How to Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro

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What is the easy way to upgrade Windows 10 from Home to Pro? How to upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro for free? On this following we will show you the best way to help you upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro edition.

Windows 10 Home vs Pro Edition

Window 10 is the latest operating system offered by Microsoft to power up devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It comes in two versions: The Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro.

Windows 10 Home is a basic variant with key features on its look and operation: a polished Start Menu; a more comprehensive version of Cortana (formerly exclusive to Windows phone); Virtual Desktop and Task View for a more organized desktop viewing; Battery Saver for better power efficiency; and TPM microchip support for more security.

All the features in Home are packed in Windows 10 Pro, along with many advanced features in privacy, connectivity and business functionality. One notable feature is Hyper-V which allows the user to test software by emulating other operating systems. Besides this, Pro version also has Domain Join that gives remote access to work domain group. Other additional functions that strengthen work administration and security are Group Policy Management and Bitlocker.

window 10 home and windows 10 pro

If you have the Home version and thinking about upgrading to Pro, make sure that you have a backup of your files and data. You can follow the 3-2-1 rule: make 3 copies of your backup, store them in 2 kinds of storage media and save 1 copy offsite.

Part 1. How to Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro with Product Key

If you got your copy of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro elsewhere for a cut off the original price ($99.99), you may just get a License Key (also Product Key) to activate the software.

Step 1 Make sure that your computer is up to date.

Step 2 On your desktop, select Start (Window logo) then select Settings (cog wheel icon). Alternatively, you can click Windows button + I on your keyboard.

Step 3 Choose Update & Security and select Activation on the left-hand side menu.

Step 4 Select Change product key found under Activation

Step 5 Key in the 25-digit Product license key in the dialogue box and press Next.

Step 6 Once the correct key is entered, the upgrade will start and you will get a prompt when it finishes.

Part 2. How to Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro without Activation

Step 1 Open the "Settings" > "Update & Security" and click "Activation" on the left pane.

Step 2 Pick Activation on the left-side tab and choose Go to the Store.

Step 3 A new Microsoft Store pop up window will appear, with the Buy button. Click on it, log in to your Microsoft account, and key in your payment details.

Wait for the process completed and restart your PC computer, then you'll get Windows 10 Pro edition upgraded.

Part 3. How to Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro for Free

If you had the previous Pro version of Windows (Windows 7/8/8.1), or if you have the product keys for older Pro versions, you will be able to upgrade your Windows by using the Windows 10 upgrade assistant. This means that the edition you use for your PC is retained, Pro in this case.


Step 1 Open Windows Store and log into your Microsoft account.

Step 2 On the Options button, choose Download and Updates.

Step 3 Choose Get Updates and wait for the store to finish the update process.

Step 4 On the list of available updates, search Windows 10 and press Enter.

Step 5 A dialogue box will appear, asking "Have you saved all your files". Click on the "Yes, let's go" button.

Step 6 Restart your computer once you got the completion message 100% complete on the screen.

Step 7 To check if installation is successful, click Window button + I on keyboard to open Settings menu. Choose Update & Security and click Activation.

Windows 10 Pro is power packed with a host of useful features especially if you need full functionality for your business, and an added security to your data. It has more than what Home version offers, and definitely worth the price. Just follow the steps shown above to upgrade windows 10 home to pro, and upgrading will be easy!

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If you are looking for Windows 10 that can meet your simple demands, or if you are using it for yourself, then the Windows 10 Home is more than enough to perform the standard functions for day-to-day use needed from an OS. Also, the Pro version is considerably more expensive than Windows 10 Home ($199 for Pro versus $119 for Home), and upgrading from your old version to Pro costs $99.99. A hundred bucks would be too much additional expense if you are looking to use Windows 10 for personal consumption only.

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