How to Retrieve Google Backup Photos

Google photo has made it possible for anyone to store pictures on the cloud and be able to access it on the go with any device, anywhere at any time. Sharing photos with family and friends has never been easier.

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This article aims to discuss Google backup and the ways you can recover backup photos from Google backup. Also, if by any chance you deleted pictures from your Google backup, this article will highlight several ways you can recover your photos.

Part 1: How to Recover Photos from Google Backup?

Just as you uploaded your pictures to Google backup for safekeeping, there will come a time when you will need them, and want to retrieve the photos. With just a valid email address and a password, Google conveniently gives you access to your stored photos. However, what is Google backup you might ask;

google drive

What is Google Backup?

Google backup is an amazing way to safely store your photos, videos, and multimedia messages, all with one Google account. Google backup uses your email account to sign you in. Every Gmail account has 15 Gigabytes (GB) worth of cloud storage space for free. Google backup is your backup hard drive, only this time it is online - you do not have to physically hold it to access your files.

Google has made it accessible to all with just a click of a button from any time zone in the world. With that, you have peace of mind knowing that your memories and important files are stored in the clouds.

Furthermore, Google has gone a step further to make the backup process much easier. Their application Google One enables all Android users to backup their mobile phones automatically. Also, from the same application, you can manage your backups.

How to Find and Recover Photos from Google Backup?

As I mentioned above, Google backup is pretty simple to access. Depending on the kind of device you are using, the process may differ. To find Google photos on your computer, follow these steps;

Step 1: Go to on your computer

Step 2: Sign in to the account you used to save the picture if you are not already

Step 3: Check the account

google photos search

For those with more than one Gmail accounts, sign into them and search for the photo in each of them. Do not forget to check the trash of all accounts. You might have accidentally deleted the photo. Deleted photos stay in the trash folder up to sixty (60) days before they are permanently deleted.

Go to on your computer if you still cannot find the picture. You will have to do an advanced search using the right date and keywords - something like "Las Vegas", "guns" or just the name that is if your pictures are labeled.

If you are using an Android mobile phone or tablet, the photo could either be in one of your accounts or your device folder.

google sign in

For those using an iPhone or iPad, the photo could either be in one of your Gmail accounts that is if you have more than one or you tapped Free up space on Google photos. As a result, the photo may have been backed up to Google Photos, then deleted from your device.

What If You Can't See Photos and Videos?

Well, if you still cannot see the photo or video after trying to search for it everywhere. There is a possibility that you may have unintentionally deleted them, and it has been over sixty (60) days since then. Nevertheless, you can try recovering the photo or video if it is that important to you.

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Backup?

There are times when you think you are done with a file, so you delete it without giving it a second thought. But, then the need for the file comes up, and now you want it back. If that happens, there are ways you can follow to get your file back. However, the process varies from device to device.

Windows Method 1: Restore Photos from Recycle Bin

Assuming you just deleted a file from your Google Backup Drive and did not empty the recycle bin. The recovery process for the file depends on whether you are the original owner of the file or not. The original owner is the person that first created or uploaded the file to Google Drive. If you are the original owner of the file, all you have to do is just put it in My Drive.

On the other hand, if it happens to be that you are not the owner of the file and you want to use it. You will have to;

Windows Method 2: Restore deleted/Emptied Recycle Bin Photos and Videos with Recoverit

Whenever you delete a file from your computer from any source; internal hard disk, external hard disk, partitions. The deleted files all end up in the recycle bin, the same thing happens with Google backup. When you delete a file, and also empty your trash on a computer, the file is permanently deleted from Google drive. However, the file is technically still in your computer recycle bin. If you want it, you can recover it with Recoverit Data Recovery software.

Recoverit has the reputation of being the best data recovery software. Probably, because It is an easy-to-use and all-rounded solution that enables you to recover over one thousand (1000) types and formats of data and files. Also, it is available for both Windows and Mac users, as well as novice and professional users. Hence, we can use Recoverit to recover your permanently deleted photos and videos. Follow these steps to download and configure Recoverit first.

Steps on How to Use Recoverit to Recover Photos from Emptied Recycle Bins

When it comes to recovering lost files from an emptied Recycle Bin on Windows or the Trash on Mac, there are two modes of scanning in Recoverit namely an all-round scan and a deep scan. The steps are as follows.

Step 1: Select Recycle Bin

Start Recoverit Data Recovery software. Select the recycle bin as the target location for scanning and searching. Next, click on "Start".

select the recycle bin to start the recovery process

Step 2: Scan the Recycle Bin

Recoverit will begin an in-depth, all-around scan of the Recycle Bin. You'll see a list of files start appearing one after another as the scan progresses. Recoverit will list all the files by classifying their file types on the left. You can use several options like file type and file format to filter out the files you don't want to recover.

scanning the recycle bin to find lost files

Step 3: Preview and Recover Recycle Bin Data

Upon the completion of the scan, the software will show you a window where you can preview the files before recovering them, but that's just an option. You can quickly recover the files by clicking on the "Recover" button.

The software will then get all your photos back from your Recycle Bin and put them onto your hard drive again-but don't save the files in the same drive they were deleted from.

preview and recover lost files

Mac Method 3: Restore Deleted Photos from the Trash

If you just deleted a file from your Google Backup Drive and did not empty the recycle bin. The recovery process for the file depends on whether you are the original owner of the file or not. The original owner is the person that first created or uploaded the file to Google Drive. If you are the original owner of the file, all you have to do is just put it in My Drive.

Mac Method 4: Restore Deleted Photos from Time Machine

You need not worry when you accidentally delete a photo on your Mac. Mac's Time Machine has got you covered. Follow these basic steps to restore a deleted photo from Mac's Time Machine.

Part 3: Important Tips on Google Backup

Cloud storage is a revolutionary innovation. It has made file storage a much easier thing to do. Google Backup automatically backs up your apps, some system settings, chrome beta data, etc. However, if you want your photos to automatically back up as well you will have to set it. Here are some tips on Google Backup:

Closing Words

Recoverit can be used to retrieve lots more than just photos and videos; you can also repair corrupted videos. With Recoverit, nothing is permanently deleted. It can be recovered in due process. A way to make sure you never lose data in the first place is by backing them up to Google Backup.

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