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Top 10 Free SSD Data Recovery Software 2024

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Mar 04, 2024 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

There’s nothing worse than losing vital data from SSD, either because you deleted by mistake or even due to a hardware failure. But, the good thing is that a third-party SSD recovery tool is always available to help you rescue your files. Because there are hundreds of options available, determining the right SSD data recovery tool can be a daunting task. But, no worries!! In this post, we will help you explore the top 10 free SSD data recovery tools and what to consider when choosing SDD data recovery software.

Part 1: What Should Consider to Choose SSD Data Recovery Software?

Considering many options available, making a choice is not easy at all. The following are some aspects that you should consider while choosing SSD data recovery software.

🔰 Security & Protection

This is one of the most important factors to consider while picking SSD data recovery software. A good SSD data recovery software follows all kinds of security and protection protocols to protect the integrity of your professional and personal data. In short, all we want to say is that you should pick the 100% secure and safe software.

📌 Performance & Versatility

The performance of the SSD recovery tool state how efficient it is in recovering data. Ideally, a good SSD data recovery tool should be easy to use, efficient, and fast when it comes to recovering data. Considering that, the most crucial thing about data recovery is how well the software performs when it is put into action.

Also, good SSD data recovery software should be versatile enough to recover a wide range of file types including photos, videos, documents, audios, etc under different data loss scenarios.

🔎 Speed

The recovery process of a good SSD card recovery tool shouldn’t be that much slow ending up consuming a lot of your time. The tool should have a high speed to help you recover your intended data on time. Well, different software comes with varying speeds in terms of scanning & recovering data. Keep in mind that the speed doesn’t link with how many files you will retrieve.

👁 File Preview

A good SSD data recovery tool should provide you with the option to preview your recoverable files before commencing the retrieval procedure. This ensures that you are going to recover the target ones. Thus, a good SSD data recovery tool should incorporate a preview feature to help you save effort and time in finding the target files that you like to restore.

✊ Reliability

Good SSD recovery software is one that guarantees a successful recovery. So, when choosing SSD data recovery software, spot whether the software ensures the recovery of data from the SSD drive.

💾 Tech Support

You may never know when you’re going to encounter a problem while using SSD recovery software. Thus, a good SSD data recovery tool should offer regular updates and feature a 24/7 online tech support system. This is necessary to resolve all your immediate questions and needs in real-time.

Part 2: Top 10 Free SSD Data Recovery Software 2024

Luckily, for users facing unfortunate data loss issues with SSD, there are several top SSD data recovery tools that one can use to get back data safely. For each of the best SDD data recovery software, we’ve highlighted advantages and limitations to help you make the right choice for you.

1. Recoverit Data Recovery - Easy and Robust Hard Disk Recovery Software

Recoverit Data Recovery is a professional and free SSD recovery software that helps you recover all types of deleted, missing, and lost files/folders such as videos, photos, documents, archives, etc from SSD drives. Whether it’s an accidental deletion, virus attack, sudden power failure, or any data loss scenario, the software works great to help you rescue your important files not only from SSD drive but other storage media too. Also, it can recover data from formatted/reformatted or corrupted SSD.

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Link: https://recoverit.wondershare.com/data-recovery-free.html



2. Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is also easy-to-use SSD data recovery software that can help you get back deleted or lost photos, videos, documents, and a lot more from SSD drive. The software helps to get the job done most efficiently. Besides recovery from SSD, it can recover from a wide range of storage devices including memory cards, hard disks, etc. No matter how you lost your files from SSD drive, Stellar data recovery software works in every data loss scenario.

stellar data recovery

Link: https://www.stellarinfo.co.in/services/ssd-recovery.php



3. Disk Drill

The data recovery software from CleverFiles is quite popular on the market. With its free version, you can recover up to 500 MB of data. It can help you recover all deleted photos, music, videos, documents, etc easily and quickly from SSD drives, hard drives, memory cards, etc. With it, you can even save your scan and resume your recovery. Whether you lost your data due to accidental deletion, virus attack, or any complicated data loss problem, Disk Drill comes quite in handy to rescue your files.

disk drill

Link: https://www.cleverfiles.com/disk-drill-windows.html



4. TestDisk

TestDisk is an open-source data recovery software that was designed with the intent to recover lost partitions and resolve non-booting disks. It can recover deleted partitions from hard disks and resolve the partition table and a lot more. You can use it as an SSD recovery tool to get back your lost or deleted files from SSD drive. It is capable of recovering data from several portable storage devices like digital cameras, memory cards, etc. There is no need to run an installer as it comes in a portable version.


Link: https://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Download



5. Orion File Recovery

Orion File Recovery Software is a quite simple program to help you recover files that you may have deleted or lost somehow. It can search for lost or deleted files on your internal hard drive, external hard drive, or any portable device like SSD, memory card, digital camera, etc. With it, you can recover photos, documents, and music within a few minutes. The best thing about Orion SSD recovery software is that it runs with a wizard that guides the scan and recovery process. Thus, its wizard makes the entire recovery process easier and simpler for you.

orion file recovery software

Link: https://www.nchsoftware.com/data-recovery/index.html



6. iSkysoft Data Recovery

iSkysoft Data Recovery is also a good free SSD recovery software that can recover files from computer and any storage device including SSD drive. It is preferred by many users when it comes to recovering lost or deleted files without much trouble. It is capable of recovering 1000+ file types including photos, documents, videos, archives, etc. With it, you can recover files lost due to accidental deletion, damaged files, emptied trash, etc.

iskysoft data recovery

Link: https://toolbox.iskysoft.com/data-recovery.html



7. Recover My Files

Recover My Files is a simple SSD recovery software that can recover deleted or lost files from SSD drives with ease. It can recover deleted files emptied from the Recycle bin, files deleted by malware, unexpected system shutdown, etc. Moreover, it enables you to get back files from external/internal hard drives, memory cards, SD cards, iPods, etc. It supports recovering photos, video, music, email, documents, and a lot more.

recover my files

Link: http://www.recovermyfiles.com



8. Remo Recover

Remo Recover has been on the market for a long time to help users recover data from several storage media, which includes SSD drive. It even lets you store recovered files based on size, date, file type, and name as you want to. Available for both Windows and Mac, getting back files such as photos, videos, documents, etc has become a lot easier. It scans the drives to locate lost or deleted files/folders efficiently.

remo recover

Link: https://www.remosoftware.com/remo-recover-windows-basic



9. Puran Data Recovery

Puran Data Recovery can help you retrieve maximum files back from damaged media like SSD, pen drives, CDs, memory cards, etc. If you can see data in any media, then the software can recover those data. Even though the software is old; it is still able to get back any file lost due to accidental deletion, corruption, or viruses.

puran data recovery

Link: http://www.puransoftware.com/Data-Recovery.html



10. iBoysoft Data Recovery

Last but not the least recommended SSD data recovery software is iBoysoft Data Recovery. supports a wide range of file formats, including documents, photos, videos, audio files, and more, ensuring that users can retrieve various types of data. Before recovering the files, users can preview them to ensure they are selecting the correct items, saving time and avoiding unnecessary recovery.

iBoysoft Data Recovery

Link: https://iboysoft.com/data-recovery/free-data-recovery.html



Learn More about iBoysoft Data Recovery

The Bottom Line:

We have finally reviewed the top 10 free SSD recovery tools for you. Now, it’s your turn to pick the one that meets your unique requirements. However, we personally highly recommend Recoverit Data Recovery to all users. With outstanding scanning speed, a user-friendly interface, a secure process, and the capability of recovering data from any storage media, Recoverit is unquestionably one of the ultimate free SSD data recovery software.

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