Fix Disappearing Files and Folders in Windows 10/11 and bring them all Back

See this ultimate guide to fix your files and folders disappeared in windows 10/11 and find easy and quick methods to bring them all back.

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Windows 10/11 has become extremely popular since its release. However sometimes you may have found that your desktop files and folders disappeared from Windows 10/11? Or you are not able to find your personal files, installed programs or documents, pictures, videos, games, etc. which have been lost within your system. If this is right then this article is going to provide you easy methods to recover lost desktop files. Further you are also going to find the several reasons that may lead to desktop files loss. So, follow the given content and find your disappeared files back.

Part 1. Show Hidden Folders and Files

For getting back your disappeared files and folders in Windows 10/11, it will be better to locate your hidden folders within your system. Because the files and folders which appear missing to us are usually hidden somewhere in your system. And this happens due to the file explorer in your system which is not configured to display the hidden folders. So, to make it configured, here you need to follow the following steps:

select change folder and search option

select show hidden files folders and drives in view tab

Here after doing this, you are making your system configured for displaying hidden files and folders so that you can easily locate your disappeared folders.

Part 2. Check the Users folder

When you upgrade your system to Windows 10/11 then sometimes you may have found that some of your files and folders are missing from your computer system. But that is not true because they are not missing actually as they can be found again within your system only.

During the process of system upgrade, many of your files just moved to some other drives which makes these folders disappear from your current locations where you had placed them. So to bring them back these folders at your desired locations in your system, you can follow the given steps:

select documents folder in c drive

Here you are going to find all your missing files. Further, you can also try the other way for which steps are given below:

checking public folder in c drive

Here you can also locate your files which sound missing to you.

Part 3. Check Temp Folder to Find the Vanished Folder

Sometimes a temporary folder named as ‘App Data’ automatically gets created in the C drive of your computer system while upgrading the windows. This temporary folder also holds your desired folders which you might think have disappeared from your system. So to relocate or to get those back in your preferred drive, here you need to follow the given steps:

checking temp folder in c drive

Here you are going to see those files which you might have thought were lost during the windows updation procedure. However, you will be required to perform some manual instruction given on your screen for getting those files in their original format.

Part 4. Switch to your Old User Account

In many cases it has happened that when you upgrade your system to Windows 10/11 then it creates a default user account other than your existing one. Due to this new user account, it seems to you that your folders disappeared during the updation process in your system.

But actually your files and folders have not gone anywhere as they still exist in your old user account. So to get all of them, you are only required to switch your user account to the old one. And for doing this, you can follow the given steps:

switching to old user account in Windows 10/11

After switching to your old user account, here you are going to find all your files and folders which you had believed to be lost.

Part 5. Search Different Hard Drive Partitions for your Files

This is another way to locate the files and folders disappeared during the process of windows updation. Here you can assume that your drive letters might have gone changed due to some reason while your operating system was updating. So to get back your data at your desired location, you are required to search different hard drives installed in your computer.

For example, you may have saved all your files and folders in the C drive before the process of windows updation. But during the process, the drive letters might have changed which eventually shift your previously stored data in the other drive. So, don’t forget to search each and every drive manually to locate your disappeared data after the updation process in Windows 10/11.

checking hard drive partitions for recovering files

Part 6. Check if Drive Index is Corrupted

If you find that your files and folders have disappeared in your current system then there is a probability that your hard drive index on Windows 10/11 might have been corrupted and due to this reason, it is unable to display your folders on screen which actually are present in your system.

So for displaying all those files and folders, here you need to fix your hard drive which you can easily do by following the given steps:

selecting properties option for c drive

selecting tools tab in the properties menu

clicking scan drive option for recovering files

Now after the completion of this hard drive scanning process, the disappeared files and folders will be restored on their previous locations.

Part 7. Change Indexing Options

For locating your files and folders disappeared in Windows 10/11 in your computer system, you can try updating your index option on your system. In most of the cases, this fixing disappearing files and folder solution has effectively worked out and helped in relocating the desired folders in the Windows 10/11 of your computer. So for changing index option, you have to follow the given instructions:

searching indexing options in Windows 10/11

clicking advanced button in indexing options tab

selecting rebuild option in advanced options tab

Part 8. Find Your Disappeared Folder and Files with Wondershare Recoverit

Here even after trying all other manual fixing folders disappeared options which might have been lost during the process of Windows updation, if you still didn’t become able to recover your files and folders then you can utilize a perfect file recovery software known as ‘Wondershare Recoverit’. This is one of the most trusted software which helps in providing practical solutions to the people where they can recover their hidden files and folders.

Now for using ‘Wondershare Recoverit’ software in your computer system, firstly you will be required to launch this for which you can follow the given instructions.

Launching Recoverit:

It is very easy to configure the ‘Recoverit’ software along with your computer system. Here all you need to do is double tap on the ‘Recoverit’ icon on the desktop window of your computer system. After this, a dropdown window will appear on your computer screen where you simply need to follow the instructions as given on the screen.

Using Recoverit:

It is very simple to relocate your disappear files and folder in your computer system with the help of ‘Wondershare Recoverit’ software where you only need to follow three basic steps:

Step 1: Select your Drive:

Firstly you need to select the drive from where you want to recover your disappeared files. So simply open the ‘Wondershare Recoverit’ and choose your drive in it.

deleted files recovery location

Step 2: Scan your Folders:

Here when you have selected the drive for recovering your desired folders, then ‘Recoverit’ software will immediately start the scanning procedure where all your files which you might have thought become vanished, will now be appearing in front of you on your screen. Further, the overall scanning duration completely depends upon your internet speed and size of your data.

scanning lost files

Step 3: Preview and Recover:

Here you can see now all your disappeared data on your screen. Now for recovering this data, you only need to click on the folder for preview and then press the ‘Recover’ button. This way you will be able to recover your folders disappeared during the Windows upgrade procedure.

preview recovered photos

Bottom Line:

So from the above discussed topics regarding fixing disappeared files and folders during the process of Window update, it has been clear that folders could be found within your computer system. Here we have provided you different manual options where you can utilize and fix the issue of disappeared files and folders in your system. Further, you can use a perfect and practical solution for fixing your disappeared folders which is easy and simple to use known as ‘Wondershare Recoverit’ software.

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