How to Recover Data from Crucial M4 SSD Disk

How to Recover Data from Crucial M4 SSD

Have you lost your precious data from crucial m4 SSD and want to recover it as soon as possible? Then this article is all you need to know about the recovery option.

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I have a Crucial M4 SSD 2.5 128 GB. Had a failure of a SATA cable and now the drive won't boot. I have tried different cables, the computer is not even recognizing that there is a drive there. Is it a lost cause?

Data is the king at present and you definitely want a huge space to store that precious data for particular use. In this regard the SSDs are the best storage devices that serves for storing your data efficiently. Crucial m4 SSD are one of the best options to store your large amount of data without any difficulty. It provides you with a maximum storage capacity of 512 GB along with a speedy SATA 6Gb/s interface, home-grown 25nm Micron NAND and an exclusive Marvell 9174-BLD2 processor. But sometimes due to one or other reasons, one might lose their data from the crucial m4 SSD. In order to recover the data, you definitely need a third party application software which is mentioned below in the article as it proves to be one of the best choice for data recovery.

This article is all about those reasons that might cause this data loss, the appropriate solution to recover the data and the ways to avoid the data loss from crucial m4 SSD.

  • Part 1: What are Common Causes of Data Loss from Crucial M4 SSD?
  • Part 2: Simple Steps to Recover Data from Crucial M4 SSD
  • Part 3: How to Avoid Data Loss from Crucial M4 SSD?

Crucial M4 SSD:

Talking more about the crucial m4 SSD, it comes in 2.5 inch solid state drive with SATA 3Gbps, SATA 6Gbps as connector options. As in standard, it is 9.5mm, 2.5-inch dimensionally. The capacity options available for the device are 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. It is compatible with your Windows, Mac and Linux devices. Apparently, the crucial m4 SSD is same as that of any laptop hard drive and also share the same functionality as any of those hard drives would serve for. As far as the desktops are concerned, the crucial m4 SSD can be used with it too in the form of unscrewed drive bay. It works on the same principles as the RAID with an estimated mean failure time of 1.2 million hours.

Part 1: What are Common Causes of Data Loss from Crucial M4 SSD?

Dealing with the issue of lost data from crucial SSD? You definitely need to find out a way to recover and restore the data. But at first, you need to understand the potential reasons that are causing the data loss from the external storage device. Below mentioned is list of some reasons that may cause an issue in this regard.

1. Accidentally formatting one or more partitions

Sometimes, accidentally, one erases some important files or even mis-format the whole portion of the hard drive. This leads to the data loss. Your hard drive carries the data in the form of partitions and every partition is somehow linked to the other. So in case if you format or delete any one of the partition or in worst case scenarios, the whole partitions, then you would need an external aid i.e. a third party software to recover the data from the crucial m4 SSD.

2. File system corruption

Another reason due to which you may face a data loss is the file system corruption. In terms of any corrupted file with broken links or file links, when stored in the hard drive i.e. the crucial m4 SSD, its damages the whole partition and next time you are going to open the file, no data will appear but a message that you lost your data due to file system corruption.

3. Logical failure of crash

The logical failure crash, any form of abrupt removal of drive from the device when the process of data storage is on its way or any sudden power crash, you are going to lose the data and now you need a software to recover it.

4. Virus or malware infections

Viruses and malwares are the most notorious one to serve for the data loss. Of course, the virus will corrupt the file systems and cause a damage to partitions in the drive which is ultimately going to lose the data. You need a strong anti-virus to debug the drive and then a software to recover the data from crucial m4 SSD.

5. Drive corruption

Drive corruption is an important factor to count when you are facing the problem of data loss. This drive corruption can be due to any physical damage faced by crucial m4 SSD. In case of any fall or broken part of the drive, you are going to lose your data potentially. The major reasons behind data lose can be damage or breakage of the processor or controller of the drive that is basic unit. This processor or controller is the part that is basically performing the important function of pulling the data from the storage device, translating it and then at last transmitting it to the SATA interface for data presentation on the device.

6. Corrupt or improper OS installation

A corrupted data loses its value. Not only the corrupted file systems or he malwares are responsible for this data corruption rather one of the hidden cause can be the improper installation of the OS of the drive in the device. Improper or incomplete or even let’s say the installation of corrupt operating systems of drive to the device, any data stored to it would be lost in mere seconds. Once the data is lost due to improper OS installation, you need a software to recover the data and then to properly install the operating system to avoid any future data loss.

Part 2: Simple Steps to Recover Data from Crucial M4 SSD

Already mentioned above several times, the data loss you faced needs an immediate recovery and for that recovery you need a third party application software. Nothing could be more efficient then Recoverit Data recovery software for recovering the lost data from the crucial m4 SSD.

Recoverit data recovery:

Being the most efficient and reliable third party application software for serving the purpose of data recovery from external drives, the software is apt to perform powerful recover functions in no time and gets back you the data you once lost. Following are the prominent features of the software:

Recoverit Data recovery:

Talking about how the software is going to work for recovering the data from crucial m4 SSD, here mentioned is the step wise procedure that you just need to follow and you will recover all the data in no time.

Step 1: Start the recovery process with downloading the software and then installing and running it on your device. Make sure that the crucial m4 SSD is connected to the device. Once the software is ready to use, initiate the recovery process. Open the software and in the main menu, start with selecting the option of External Devices recovery.

External device recovery

Step 2: Next you have to select the crucial m4 SSD drive or the desired partition for which you want the data recovery. Click Start to proceed the processs.

External partition recovery

Step 3: the device will initiate the process of scanning and scan the drive for the lost data. In case, if the software fails to found the lost data from the crucial m4 SSD, then you can opt the option of all round recovery for a quick scan.

Scanning lost files

Step 4: Once the process pf scanning is complete, all the files will appear on the screen. Select the files and data you want to recover and click on the option of Recover. The recovered files will be saved on your device. Avoid saving the recovered files on the crucial m4 SSD.

Preview recovered file

Part 3: How to Avoid Data Loss from Crucial M4 SSD?

Though you got everything to know about the causes if data loss from the crucial m4 SSD and the potential way to recover the lost data by using the Recoverit Data Recovery, still the problem needs to be fixed permanently to avoid future data loss. Here are two of efficient way with which we can avoid the data loss from crucial me4 SSD.

  1. You need to go for a regular backup for eliminating any chance of data loss from crucial m4 SSD.
  2. Regular restoring of the data will not lead to data loss
  3. Install a renowned anti-virus program to impede any malware threats which can cause the data loss.
  4. Avoid the physical damage due to any fall of improper OS installation

Hence, when you are using any of the external drive specifically crucial m4 SSD, chances are there that you can lose your data due to any physical damage of the drive, due to file or system corruptions, due to virus or malware threats or logical crashes. These factors can be controlled or eliminated. In case of any data loss, you need a third party application software and in this case the Recoverit data recovery for retrieving the lost data back to your device.

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