Fixed: Cannot Open USB Flash Drive on Windows 10 and Access File!

Fixed: Cannot Open USB Flash Drive on Windows 10 and Access File

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Computers are perhaps the only machine that has become so close to humans. The fact is that computers have become so close that people are no longer able to live without them. Hence it is necessary to ensure that you know all about the basics of using a computer or else if some issue arises you would not be able to solve it by yourself. Taking the computer to an expert every time an issue arises would be quite a time consuming and hence wouldn't be practical. When it comes to USB pen drives, the issue of not being able to access files is being discussed here.


There might be times when you wouldn't be able to open your USB flash drive or access files from the drive. This problem is most common on Windows 10. Usually, when you insert the drive, it would be detected quickly and the drive would be displayed on the file explorer. But the drive wouldn't be detected if there is a virus or if the files on the drive are corrupted. This article would help you to understand this issue and also you would be able to find solutions to the issue in this article. Make sure that you follow each one step by step.

Windows 10 cannot open the drive files

The first fix would be to try and insert the drive on any other computer. Also, try inserting other pen drives on this computer. This would help to find out whether the problem is with the computer or the pen drive. If the problem is not with the pen drive then you may proceed with the following solutions in a step by step manner.

One method is to check for errors:

In windows 10, use right-clicks on the removable disk drive that belongs to the drive that is in question. Then click on the 'properties' option.

Select the Tools tab and also find the error checking section. Click the check option and the system would do a scan for finding out errors in the drive.

Once the scan is over, the system would fix the errors automatically. Now eject the USB drive.

Restart the computer, and reinsert the pen drive into the computer.

The next method would check the USB drive for bad sectors using the chkdsk tool:

First press the Windows key and the key R together. In the run dialog box type in "cmd". Press enter.

In the command prompt window type in "chkdsk g:/r". then hit enter. The system would scan the system for bad sectors and the recovery would be conducted automatically.

Exit the command prompt and use the safely eject the flash drive. Now reconnect the drive to the computer and see if the problem has been solved.

How to Fix the USB drive on Windows 10

1. Opening the drive that is not showing up in windows 10

The easiest method is to provide the USB to drive an alternate path.

a. First right click on the THIS PC icon. Select manage. In the storage menu click on disk management.

b. Now locate the drive that is questioned. Right-click on the drive and choose the change drive letter and paths.

c. Click the "Add" button and enter the location of the USB drive. Such as C:\ USB. Your drive would be available in the new folder.

If the USB drive is still not accessible, then follow the next method

a. Press the Windows key and the letter X and select device manager.

b. In the hardware, categories find the universal serial bus controllers.

c. Under the list, right-click the device and select the uninstall.

d. Restart the computer and the controllers would be reinstalled.

e. Plugin the pen drive.

2. Open USB flash drive which is detected but not showing data

a. Press the Windows key and also the button X. select the command prompt as the administrator.

b. Click yes in the next window. And in the new window type chkdsk E:/f/r/x and hit the enter button.

3. Format the Cannot open USB flash drive and Recover Data

You can try to format the USB flash drive and get your data back with the data recovery program. On this part, we will show you the best USB format data recovery software to help you recover data from USB flash drive. Recoverit Data Recovery is the professional format data recovery software, it can easily unformat USB flash drive and get your data back.

USB data recovery

Recoverit - The Best USB Format Data Recovery Software

The format data recovery program can easily to data from formatted USB flash drive. Unformat data from USB device or any other storage device like external hard drive, computer hard drive, SD memory card.

With Recoverit USB Format Data Recovery software, you can easily recover data from formatted USB drive in simple steps. You can check the specific steps on how to recover data from a formatted flash drive.


Formatting drive: In the "disk management "to open the utility dialog box. Right-click the flash drive and select the format option.


When it comes to computers and related issues, it is important to be patient. Also if the problem persists after following all the steps, then visit an expert.

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