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The Best Way to Resolve 100% Disk Usage on Windows

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

Q: How to fix the 'Disk Is 100% Used' issue in Windows 10/8/7?
"I have been using my PC for a while now without any problems. Recently, I noticed it began to give me a warning that I have used up 100% of my disk space. How do I go about solving this? It is causing me serious problems."

Windows, which is made by Microsoft, is a world-class operating system that has dominated the PC market for decades. All the major PC manufacturers, including HP, Acer, Lenovo, and Samsung, all sell this OS with their hardware. Over the decades, windows have iterated through various versions, including Windows Vista, Windows professional, Windows 7, and Windows 10, which is the latest update. Windows is the most used OS in the world, which is a good thing when you are looking for solutions to problems.

In this guide, we will be telling you ten ways in which you can solve the 100% disk usage. Sometimes bad habits when using the PC can lead to unwanted results such as full disk space, and this guide will help you solve your PC problems.

How to Fix the "Disk 100% Used" Issue?

When your PC has a problem, it is always advisable to take it to a licensed technician to help you figure out and solve the problem. Going to a technician can sometimes be expensive, and there is still a safe way to solve problems without spending so much. If you have the 100-disk usage on Windows 8.1, some apps can assist you with running the diagnostic, and one such app is my disk app (you can use them for other versions too)

This guide will teach you different methods that you can use to free up your disk space and prevent it from getting filled up subsequently. If you use these methods and the problem persists, you can then take it to a technician for an in-depth check and diagnosis. Here are the ways which you can use to solve your 100% disk usage on windows:

1. Restart Your System

restarting windows

Continually placing your PC on hibernation can lead to a full disk. If your PC is displaying 100% disk usage, restarting it will allow you to free up the memory and start again. Avoid consistently placing your computer on hibernation or sleep mode for extended periods. To restart your computer, go to the "Start" menu and select the power options.

2. Update Windows

updating windows

Sometimes all your PC needs are useful old updates. Update your windows if you are using an older version of windows. Upgrading might be the silver bullet that will save your PC. Upgrade and check your disk space right after to see if there is any improvement.

3. Check for Malware

Check your PC for malware as an infection could be the cause of the full disk. Scan your PC to ensure you do not have any foreign intruders wreaking havoc on your computer. There are different tools you can use to carry out this task, including:

Windows Defender

This comes with all PCs running Windows. It is Microsoft's default security solution, and it will scan your PC for malware and purge them from your computer.

Go to Settings and click on "Update & Security" select "Windows Defender,” then open "Windows Defender" and select "Full.'

Your Main Antivirus

Using a third-party antivirus installed to search for and remove malware is also possible. If you have a trustworthy and strong antivirus program installed, use it to scan and eject malware from your PC properly.

4. Disable Windows Search

disable windows search

Windows search is a common culprit for stealing disk space on your PC. If you are trying to save disk space on your PC, you will need to disable Windows Search. Windows search is a versatile tool because it helps to fetch files, search for programs, and other cool uses. To disable Windows Search, you will need to follow these steps:

You should be able to observe a reduction in the disk usage now. If the disk remains full, you should turn your search back in for your convenience.

5. Stop the SuperFetch Service

stop superfetch

SuperFetch is the feature that helps PCs start up faster by allowing fast OS booting. Constant use of this feature can lead to 100% disk usage and slow PC performance. Windows 10 users will need to disable this feature from their PC. Here is how to disable this problem on Windows 10:

With these steps, you should be able to disable the SuperFetch feature successfully. Check your disk space to ensure it is freed up.

6. Change Energy Options from Balanced to High Performance

change battery energy options

To solve your 100 % disk usage problem, you should try switching from low or balanced power modes to High performance. Follow these steps to change to the customized High-Performance plan:

7. Temporarily Turn Off Your Antivirus Software

Your computer Antivirus might be responsible for taking up 100% of your computer disk space and resources. To stop this, you will need to disable the antivirus temporarily to discover if it is responsible for your PC issues. Do not worry about the safety of your PC as most PCs now come with Windows Defender so your PC will be protected even when the main Antivirus has been disabled. If your disk usage reduces while your Antivirus has been disabled, you should contact the Antivirus customer care and lay a complaint. They will be able to guide you through the process of solving the issue with a permanent fix.

8. Reset Virtual Memory in Windows 10

You can reset the virtual memory of your PC to try and solve the problem. This fix works for Windows 10 100% disk usage problem. To perform virtual memory resetting, use these steps:

9. Run Check Disk

If you have this 100% disk problem, you should run checks on your disk to ensure it is not the reason for the problem. If you have tried other methods that did not work, you should consider trying this one out. Checking the disk for errors will resolve any issues which might be causing your PC to give the 100% disk usage warning.

To check for errors, here is the step by step process:

10. Change Settings in Google Chrome and Skype

Google Chrome and Skype both have settings that can cause your drive to work overtime. The Chrome 100 disk usage is common among most Windows running computers. These settings would need to be addressed to free up disk space. Here is how to fix these settings:

Google Chrome

change chrome settings

change chrome settings


Check your Task Manager to ensure these setting changes have improved the computer's disk space. You can restart your computer to ensure it runs smoothly or if you do not see results initially.


The Windows OS is a solid and dependable one. You can rely on it to give you total satisfaction when used. The OS might run into trouble sometimes, and these issues are mostly easy to fix. If your PC runs into a serious problem, it is best to gale it to a technician to repair it for clean results. The solutions listed on this guide are easy fixes that you can try out yourself without much technical expertise. If the problem persists after you have used the various methods suggested, seek the help of a licensed professional.

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