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How to Recover Windows 11/10 Restore Point

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

System Restore is a convenient functionality in Windows 11/10 that allows users to recover any lost or corrupted files or system data that might affect how the operating system works. However, system restore can go missing or simply be gone. If that occurs, how to recover Windows 11/10 restore point?

Overview of Windows 11/10 System Restore Points

Firstly, a system restores point is a collection of all the pertinent system files, such as system files, installed programs, drivers, registry keys, etc. on a certain date and time. This point can restore the PC into its state on that certain date. System restore can also fix PC problems like slowing down or no response by restoring unbootable computer in safe mode. Damaged or corrupted files can be restored to the previous date, and it can also be done for installed programs that have crashed or prompt error.

Why Windows 11/10 System Restore Points Missing

  • 1. Reinstalled or upgraded operating system. An operating system that has undergone an upgrade or reinstallation will make the system restore point inapplicable to the new OS version. So, these points will be deleted by Windows.
  • 2. System Restore on default disable in Windows 11/10. You have to first manually enable System Restore in Windows 11/10 before it works. Without it, you cannot create a restore point.
  • 3. Restore points are deleted after 90 days. In Windows 11/10, restore points cannot last over 90 days.
  • 4. Cannot save restore point due to low max usage. If there are too many restore points, it takes up a lot of disk space, prompting Windows to clean up older system restore points.
  • 5. Defragmented page file. If after restarting the PC you still cannot find the restore points, then the page file is defragmented that needs to be recreated.
  • 6. USB turbo-boosters affect Volume Shadow Service. Uninstall turbo boosters for USB like the ASRock XFast USB before you can create restore points.
  • 7. Corrupt files on System Restore. Restore points with corrupted files in it will be deleted.

How to Recover System Restore Points in Windows 11/10

Solution 1. Enable System Restore

  • In the search box, key in System and choose System Protection.
  • Choose a drive and press Configure to turn on system protection.
  • Click Turn On System Protection in the Restore Settings tab and press OK to exit the window.


Solution 2. Check Disk Space Usage

  • If Low Max usage happens, restore points cannot be created. Make sure that there is enough space in the disk before proceeding. In System Protection, you can adjust disk space to accommodate more store points.


Solution 3. Check Volume Shadow Copy Services

The Windows 11/10 system restore points if the Volume Shadow Copy service is disabled. Volume Shadow Copy allows to backup application data and files even though the application is in use. You can try to check the application to recover system restore points. Follow the next steps to confirm:

  • Press Windows + R on your keyboard to open Run.
  • On the dialogue box, type services.msc to open Service Utility.
  • Run the Volume Shadow Service on the list by right-clicking Start from the right-click options


  • Try to create a system restore point and check whether the error restores points missing still occurs.

Solution 4. Check Corrupted System Files

  • Type Command Prompt on the search box and key in DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth. Note the spaces on each / and wait for it to run for several minutes.
  • After it is complete, run sfc/scannow and click Enter.


  • While you type the above commands, it will show some error if your hard drive got failed or corrupted. This will cause the system to restore points missing.

Solution 5. Check Restore Points in Safe Mode

Try to find the System restore point in Safe Mode which will be listed in Safe Mode. Follow the next steps to learn how to recover system restore points in Safe Mode.

  • Restart your PC and press the Shift key before it proceeds to the Windows logo page.
  • Then click Troubleshoot, select Advanced options to proceed.
  • Click Startup Setting > RestartEnable Safe Mode with Command Prompt
  • Type rstrui.exe and hit Enter to continue.


  • Click Next and you will see all restore points listed in the window. You can select one restore point and click Next.


  • On the next window, you need to confirm the restore points and click the Finish button to start the process.


Solution 6. Change Triggers in SR Properties

On this solution, you can change triggers in SR properties to solve the error system restore point gone.

  • On your Windows 11/10 computer in the search box, type Task Scheduler
  • Expand the Task Scheduler Library and choose Microsoft from the dropdown menu. Click Windows and then SystemRestore.
  • Double click the SR option in the top pane.


  • On the main interface, select the Triggers tab, you can change an existing trigger and click Edit or New.


  • After that, you can click the Conditions tab to specify those conditions, and uncheck Start only if the computer is on AC power and Start the task only if the computer is idle for.


  • Now, you can try to create a new restore point and check whether Windows 11/10 restore point missing error still happens.

Follow all above mentioned 6 solutions try to recover Windows 11/10 restore points. System Restore is a very useful tool in the Windows OS that is better and more efficient in the Windows 11/10 version. This feature can be used to restore the important system file in Windows 11/10. However, you still cannot restore your data and data loss caused by your hard drive or system crash. For this issue, you need to get the powerful computer data recovery program to help you retrieve all lost data files back. Check the following Recoverit Free Data Recovery software, download, and try it to restore your important files if got the data lost error. It also helps you recover data in WINPE mode.

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