes the correct partition is deactivated which may lead to Windows 10/11 grub rescue issues. It happens because only the active partition can initiate the boot loader. In this regard, you have checked the partition and activate the correct partition so the BIOS could initiate the boot loader. All you have to do is connect the bootable media to the device via DVD or USB flash drive.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Start with force starting your device and to enter in automatic repair mode.

Step 2: Now select the option of troubleshooting followed by selecting the options of advanced options and command prompt for launching CMD.

Step 3: In the command box, type disport, and click enter to continue.

set the correct partition 1

Step 4: Type the command list disk and click enter.

Step 5: Nextly, type the following commands one by one, each followed by clicking enter to continue to the next one. Select disk n> List volume> Select volume n> active.

Step 6: Choose the right partition from the list to activate.

Step 7: Again type the commands i.e. select partition d> active> quit followed by clicking enter after each command typed.

Step 8: Restart your device.

Method 2: Reset BIOS Settings

BIOS plays an important role along with the activated partition. It initiates the boot loader. Any problem with the BIOs can also lead to no such partition grub rescue error. Here are steps to reset the BIOS settings.

Step 1: Force shut down your device and then restart it.

Step 2: Now click F2 till the system screen window appear.

Step 3: By using the right arrow, head towards the exit menu.

Step 4: Now with the help on down arrow navigate to the Load Optimized Defaults option.

Step 5: Click on the Load Optimized Defaults and click enter to continue.

Method 3: Use Windows 10/11 Automatic Repair to restore the Boot Sector Code

If a damaged boot sector is the reason behind the grub rescue error, then Windows 10/11 automatic repair can be used to restore the boot sector code. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Restart your device during the boot sequence.

Step 2: Select the options one followed by another i.e. troubleshoot> advanced options> startup repair.

restore the boot sector code 1

Step 3: Once you click the startup repair option, the repair mechanism will start and is completed if the problem is resolved.

The other way to proceed with the process is when you are booting attached bootable media with your device. In this case, you have to connect the bootable media with your device via DVD or USB flash drive to restore the bad sector code of connected media. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Restart your device to enter an automatic repair mode.

Step 2: Now select the options one by one to proceed i.e. Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Command Prompt. This will launch the CMD.

restore the boot sector code 2

Step 3: Type the command sin command box line one by one followed by clicking enter after each one to proceed with the process i.e. disk part> select disk 0> list volume.

Step 4: all volume will appear. Now I the type section, look for DVD-ROM.

Step 5: Next type the commands one by one followed by clicking enter i.e. exit> E: > cd boot> Dir. Look for the bootsect.exe files.

Step 6: If you find the files then type the commands one by one followed by clicking enter each time to continue i.e. bootsect/nt60 SYS/MBR > exit.

Step 7: Restart the device.

Method 4: Rebuild BCD using Windows 10/11 Automatic Repair

Rebuilding BCD using Windows 10/11 automatic repair can also rule out the grub rescue error. How? Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Start with connecting the bootable media with your device with a DVD or USB flash drive.

Step 2: Restart your device for entering into automatic repair mode.

rebuild cbd 1

Step 3: Select the option of the command prompt to launch the BCD file.

Step 4: In the CMD prompt, type the commands one by one followed by clicking enter each time to continue i.e. bootrec /fixmbr> bootrec /fixboot> bootrec /rebuildbcd.

Step 5: Close the prompt once the process is completed and restart your device.

Method 5: Clean Install Windows 10/11

If not getting rid of the grub rescue error, then one way to rule it out is to clean install Windows 10/11. Before clean install, create a bootable USB drive or burn Windows 10/11 ISO files on DVD. Here is how you can do this:

Step 1: Download the third-party software on your device and launch it. Connect a USB flash drive.

Step 2: Choose the option to create installation media for another PC. Choose the preferred language, edition, and architecture. Click next to continue.

clean install windows 10 1

Step 3: Select the inserted USB drive for the installation of ISO files and downloading the setup.

Step 4: Restart the affected device and connect the USB to it. Initiate the setup and follow the prompts to install a new setup for Windows 10/11.

Method 6: Replace Hard Drive

If none of the methods work to fix the grub rescue error, the only way left is to replace the hard drive, because in this case, the hard drive is damaged that is causing the grub startup issues. Replacing the drive is the only good option.

Part 3: How to Avoid No Such Partition Error?

In case you want to rehabilitate your device and want to avoid grub startup errors, then follow the steps:

Step 1: If you are deleting the Ubuntu OS in a dual system, then press F2 to enter in system setup. Here selects the file browser del boot option and click enter to continue. In the list of partitions, select the Linux partition you want to delete and click enter. Save the changes by pressing F10. Restart your device.

Step 2: Always reinstall the new system to the original partition.

Step 3: Do not attempt to restore the old version of the Ubuntu system.

If you are dealing with the no such partition grub rescue error, for sure it is because of the issues related to the operating system. Using the dual operating systems, change made to any one of them can cause the grub startup error. Mostly it is because of changes linked to Ubuntu OS. Deleting, resizing, merging, reinstalling, and shifting to an older version of the operating system can cause the grub rescue error. This article explained the reasons behind the error as well as the appropriate solutions to fix the error. Some of the suggestions are also listed on the bottom to avoid any future consequences that could lead to grub error.

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