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How to Remove Photos from Facebook

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Jan 24, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

Facebook can be the best platform for you to get in touch with your friends and share your happy moments to get rid of that loneliness in life. But social life puts you up in a situation where you might need to delete the uploaded memories at times from the platform.

Do you wish to know how to delete photos on Facebook? You have landed on the right page. You will learn about the procedure and steps to remove the select pictures or media from Facebook without much hassle.

People turn up to Facebook to interact with their friends and followers with happy pictures. Some situations such as broken friendships, unwanted images, and mistaken uploads might urge the removal of some select posts from the platform. When this need arises, and you are unaware of how to remove photos from Facebook, this article is right here to help you do it.

Part 1: How to Delete Photos from Facebook On Mobile Phone

Most people are using Facebook from mobile phones, and it is the first solution for which the steps are about to get highlighted further in this section.

Solution 1: Delete Photos On Facebook App

Here are the steps to implement to know how to delete photos from Facebook App:

facebook menu bar three lines

facebook photo selection

If tagged in someone else's picture, you can repeat the same process and click on 'Remove the tag' to stop receiving notifications for the post. If someone has posted something offending on your name, find the report option after clicking on the same three-dot option bar and choosing one from the available options.

Solution 2: Delete Photos from Facebook On Mobile Browser

Here are the steps to help you know how to delete Facebook photos if you are using a mobile browser to access your Facebook:

facebook login

facebook photo delete option

Repeat the same process for any other pictures that you want to delete from your Facebook profile. Once you did, the photo will be deleted from your desktop, mobile browser, and everywhere else wherever you log in to your Facebook.

Part 2: How to Remove Photos from Facebook On Computer?

Even though most people are using Facebook through mobile devices, some people like to use Facebook on the computer. For them, here is the solution to get the images removed from their profile easily without much hassle.

Solution: Removing Facebook Images from Computer

Note the steps to know how to delete all Facebook photos from the profile if you are accessing it through the computer:

facebook log in

facebook photo delete from computer

You can repeat the process with other pictures that you want to delete from Facebook. It is a simple process, and the picture will be deleted entirely from your Facebook profile. If anyone shared that picture from your face, no one would be able to access that picture anymore.

Part 3: How To Recover Deleted Facebook Photos?

At times, you might need to recover some of the photos that you have deleted mistakenly. Some memories are inevitable, and if you have lost them in the past, you can still recover them by adapting the right procedures.

Solution 1: Recover The Deleted Photos from Facebook Archive

It is a very definite option to prioritize if you have deleted any of your pictures from Facebook accidentally. There is a possibility that Facebook will store the deleted images in the archive section that only you can access.

Follow these steps to do the needful:

facebook archive

Solution 2: Look for Created Backups to Locate the Deleted Facebook Photos

If you have deleted the photos from your Facebook profile and your device or system, you can check for the auto-backups created in iCloud, Google Drive, or system memory. Check for that, and you can easily retrieve your lost photos on the original source.

google drive backup

You will eventually find your backup files in the Google Drive application, iCloud storage, or system storage. Locate for the drive backups you must have created while formatting the device or system and manually searching for the lost files.

icloud backup

Solution 3: Recover Deleted Facebook Photos from your Computer

You might have used a different source for uploading the picture initially to your Facebook profile. Therefore, you can use this method to find the original location from where the photo was originally uploaded to check if you still have the photos in your system.

If the photos are deleted from the system, you can eventually use the Wondershare Recoverit Photo recovery software to retrieve the photos quickly. Moreover, it is one of the most secure tools that can be used for recovering the lost photos.

You do not need to worry if all the photos have been deleted or the drive has been formatted. The Facebook photos you are looking for in the source section can be retrieved if it was originally present there before uploading it.

Follow these detailed steps to use the Wondershare Recoverit tool on your computer:

choose the disk to recover facebook photos

scan the location to find facebook photos

preview and recover facebook photos

Isn't the process so easy? The tool, Wondershare Recoverit, makes it easy and convenient for the users to retrieve the lost Facebook photos that they deleted from the system accidentally or knowingly. You can then select the path to save or restore the files.

You can repeat the process for other sections and look for the select photos in your system's different drives. It is one of the best tools that has clear instructions and is also easy to operate.

Closing Words

These are a few steps that you can integrate whenever you want to remove or restore your Facebook photos. You must keep in mind that whether you upload or delete a picture, always create a backup for it if the picture is quite important. It will help you stay out of the hassles.

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