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How to Get Back Old Photos

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Jan 27, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

You probably have faced a condition in your life when you lost something valuable. Isn't it hurts a lot, as it is difficult to have it back? Now, what will be the situation when you lost your memorable photos? Here the scenario is completely different. Because we are here to help you with how to get old deleted photos back

Part 1. Different Cases of Old Photos

There are several cases when your old photos are deleted or corrupted. It may be from a hard disk, SD card, or another digital storage device. Now how to get old photos back requires expert advice. Let us understand this by taking various problems in hand.

Case 1. Deleted Old Photos

What causes old photos to be deleted?

There are several reasons behind this like

Can I recover deleted old photos?

Of course, you can. We are here to help you in recovering old deleted photos.

Case 2. Corrupted Old Photos

What causes old photos to get damaged?

There are mainly two reasons behind this,

Step 1. Data Degradation: Data that is stored on magnetic media loses magnetic orientation with time.

Step 2. Silent Data Corruption: Occurrence of error while reading or writing data causes the photos to corrupt.

Can corrupted photos be recovered?

Yes, it is easy to recover corrupted photos by following proper guidance. We are here to guide you on how to get back old photos.

Part 2. How to Get Back Deleted Old Photos?

There are many possible solutions to bring deleted files back. One of the best and easy solutions is to go for a backup. If you haven't created any backup, no worries, there are many other options available like software, recycle bin, command prompt, cloud storage if regular synching was on, and so on.

Let us discuss this subject in detail by using four effective methods to recover old deleted photos.

Method 1. Get old photos back with Recoverit

There are many old photo recovery apps present in the market. Recoverit is one and quickest among them. It is one of the best data recovery software that will help you to retrieve old photos. It is also one of the most reliable and safest data rescue utility software. It can help you to access and retrieve deleted photos for free.

For this, you need to install Recoverit data recovery software. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

First of all, Launch Recoverit Data Recovery for beginning the process of restoring old photographs.

Step 1: Select a location

select the location to find deleted old photos

Step 2: Scanning the location

scanned old lost photos

Step 3: Preview and recover

preview the recovered old photos

Note: Do not store from where you got them deleted, lost, or corrupted.

Method 2: Recover old photos using backup

This is one of the best and easiest old deleted photo recovery methods. For this,

Step 1: Just go to Control Panel

Step 2: Click on System and Security > Backup and Restore

Step 3: Click Restore my files as shown and you are done.

select restore option

Method 3: Restore old photos using the previous version

Previous versions or shadow files are saved as a backup as well as in the form of restore points. For this, you should have windows backup regularly. For restoring old photographs.

Step 1: Just Right-click on the folder from where old photos are deleted.

Step 2: Select the option "Restore previous versions" as shown in the image

select restore previous versions

Step 3: From the dialog box, choose the date when your old deleted photos were present in the folder as shown.

select the date when old photos were present

Step 4: Select the chosen previous version, and click "Open" to view it.

Step 5: Make sure that, it's the version that contains your old deleted photos.

Step 6: Once you are sure, finally click on the "Restore" option and you are done.

Method 4: Recover deleted old photos from Google Photos

This is also one of the simple techniques for recovering old deleted photos. The only thing is, here you need an internet connection to recover old deleted photos. For this

Step 1: Just go to photos.google.com from the search engine

Step 2: Select the old deleted photos that you want to restore now.

Step 3: Select the option save to the device.

Step 4: Selected old photos will be saved in your device

Note: Only those old photos can be recovered that are previously synced.

Part 3. How to Restore Corrupted Old Pictures

When you try to open a corrupted old picture, in most cases it displays an error that the file can't be opened. In another case, the part of the picture generally shows as blank. In some cases, random colorful lines and broken pixels appear in the picture. To repair this old picture, there are a lot of methods. These include backup, command prompt, format changing, software, and so on.

Let us discuss in detail how to retrieve old photos.

Method 1. Repair Corrupted Old Photos with Repairit

Repairit photo repair software can restore corrupt photos from any digital storage media even if it's severely corrupted. It can be used to repair corrupted photos on both Windows and Mac. Whether the pictures are in JPEG format or any other format. It can simultaneously repair multiple JPEGs and other formats.

Let us start the process of repairing or restoring old photographs.

Step 1: Connect the storage device to your PC

Step 2: Run Repairit data recovery software

Step 3: Go to the more tools option and click on "Repair Photo".

Step 4: Click on "Add file" and browse the location to select the old corrupted photos as shown

click on add file icon

Step 5: After adding the required corrupted pictures click "Repair". the process of repairing will begin as shown.

process of repairing in progress

Step 6: Once the process of repairing is completed click "preview" and then "save repaired files" as shown in the image. A dialog box will appear. You have to browse the destination folder. Once you select the folder click on the "save" option. All repaired photos will be stored in that location.

click on preview and save

Method 2. Use command prompt

CHKDSK scan is one of the prime solutions to fix file system errors. It helps in retrieving recoverable information from bad sectors. To use this,

Step 1: Connect the digital storage media with pc.

Step 2: Press Windows + S and type "cmd".

Step 3: Click on Command prompt > Run as administrator as shown.

run command prompt as administrator

Step 4: Type chkdsk /r /f X: where X is the corrupted drive as shown in the image.

type chkdsk /r /f x

Step 5: Press enter and wait for the process to complete. You are done.

Method 3: Error-checking Tool

The error checking tool is one of the easiest methods to retrieve old photos. Let us follow some simple steps to repair old corrupted pictures.

Step 1: Open File Explorer and click on the connected storage device containing the corrupted pictures.

Step 2: Click on the properties for going to the Tools tab and then click on the '"Check" option as shown in the image.

click on the check

Step 3: Click on the "Scan Now" and wait for the scan process to complete.

Once this process is completed you will get your repaired old pictures.

Method 4: Rename the file or convert to another format:

One of the simplest methods to repair a corrupted old picture is by converting the JPG format to another format. You can try the PSD format for better results. In most cases, it repairs the error.

You can also rename the file keeping the same extension (.jpg) to repair the error.

Part 4. Tips for Protecting Your Old Photos

Digital images are one among those that can disappear in seconds. A lot of people lose their digital photos to viruses and malware attacks, Hard drives or other digital storage device failures, and so on. Moreover, most digital storage devices have their life after which they start giving errors or becomes corrupted. Sometimes human activity forces the storage device to become corrupt. There may be accidental deletion in some cases.

To help you out here are some tips to protect your old photos.

Closing words:

Old deleted photo recovery is one of the most difficult tasks to perform. There is a lot of online information available that claims to give 100% results. But in reality, the scenario is completely different from the one that promised. But if you really, want to get the maximum possible results then the necessary information is given to you in this dossier.

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