How to Repair a Hard Drive Making Noise

If you find your hard drive is making noise, that’s a sign for you to make haste and fix it. And if you don’t know how to do that, relax. You’ll be taught the methods right here.

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Do you hear that ‘beep-beep’ sound your hard drive keeps making? Yeah, that’s not a good thing at all, mate. It means your drive’s internal mechanical components are struggling to function properly. Ironically though-and this may sound contradictory-the sound is actually a good thing. How come?

Well, your hard drive is giving you a blatant warning that its time is almost up, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the drive will kick the bucket just yet. You can still save it and your files before anything goes wrong. Follow the solutions given below and see how they work out for you.

  • Part 1: Is It Normal for HDD to Make Noise?
  • Part 2: Why Does My Hard Drive Keep Clicking?
  • Part 3: How to Fix Hard Drive Making Clicking, Beeping or Grinding Noise
  • Part 4: Simple Tips for Using Hard Drive

Part 1: Is It Normal for HDD to Make Noise?

Yes, it’s actually very normal for your HDD to make noise. Think about it: A hard drive has several moving parts, and when this happens, there’s bound to be some form of noise or another, right? If you ever hear low-pitched humming, whining or whirring sounds from your drive, especially when it’s reading or writing your data, that’s normal. Think of your drive as a car engine; it may be making noise but that doesn’t mean it’s not healthy, does it? Apply the same concept to your hard drive.

If, on the other hand, the noise you hear is obtrusive and aggressive, like beeping, tinkling, sputtering, grinding, scraping or incessant clicking, that’s definitely a red flag. The sounds may not necessarily mean your drive will completely fail in mere minutes, but they’re a clear indicator that something is amiss and needs to be rectified. Again, think of the drive as a car engine; once you hear it making popping and sputtering sounds, it just means the engine will eventually bid you farewell.

But like an engine, a hard drive can be fixed. You just have to act quickly because the more time you waste, the compounding the problem with the drive becomes. Lucky for you, the solutions are relatively straightforward.

Part 2: Why Does My Hard Drive Keep Clicking?

There’s only one constant between all hard drives: Any unfamiliar sounds you hear means there’s impending trouble that needs to be fixed before it exacts too much out of your drive. The reasons why hard drives make clicking sound are often the same, regardless of the size or capacity of the drives. The most common are listed below.

Closing Words

Without a hard drive, your computer is no different from a box with keyboards. You rely on your drive to maintain productivity, communicate with people and store crucial information; literally, every aspect of your daily life must involve computers in one way or another.

It is thus imperative you maintain your drive’s health. If you ever see warning signs, like the noise it makes, it means something’s amiss, so don’t hesitate to fix it if you can. Back up your files against the drive’s potential failure. When none of this work and you end up losing your files, use Recoverit on the crashed drive and get everything back right the way they were.

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