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How to Use Recovery Disk in Windows 7 to Restore Sony VAIO

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Mar 02, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

restore sony vaio windows 7

Recovery disks are used by computer users to repair, restore, rescue, or boot their computers if the need arises. They are especially important in cases where the computer is inaccessible. To be able to create and use recovery disks, one needs a proper guide. So, instead of going to look for an expert to do this for you, you can keep reading the article to learn how to create a recovery disk for your Sony VAIO computer. You can go further to learn how to use it in Windows 7.

How to Create a Sony VAIO Recovery Disk

When you purchase a Sony VAIO computer, you will not see a recovery DVD or CD. However, you will see a recovery partition with which you can create a recovery media. Sony VAIO has provided software that will assist you in this. This software is VAIO Care or VAIO Recovery Wizard, depending on the model of your PC and the version of your Windows.

Follow these steps carefully in creating your Sony VAIO recovery disk:

1. Using the VAIO Recovery Wizard:

create vaio recovery disk 1

create vaio recovery disk 2

create vaio recovery disk 3

create vaio recovery disk 4

2. Using VAIO Care

create vaio recovery disk 5

create vaio recovery disk 6

create vaio recovery disk 8

create vaio recovery disk 9

create vaio recovery disk 10

create vaio recovery disk 11

How to Use Created Recovery Disk to Restore a Sony VAIO Computer

Now that you have created your Sony VAIO recovery disks, you can use them to restore your computer if you own a Windows 7 version. Follow the steps below to guide you:

restore sony vaio 1

restore sony vaio 2

Startup Repair: This is meant to automatically fix any issue that is preventing your computer system from booting

Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool: This will check to see if the problems your computer is facing have anything to do with its memory

System Restore: This restores your computer to the state it had been before the error began

Command Prompt: This helps you in performing troubleshooting on your operating system or hard drive.

Windows Complete PC Restore: Here, you can restore the computer's previous files and settings through a backup that has been created with the Windows Backup and Restore Center.

VAIO Recovery Center: You can launch the VAIO Recovery Center from your Recovery Disc

restore sony vaio 3

How to Recover Data When Recovery Disk Won't Work and Computer Fails to Start

Have you tried using the recovery disks to restore your Sony VAIO and it just wouldn't work? If this is your situation, do not be discouraged and lose hope. This is because there is still one way to access your computer and get back those files. This way is simply with the use of a third-party professional recovery tool called Recoverit Data Recovery.

Recoverit supports data recovery from such data loss scenarios like formatted system drives, SD card error, Virus infestation, system crash, inaccessible computers, deleted files, etc. It also supports data recovery of over a thousand different file formats.

To use this tool, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Create Bootable Media

First, you need a USB drive or a CD/DVD that can be used to create a bootable media on a computer that is working. This bootable media will enable you to boot your system to be able to access the files on it since your computer cannot boot on its own.

Install and launch Recoverit on the working computer after inserting the drive in it. Click on the option to make recovery from a crashed computer, then tap on the "Start" button

crash computer recovery

Choose which device you wish to use in creating the bootable media. If you choose USB, you will be required to format it before clicking on "Create".

create usb bootable drive

In the next window, Recoverit will download the firmware required for creating the bootable media, format the drive, and then create the media. Unplug the drive once this is complete and move to your inaccessible computer.

bootable drive created

Step 2 – Boot Computer with Bootable media

Set your boot order in BIOS settings such that your computer will boot from CD/DVD or USB, depending on what you are using. Plug the USB into the computer and restart it.

recover data 4

Step 3 – Select Recovery Mode

Choose the "Data Recovery" mode and click on the location where your files were originally stored before the system error. Before Recoverit can scan for your files, you need to click on the "Start" option.

Step 4 – Recover and Save

The different files in their various formats will keep increasing as the location is being scanned by Recoverit; you can preview them all. Afterward, select a location to save the files, preferably an external drive plugged in. Click "Recover" to save the files.

The Bottom Line

You have learned how to use Recovery Disk in Windows 7 to restore Sony VAIO. You can choose either of the methods to first create recovery disks, then do the system restore. Every computer needs a good restore once a while to fix its problems and this article has provided you a means to do that.

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