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Whenever I try to download anything from my Google Drive; I get error "Access was denied". I have attached a screenshot of the message (error 403). This happens only on my WiFi on computer devices. I can download on my phone, but all 3 computers in my house get this same error message. I read somewhere that it could be cookies, but what I'm on now is completely new, how could it already have cookies that'd block it?

Using google drive to save important data and backups? Then you may have confronted the issues i.e. google drive access denied. This error probably arises due to technical issues linked to google drive storage, google drive account, it could be the extensions that are hindering google drive to work properly, internet connection or corrupted data. Any of these mentioned reasons could end up in g drive access is denied. This article will help you to check the reasons troubling the functioning if google drive as well as carries quick fix solution to get it back working.

Apart from being the top notch platform providing high end cloud based services, the Google drive still faces certain errors. One of them being the case in this article i.e. google drive access denied. The platform serves with its cloud services to store your data on the cloud storage. Be it in the form of documents, media, files, folders, file systems and backup images (disk and system), google drive can save it all. For this data, google drive provide functionalities like google documents, online spreadsheets, slides, cloud based files and file systems etc. another important functionality associated to it is the backup and sync. The free storage space provided by the cloud platform is 15 GB. It helps to take off all the burden from internal of external storage media. When it comes to using the google drive on mac, it provides high end integration with google documents with which you can easily work on them. You can directly create documents on google docs and save them. Yet this g drive access denied error can hinder your way to access all the data and backups stored on the drive and this inaccessibility can also lead to data loss. This article will help you to point out the underlying causes of error along with some quick fix solutions to get rid of error i.e. g drive access is denied. Here are the topics that would be discussed in detail.

Part 1: Overview of Google Drive Access Denied Error

Just like the other errors, this error i.e. g drive access is denied or google drive access denied do carries an error code and that is error 403. It mostly occurs when you try to launch google drive and you get an error message flashing on screen i.e. g drive access is denied. It then makes it difficult to reach the data or backups saved on drive and as mentioned above, it can also end up in consequences leading to potential data loss. Now the question is, what actually cause the error to occur? Here are some of the culprits that may cause the error.

  1. Interrupted internet connection can some mimic as a reason due to which you see the error message, g drive access is denied.
  2. Using multiple google accounts on same device would also lead to this error.
  3. Corrupted files or any sector corruption on google drive can cause this error.
  4. It is possible that you are logged out at moment and you still trying to access the data directly on google drive.
  5. Adding wrong credentials while logging in to the google drive account can also cause g drive access denied error.

Easiest way to fix the error is by logging out followed by logging in to the google drive account. If this fix the error, you are good to go. If not, then your google drive service is disrupted.

Part 2: How to Fix Google Drive Access Denied Error?

In this section, there are solution which helps to fix the error if logging out and immediate logging in back does not work. These solutions are acting as quick fix approaches to resolve g drive access denied. Let’s get started!

Method 1. Check the Status of Google Drive

First things first, always check the google drive status. In case, if the google drive is down, you cannot access the data saved on it. Hence, leading to the error message i.e. g drive access denied. For checking the status, you can always go the G-suite dashboard and see if all the available services are active. A green mark will ensure all of them are working appropriately without any disruption.


Method 2. Try New Web Browser or Device

Sometimes the google drive access denied error is linked to a certain device or web browser. Using different device o browser can help to resolve the error. Using internet explorer instead of chrome or using a phone or tablet instead of computer or laptop can fix the problem. Try to log in to your google account from different device via different web browser. It would surely help.

Method 3. Clean Cookies and Caches

Extensive load of cookies and caches on the browser can also cause the loading problems on your device. It will report lag and hinder the process to reach the destined site. So as happens on case when u=you are trying to reach the google drive. Extra cookies and cache memory won’t let you to access drive data. The only way to resolve this error is by deleting or cleaning the cookies and cache memory regularly. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Load your browser and click the dotted icon on the top right corner on screen.

Step 2: In the drop down menu, select the option of more tools followed by selecting the option of clear browsing data.

Step 3: In the next drop down, select all time. Next you have to click on cached images and files and cookies and other site data.

Step 4: Finally click on clear data.


Method 4. Try to Use Incognito or InPrivate Mode

Sometimes, the general window in browser is unable to access the google drive and shows up error. It could be due to extra cache memory or cookies working in background. To omit this issue, you can use the incognito or InPrivate mode on browser. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch the browser on device and click on the dotted option present on the top right corner.

Step 2: In the drop down menu, select the option of open in new incognito window.

Step 3: Once you are in Incognito window, now access your google drive.


Method 5. Disabling Any Google Extensions

Another issue linked to the browser causing the google drive inaccessibility error are the google extensions. These extensions running in background will interfere with the functionality of google drive and also hinder the path of accessing the drive. In case, these extensions are the real culprit, the only way is to disable them to make google drive work properly. Here are the steps to follow;

Step 1: launch he browser and copy paste the link i.e. chrome://extensions in navigation bar.


Step 2: This will lead to the extensions page. Here you can uncheck the boxes of extensions. You can also remove the extension by selecting the trash option.

Method 6. Sign Out Other Google Accounts That You Have

Using multiple accounts on the same device for google drive can also cause the error. This confuse the system i.e. allowing which account to grant permission for signing in. It results in permission error that ultimately lead to google drive access denied. In this regard, it is recommended to sign out of all the google accounts and then signing in back with one account that you want to use.

Though google drive is a top notch cloud platform that provides immense storage space for saving all your important data and backups without any security breach. Yet, this platform do faces certain errors. It can be the issues related to browsers, to the data stored in the google drive, to the faulty internet connections, or technicalities related to google drive. All this end up in error i.e. google drive access denied. It make it impossible for you to access the drive or data stored in it. It could lead to data loss. This article explained al the quick fix solutions that can help to resolve error and you can easily resume working with google drive.

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