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Can’t Save Files to USB Flash Drive: Issue Resolved

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: USB Recovery • Proven solutions

You may have encountered this problem: the files can't be saved on your USB flash drive. Annoying, right?

To solve this issue, you need to firstly figure out the causes. There can be several reasons for it and this article will analyze all such issues. To know how to save the file on a flash drive, keep reading through.

The solutions which are presented in this article will make sure that you come out of this issue and it is never faced again.

Part 1: How Do I Save Files to a USB Flash Drive?

The method is simple and straightforward. It is common for you to save documents on the USB drive. At times there are users that are not tech-savvy at all. If such users want to know how to save the document to a flash drive then they need to follow the process as below.

Step 1. Click on Start > Computer once the USB is inserted into the port.

Step 2. Double click on the removable disk that can be seen on the next screen.

Step 3. Go to the folder from where you want to copy the file to the USB drive. Right-click on the file and then select "Copy".

Step 4. Return to the USB interface once again and right-click, select paste to transfer the file to the USB drive to complete the process in full.

cant save files to usb flash drive 1

Part 2: Can't Save Files to USB Flash Drive. Why?

There are many reasons for which you cannot store files to a USB drive. The most common reason in this regard is a corrupted USB drive. The reason for this could be any. If you want to know how to save something on a flash drive then keep reading on. On the other hand, a USB can malfunction if it has been physically damaged. Whatever the reason might be the USB will not allow you to save files.

1. Logical Error

The machine language is used to make the firmware of the USB or external hard drive. The logical error is such that it does not allow you to access the USB drive for a reason that is non-mechanical. The data or the part of the firmware has been overwritten or there is a malware in the equation. This logical error will not allow you to save files on a USB drive. Overcoming this error will let you completely understand how to save to a flash drive.

You may also interested in this article if you want to recover dead usb flash drive.

2. OS Corruption

Operating system corruption can also lead to such issues that they do not allow you to use the USB at all. The operating system has software programs installed for the USB working. If any part of such a program has been corrupted it can lead to issues that cannot be rectified. The error can also be related to the loading of the BIOS. If BIOS has not loaded the programs responsible for USB running then the error can be faced. To realize how to save files to flash drive this issue should be resolved.

3. Mechanical Errors

It is another important aspect that should be considered if your USB won't write files. This is associated with unusual noises from the USB drive. All of these attributes to the problems that are related to the USB drive mechanical issues. If such issues occur you will not be able to write data on the USB drive at all. How to save something to a flash drive can only be comprehended if you resolve this error.

Read this article we prepared for you to repair a flash drive, it takes only 5 minutes for a new chance!

4. Exposure to prohibited material

The chip of the USB drive malfunctions if exposed to prohibited liquid and this causes the issues which do not allow you to save data on your USB drive. This is one of the worst-case scenarios and can also render the USB drive useless once and for all. To get knowledge about how to save to flash drive you must know about this topic.

Part 3: Can't Save Files to USB Flash Drive. Fixed!

Many solutions can be applied to make sure that the issue is fixed. In this section, you will get to know the most common solutions that can be applied to get the work done. These solutions are highly viable and have been compiled by the data recovery professionals. This will get you to know how to save to a thumb drive.

Solution 1: Check if the USB is write-protected

Want to know how to save stuff on a flash drive that has a switch? If such a switch is turned off you will not be able to write anything onto it. Therefore turning on the switch is the way out of this trouble. The below image will help you out in this regard. If the user is not tech-savvy then this issue might be faced so it is advised to never turn off the switch until you do not know the functionality.

check if usb is write-protected

Solution 2: Enable sharing of the USB flash drive

At times the USB is write-protected and you need to unlock it to write the data. The process is simple and has been explained as under. This is also the correct order for saving a file on a flash drive.

Step 1. Access the file explorer once the USB is connected to the USB slot of your computer.

Step 2. Identify the USB drive that has been connected to the system and right-click on it.

Step 3. Select properties of the USB drive.

select properties of the usb drive

Step 4. Go to Sharing > Advanced Sharing.

advancing sharing

Step 5. You then need to check the option "Share this Folder".

click share this folder

Step 6. Click on Permission > Allow > Full Control. Once it is done click OK to finish the process in full.

click full control to save usb

Solution 3: Obtain permission to save data to USB drive

To get this done follow the process as under?

Step 1. Press Windows + R to access the run window of your system.

Step 2. Type "netplwiz" and press enter to access to the next interface.

type netplwiz and press enter

Step 3. Select your user account to proceed further.

select your user account to proceed further

Step 4. Click on Properties > Group Membership > Administrator > OK to gain access. You need to make sure that the system is restarted for the changes to take effect.

make sure the system is restarted

Solution 4: Check if the file is too large and extend the volume size of the disk

Most of the USB drives come with the formatting that has been done using the FAT32 system. This system supports the file that is up to 4GB. The system is flawed and therefore the USB must be formatted using the right file system. To know how to save to USB you must know this issue thoroughly.

The format was introduced in 1977 so it is clear that modern standards do not accept it at all. The file system should be changed to make sure that the issue is resolved completely. This format is also searched on Google to know how to save on a flash drive easily.

Solution 5: Format the USB flash drive to NTFS

This is one of the best solutions that should be followed to resolve the storage errors that are faced if you want to transfer the files to the USB drive. The process that you should follow has been mentioned as under. It will help you if the flash drive is not saving files at all.

Step 1. Access the USB drive on the file explorer once it has been connected. Right-click it and select format.

click removable disk and select format

Step 2. On the format screen, select the system to NTFS. You can also change the name of the device if you want to.

select the system to ntfs

Step 3. Click on "Quick Format" and then press start to format your USB drive with the NTFS file system.

format your usb drive

Here is an article about formating the USB drive and the difference between file formats. Learn more!

Part 4: Bonus: Recover Lost Data from USB Flash Drive

Recoverit Data Recovery has been developed keeping in view the process of how to save a file on a flash drive. The regular updates of the program also make sure that you are never left behind. The best part of the program is that you can easily navigate and use it. The program has an interface that is graphical which means that you can easily use it. If you want the knowledge of how to save to the root of the USB flash drive and then retrieve this program will let you know.

deleted data recovery

Recoverit Data Recovery - The Best File Recovery Software

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How to Recover Files using Recoverit Data Recovery?

Step 1: Launch the program

Launch the program once it has been installed on your system.

run recoverit

Step 2: Select the location

Select the location from where the files are to be recovered.

recoverit interface

Step 3: Start the scan

Scan the location which has been selected.

operations during scanning

Step 4: Preview the files

Preview the files that have been recovered. Press Recover to complete the process in full.

preview recovered photos


Though to know that how to save documents to a flash drive and solutions for data recovery and safety none is as viable and practical as Recoverit Data Recovery. The program is intuitive and lets you take the charge completely. It is undoubtedly the best and the most advanced program out there. You can easily recover the files that have been deleted or lost for any reason. The other good thing about the program is its compatibility. It lets you completely understand how to save something onto a flash drive and how to save information to a flash drive with ease and perfection.

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