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How to fix netwtw06.sys error

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

“I installed the latest Windows 10 updates after the 5-10 minutes of which my laptop system crashes. Consequently, I got to see the stop code error as PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. What failed: Netwtw06.sys. What’s the fix?”

stop code error

Windows 10 sometimes feels like a headache, especially to the non-tech guys with random errors like netwtw06.sys error. There are loads of other mistakes that you may face while going a bit deep with Windows 10. Yet, all these problems occur due to careless faults or system failures (not the big ones). All in all, we mean to say that you should first look for the possible causes of this error. After that, the ways on how to fix the netwtw06.sys error

So, let’s discuss each aspect of netwtw06.sys error, including its overviews, best solutions, and tips to avoid in the following sections.

Part 1: Overview on the netwtw06.sys error

According to an Independent Advisor on the Microsoft thread, netwtw06.sys error is an Intel wireless driver, and you can resolve the whole issue by updating this driver to version 21.80.2 or later.

However, we'll look into other solutions as well to properly look into the case. Now, let's have a brief look at what this error feels like. Again, it's a blue screen of death error but will not cause your system failure if you follow the proper measures. 

Failing this error (if you haven't met the latest version requirements) could most likely lead to BSOD issues, and that's a slight danger sign for your system. Thus, you must learn how to fix the netwtw06.sys error in the proper manner. It's why we've come up with this ultimate guide on netwtw06.sys error. 

What can be other causes behind such errors? The underlying reason for such an error could also be due to the operating system, mainly when it receives incompatible or corrupted versions of Wireless network card device drivers for Intel. 

So, fix this error ASAP with the following methods!

Part 2: Solutions to fix netwtw06.sys error

We'll have around 7-8 effective solutions on how to fix the netwtw06.sys error. Please scroll below and have your eyes on each answer to get the best out of it.

1 – Update Wireless Network Driver

As already mentioned above, there could be possible issues in your system drivers that trigger this error. And, downgraded network drivers could be one of the significant reasons. So, follow the first solution by updating the wireless network driver manually.

Here are the simple steps to update wireless network driver!

2 – Roll Back Wireless Network Driver

Try rolling back the wireless network driver and get the issue fixed. Given below are the steps if you want to roll back the driver.

network adaptors

3 – Perform System Restore

If you have developed a system restore point in advance, you can perform the system restore and revert your PC to the normal state. To do this, you need to follow the steps given below.

system restore

You can now run the PC generally after the System gets restored.

4 – Run the CHKDSK tool

As already stated, the corrupted drive could be the reason behind netwtw06.sys error. So, you’re required to run the CHKDSK tool and look for any bad sectors on the disk and fix them.

Here are the quick steps to run chkdsk tool!

command prompt

5 – Run SFC Tool

We all know that system files are highly crucial to Windows that will help you run the OS quite normally. Thus, it is also advisable to remove any corrupted system files. However, you can't remove them manually, for which you can take the run of the SFC tool into use.

Given below are the steps in brief to run this tool.

enter command

Now, you can restart the computer or laptop and check if netwtw06.sys error is still there.

6 – Run the DISM tool

Try running the DISM tool to know how to fix the netwtw06.sys error if the SFC tool isn't running or not operating correctlyIt will also help you in the scanning of corrupted system files and their automatic repairs. 

Here are ultimate steps to run the DISM tool on your computer system.

run dism tool

Wait for the entire procedure to finish successfully. It can take a longer time to complete if there is corruption in system files.

7 – Run Intel Driver Support Assistant

To do this, search the Intel Driver Support Assistant in the Google Search engine and visit the official Intel website. Download the tool and allow it to scan your system, as shown below.

It will take a few minutes to examine your computer. Once the scanning is over, it will let you know if anything needs to get updated.

check updates

Restart the computer and see if the error persists.

8 – Run the SFC command on Windows PowerShell

Click the Windows icon and type Windows PowerShell. Then, run it as administrator by right-clicking.

Type the SFC /scannow command as shown below and run it by confirming with the Enter button.

After you restart the computer, run the second command as shown below in the Windows PowerShell once again.

type command 2

Note: Don’t forget to hit the Enter button to run the command.

Part 3: Tips to fix netwtw06.sys error

Given below are some best tips to avoid netwtw06.sys error.

The Bottom Line

Thus, we reached the end of our article on netwtw06.sys error, and this was all you need to know about how to fix the netwtw06.sys error. When you confront such blue screen death errors, you need to look for not to panic and consider the possible causes for the same. And, if you follow the tips mentioned in the last section regularly, there may be sporadic chances that you face blue screen death errors on your PC.

People Also Ask

1 – What causes netwtw06.sys error?

The underlying reasons behind this error are corrupted drivers, corrupted windows, incompatible device drivers, and damaged system files.

2 – How do I fix page fault in nonpaged area error?

You can follow the same set of 9 solutions given above, along with testing your RAM, disabling specific antivirus applications, running Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool, running hardware troubleshooter, and resetting your PC.

3 – How do you cease page faults?

Now, you can also decrease these page faults if you follow our stated solutions. Or, you can consider using a smaller memory footprint and having things on the same page around the same time to reduce such page fault errors.


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