Amy Dennis

Amy Dennis

staff Editor
  • Learned expertise at Wondershare since 2015;
  • Tell how to recover, erase, back up and repair files;
  • Establish a comprehensive file solution system;
  • Keen on smart phone and enjoy the cafe time at leisure.

Experience & Education


With over 9 years of experience, Amy Dennis helps the Recoverit team establish a complete file solution system and creates unique web experience for readers. She's always ready for sharing a series of solutions and tips to help you with backing up, erasing, recovering and repairing files. She is also a smart phone geek and shares many ideas about phone data as well as beautiful wallpapers.


With her undergraduate degree in computer science and engineering as well as Master degree in the same field, Amy has built an extremely solid foundation for computing and database. It is what she studied that makes what she writes powerful, comprehensive and unarguable.


Amy joined Wondershare with a vast range of experience in 2015. She is particularly good at telling our audience how to deal with your documents and files. She keeps sharing her thoughts about erasing, backing up, recovering and repairing files. Moreover, she’s willing to output what she gets as an avid fan of smart devices, like mobile phone data rescue and wallpapers.


In her spare time, Amy likes hanging out with her families or friends in a café. There, they read books, have extensive conversations, or just enjoy the leisure time without words. Sometimes, she goes on a trip with her husband and little son.