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2 Methods | How to recover NTFS Data for Free?

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

"How to recover NTFS deleted files for free? I really need a reliable and convenient freeware to save my accidental-deleted files"

Unarguably, Windows is the most popular OS (Operating System) in the world. Therefore, the utilities and formats, supported by Windows OS, gather the same recognition.

While using the NTFS(New Technology File System) commonly seen in Windows OS, users met quite a lot of questions. Thus the article aims to settle readers' doubts on NTFS files recovery.

No matter you have a question on what NTFS is, what causes your NTFS data loss, or how to settle it, you will find answers in the article. Let's start the trip now!

What is NTFS

NTFS(New Technology File System) is created in 1993, which is adopted in Windows NT OS. Its emergence highly improves the functionality of the FAT system.

This diary file system (NTFS) has three important features as following:

All the features help NTFS become a smart and convenient file system from the users' aspect. And now you may wonder what will cause data loss in such a smart system. Just read on to find out the results!

What Causes Data Loss in NTFS File System?

Despite NTFS is powerful, accidental deletion of data is inevitable. Negligence and correction failure can all be reasons for NTFS data loss. Below lists three common scenarios of data disappearing from your NTFS disk:

accidentally deleting or formatting NTFS files could happen when operating the NTFS file system. Don't blame it! The following are two free NTFS disk recovery software ready to help.

Free Download Software | Recover Your NTFS Data Right Now!

In the last part, I will introduce two free software that can help you regain your NFTS lost files. One is Recoverit, here comes its basic introduction and instructions.

Solution 1: Wondershare Recoverit - Recover Your NTFS Data For Free!

A Brief Review

Wondersahre Recoverit is powerful software, which can recover your NTFS file system no matter in Windows or Mac system. Its "Preview" and "Filter" function is able to save your time and energy to the maximum.

I think you might also be curious about its features.


Now, you can start using your erased NTFS files by learning the three-step guide as listed below:

Step 1. Select a location:

Select NTFS disk volume after launching the application. Press the "Start" button to initiate the "Scan" function.

recoverit interface

Step 2. Scan the location:

Allow the app to scan the device. During the scanning process, you can preview photos, Xls, word, and other file formats to check whether it is your lost files or not. If you get it, "Stop" or "Pause" the scanning.

operations during scanning

Step 3. Recover files:

The last step is to recover files in your NTFS disk. Store it onto another new hard drive!

preview recovered photos

How do you think of the recovery steps? Really easy right? If you have a problem with Recover NTFS file system corruption, you can jump to the complete guide.

Next, we will move to the second method-NTFS Undelete.

Solution 2: Recover Files with NTFS Undelete:

A Brief Review

NTFS Undelete is freeware, which can help retrieve your NTFS data with ease. It supports all the Windows systems and works for all types of files and photos.

And I describe its pros and cons for your reference. Hope it will be helpful for you to decide on whether you can use it or not.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
It supports every NTFS-disk size ranging from 2TB to 16TB. It doesn't give the user an option to check the tool with a free trial.
It works will all current and previous versions of the Windows operating system. It is not available on macOS and doesn't read the HSF+ format.
Its deep scan facility and advanced filters can recover and distinguishes even the most rigid of lost files. It only allows you to scan the entire drive, and you would not be able to retrieve files from a specific folder.
It works well with both the NTFS and FAT file support systems. It doesn't have an intuitive interface to understand the full features completely.

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of NTFS Undelete, if you still want to have a try, click the link to download and have a complete idea of it.

To conclude

NTFS Delete is nominally free because it does not provide an option of a free trial. While Recoverit is actually free of charge. You can recover 100MB NTFS files without cost. Unlike NTFS Delete, Wondershare Recoverit allows you to choose a specific scanning location, and enable you to recover HTFS data on Mac. From aspects of time-efficiency and convenience, I strongly recommend Recoverit!


It is entirely up to you and what your preferences are when it comes to picking a recovery software to rediscover deleted items from an NTFS drive on to the PC. But when it comes to weighing the useful characteristics, Recoverit is a far better choice to recover lost files as compared to NTFS Undelete. It is also better to pick software that does not expect you to possess any technical skill to operate it. Followed by an extensive gallery of handy features and accessibility, Recoverit has user-friendly with a high-efficiency outcome.

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