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How to Add Realistic Rainbow to Photo without Photoshop

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

The beauty of nature always appeals to everyone because nature assists us to cope with pain. Same as the rainbow is the symbol of hope and gives you energy. The fresh colors of the rainbow create lots of excitement in your life. It gives you a thrilling wow effect and you feel better emotionally. Sometimes you want to capture it but the rainbow is transient that’s why it may disappear at the time when you think that you should take a picture of it. No worries, if you missed this precious moment so you can add a rainbow to your photos with the help of any software or a mobile App. There are so many softwares and mobile Apps which you can use for your photo editing and can make your photos more lively, beautiful, and memorable.

In this article “The Easiest Way to add Realistic Rainbow to Photo without Photoshop”, we will tell you about the two most wanted mobile apps which you can use for photo editing. These mobile apps are handy and so easy to use. That’s why we will tell you that how you can add a realistic rainbow to your photos without Photoshop in a very easy and realistic way. The use of these mobile apps and how to add a realistic rainbow to your photo with the help of these two Apps in steps will also be explained in detail.

Apps to Add Realistic Rainbow to your Photo

Photos are our memories because we capture some memorable moments to save for the whole life. We always try to make these memories more beautiful and unforgettable. Quickshot and Luminar AI both are the best apps that you can use anytime or anywhere. These two apps are so simple and easy that everyone can easily understand and can use these two apps. The tools of Quickshot and Luminar AI are so simple and professional that after using these two apps, you will see a visible change in your photos. Quickshot and Luminar AI both apps give you high-quality work that even you can convert your rare image into a high-quality image. To add a realistic rainbow isn’t easy but with the help of Quickshot and Luminar AI, you can do it very easily and professionally. However, there are so many mobile apps for photo editing but these two are awesome mobile Apps to add a realistic rainbow to your photos are as under:

Quickshot app

Quickshot is a great and easy app to add a realistic rainbow to your photo. It’s a handy app. You can add anytime and anywhere. You can download this app on your phone or can simply use it on your pc. Quickshot has so many tools to edit your picture. If you want to add a realistic rainbow so it’s very simple or even just with one click. You can do this with its rainbow tool instead of lens flare etc. The Quickshot app is as creative as you can with your photos. The photo editing of Quickshot, you can accomplish at this speed is just incredible!

Step 1: once you have your photo on your mobile phone. First open the app Quickshot, select the photo from the phone gallery or you can take the picture from your camera. When you select or take the picture, open it in the Quickshot app.


Step 2:  When you open the picture in the Quickshot app, select the magic tool. With the help of a magic tool, you can give automatic exposure, contrast, white balance, etc to your photo. After selecting the magic tool adjust the contrast, exposure, etc of your photo according to your choice.


Step 3: Then adjust your photo with the help of the magic tool and your photo will be adjusted properly.


Step 4: Now it’s time to add a realistic rainbow to your photo! Open your element menu, just scroll to weather, and choose weather 01: Rainbow. You will see a big box with a rainbow on it. Select any of them, slide it, adjust it and then fix it into your photo. You will see your that photo will be changed with a beautiful realistic rainbow.


Step 5: At this point, you can see that the rainbow is a little bit too strong in color. To add more realism, just slide down the Element slider, and adjust it.


Step 6: When you fix it then go on the Tonal Filter tool and apply a medium-strength sepia tone. Try all filters one by one and fix it one.


Step 7: Apply a light filter. When you will do this, you will see that it will look realistic in the photo. Then do a long press on your image, by doing this you can see before and after and you can adjust the rainbow in a better way.


By following these seven steps, you can give a new life to your photos. Quickshot is a quick app as its name. You can edit your photos quickly and professionally. Quickshot converts your rare image into a high-quality image. So add a realistic rainbow to your photo with the help of Quickshot and make your photo special.

Luminar AI

Luminar AI is the best app to edit photos quickly. You can say that Luminar AI is a powered photo editor because it offers you the best templates to enhance the picture quality automatically. It has all the photo editing processes with optimized high-quality effects. It is a really fast and beautiful app, you will enjoy using it. The specialty of this app is that you can use for both macOS and Windows version. With the help of Luminar AI, you can edit raw and common pictures. Luminar AI is all powered, so you can enjoy the best styles for your photos. It has four types of editing tools like Essential (which is best for basic), creative (which is for replacing sky), portrait touch up (you can change eye color) and professional editing modes like clone and stamp, etc. Luminar AI has also batch process images and offers you before and after-effects too. So with the use of Luminar AI, you can make your photos alive, realistic, and beautiful. You can also add a realistic rainbow to your photos with the help of Luminar AI. Here we will see the steps of how to add a realistic rainbow to your photos:

Step 1: First open the website Skylum next install Luminar AI then open the program. Add a photo to Luminar AI by clicking a (+) button from the program.


Step 2: Next a suggestion to improve your image will be shown to you. You can see this suggestion from the Templates interface so to improve your image, just select that suggested style from the Templates interface. When you will select the suggested style, you will see that your photo will be much improved.  


Step 3: This step is very easy and interesting. Go on Edit, select Creative, and then select Augmented Sky.  


Step 4: Now it’s time to add rainbow! Go on Object Selection then select a Rainbow Template from the Object Selection, and then click Place Object to add a realistic rainbow to your photo.


Step 5: Next move on the sliders to adjust warmth, delight, and effect amount. You can also go to Advanced Settings for detailed controls. In Advanced Settings, you will see various options for different photo editing purposes.


Step 6: After doing all these you can check before and after results for comparison. So just check (Before and After). You will see a big change in your photo. 


Step 7: Finally you can save or share your beautiful, high-quality photo! So click on the Export button and save to Disk or share online.


You will enjoy following these seven steps of Luminar AI. Even you will never forget photo editing after using the Luminar AI app. When you will follow these steps and will add a realistic rainbow to your photo, you will see a great change in your photo. It will look so natural that it will be hard for anyone to find the edit portion in the photo. Luminar AI makes your photos real with its realistic tools. So hurry to use and follow these steps to make your photos amazing.


Quickshot and Luminar AI both apps are amazing to edit any photo. These two apps are the most helpful solution in adding a realistic rainbow to your photos. Quickshot and Luminar AI, allows you to import and edit your photo in easy steps. Within just a few steps, you can edit or add a realistic rainbow to your photo in a simple way. Quickshot and Luminar AI give you realistic photo editing. These two best apps are time-saving and effortless. Both are handy and professional. So just grab these two apps Quickshot and Luminar AI and make your photos more alive and more memorable.

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