Hard Drive Data Recovery for Mac & Windows: How to Recover Hard Drive Data in 3 Steps?

Looking for hard drive data recovery solutions in Mac and Windows? This end-to-end guide covers five common-seen hard drive problems, and provides one ultimate data recovery solution for you!

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As we increasingly rely on technology, data is becoming increasingly important. With the advent of technology, data storage devices have evolved to become smaller and more accessible. But every new solution comes with a separate set of challenges, one of which is hard drive data recovery of Mac and Windows systems.

Whether it is your business or personal data, loss of data is always unfortunate. To avoid misery, we can seek numerous methods to recover data from internal or external hard drive on Windows or Mac. Among all the tools, have you ever thought that how you can choose the most reliable and convenient one? The article aims to answer all your doubts. Now, let's start the journey!

What Is Wrong With Your Hard Drive?

In today's digital era, hard drive failure has become a normal thing. When meeting the issues, basic but vital questions like What kinds of hard drive failure has happened? What the specific reason behind the failure is? How to solve it? strike your mind. If you cannot figure out what the problem is, and take hasty action to repair your hard drive by yourself, it is likely to lose data permanently. What is worse, you might even kill your hard drive.

You must know that doctors prescribe according to specific symptoms and disease. If a doctor prescribes heart-disease medicine to a patient having a cold, here comes a quack. To avoid becoming a quack, let's explore the exact problem and reason together!

A dead hard disk may be defined as technically dead, unusable, or inaccessible. A hard drive can be considered dead due to two primary reasons. One is logical/software problems such as a damaged file system or firmware. the other is technical/hardware problems such as a faulty drive controller board or IC malfunction. Here are a few other reasons for a dead hard drive are heat, power issues, water damage, and mishaps.

If you are challenged by a dead hard drive with a logical and technical problem, Recoverit can help you in getting all your data back without questions. However, if your hard drive is dead because of overheating, water-immersing, and some other physical reasons. It is advised that you take your hard drive to the technician first. Or you can contact Wondershare Recoverit customer service department for help.

recover files from dead external hard drive mac and windows

For more details of how to judge your hard drive is dead or not, please click here - Dead Hard Drive.

When a hard disk crashes, it stops working suddenly. And it will lead to complete data loss. Here are a few reasons that could cause your hard drive to crash and force you to look for hard drive data recovery options.

Taking one, for example, an electrical failure is one of the primary reasons that could cause a hard drive to crash. In fact, the PCB is, in your hard drive, the integral part that plays a key role in communication, coordination, and control between your system and the hard disk for writing and reading data. In multiple cases, a rise in electricity can damage this PCB and this means that your hard drive’s data becomes inaccessible.

After the hard drive crashes, the right thing is switching off your computer and ask for professional help. And don't try to re-create partitions and format your hard drive. Some improper behavior will lead to eternal data loss.

For more details of symptoms of a crashed hard drive, please click here - Crashed Hard Drive.

A damaged hard drive could be another reason for a hard drive failure and also, loss of data. A damaged hard drive could indicate physical damage or firmware damage. A damaged hard drive is loud - makes a clicking noise or even when the disk is powering up. And from the following picture, the hard drive is broken into pieces. In this condition, it is wise of you to gather every piece carefully and take it to a local technician for repair service.

recover damaged hard drive windows and mac

For more details of tips on damaged hard drive recovery, please click here - Damaged Hard Drive.

Have hard drive failure happens to you? If you are disturbed with one of the following scenarios ever, the hard drive is telling you that it is going to fail sooner or later.

A lot of people have difficulty in finding methods to recover Windows 7, Windows 10, and Mac system after experiencing a hard drive failure. To prevent this from happening, it is important to make sure that your hard drive is kept at a safe location all the time.

For more details relating to causes and signs of a hard drive failure, please click here - Failed Hard Drive.

Another type of hard drive data recovery may be caused due to human errors. Let's say that you have a hard drive but you accidentally format it. Now, you need to recover your data from a formatted Windows or Mac hard drive! In the market, there are different kinds of software, which are developed to help you regain your vital files.

recover data from formatted mac and windows hard drive

For more details about tips for hard drive format recovery, please click here - Formatted Hard Drive.

[Sum up] After knowing the specific types of hard drive defaults, if you have questions about how to retrieve hard drive data of Mac and Windows. You can click to play the following video, which will tell you what is the most cost-effective way to save your data from a damaged, crashed, or failed hard drive.

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Wondershare Recoverit - Best Software to Execute Mac & Windows Hard Drive Recovery

Wondershare Recoverit is the data recovery tool that is trusted by over 5,000,000 users. So, obviously, it's a reliable data recovery tool. It helps you recover your lost data - audio, video, pictures, emails, and much more from your Windows PC, Pendrive, hard drive, USB, etc.

Besides this, it also allows you to preview your files before data recovery to make sure that you are recovering the exact file that you lost! Here are the key highlights of the Wondershare Recoverit tool:

I believe now you must have a better understanding of Recoverit data recovery software. So let's move to how to recover Windows 7, Windows 10, and Mac data after hard drive failure and format.

Tutorial: How to Recover Data from Mac or Windows Hard Drive?

Using Recoverit to recover files from corrupted hard drive Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac system, or any other operating system is quite simple. You just need to download it onto your Windows or Mac PC. And now it is time to recover your Windows or Mac hard drive in three convenient steps!

Note: Operation of Recoverit in Mac and Windows system are the same, so here I take the Windows system for illustration.

Select the location from where you lost your file. Then click on "Start" to begin an all-around scan.

select the location

It might take a few minutes or hours to complete the scanning depending on the types and sizes of files stored on the hard drive.

scan computer hard drive

Now, select the files you want to recover, preview to make sure that they are the files you want, and click on the "Recover" button.

preview and recover hard drive data

Using these simple steps, you can go for data recovery from a formatted Mac, Windows 7, or Windows 10 hard drive. And you can use it to recover data in the following scenarios:

- Recover files deleted from the recycle bin

- Recover files from the virus-infected USB drive

- Recover lost files from SD card


In conclusion, there are many different types of hard drive failures of your Windows and Mac system, and many different ways are designed to recover your data from it. If you are perplexed by data loss and hard drive logical or technical problems, we would recommend Wondershare Recoverit to you, it is a one-stop data recovery solution!

But please kindly be noted!

Recoverit is not omnipotent. If your hard disk is broken into pieces, the best and the most effective way to retrieve hard drive data is to ask local technician's help. And if you are unfamiliar with your hard drive failure, keep in mind, an improper action might empty your hard drive data eternally.

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