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How to Recover Data from Dell Hard Drive?

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Aug 22, 2023 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

My Dell Inspiron laptop crashed a week ago. I managed to remove the 750GB SATA Hard disk from the laptop and I tried to recover the files from the hard disk by connecting it to another laptop via a SATA-to-USB cable. However, when I accessed the hard disk, I can only see the RECOVERY drive. Why can't I see my files on the hard disk? Appreciate it if you could help to answer my question.

Dell, being one of the largest leading brands, provides you with the best components. Though the fact that Dell has provided the customers with state-of-art devices and components, the data stored in the Dell HDD is lost due to internal and external reasons. Once the data is lost, recovering the Dell hard drive becomes essential.

The following topics are going to be discussed in detail to let you know how to recover data from Dell hard drive. Let's start!

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Part 1: Common Reasons for Data Loss from Dell Laptops

Before heading towards the solution for recovering the data from Dell hard disk, you should know about the technical and non-technical reasons that aggravated the problem and result in data loss. The following are some of the possible reasons that contributed to the problem.

1. Hard drive re-partitioning

If you are using your Dell laptop, you better know that repartitioning your Dell HDD is going to cause data loss. Any fraction of the hard disk partitioning if changed, then it would lead to the corruption of Dell's hard disk. This whole process just takes mere seconds and you cannot manually fix or recover the data once lost.

2. Clicking noise

Dell laptop hard disk when facing a failure or crash, there appears a symptom that should not be avoided. When on the verge of failure, the Dell HDD throwbacks and also creates a clicking noise. This noise is a sign that your Dell hard drive is corrupted/crashed and data is on the verge of loss.

3. Absence of data backup

When you don’t have a data backup for all the data in Dell HDD, once the data is lost due to any failure, crash, or formatting, you now need software to recover the data.

4. Partition format

Formatting any wrong partition at a time when you are installing or reinstalling the operating system, could lead to data loss from the Dell laptop hard drive. Once the data is lost, you know you need software to run the recovery process.

5. Human errors

One of the most common causes of data loss from the Dell HDD is human error. Of course, when you delete or format any wrong partition while removing any application that is unused or downloading any application from an unknown source, this all is going to lead to data loss. Any physical damage to the Dell hard drive can also lead to data loss

Part 2: Factors Affecting Data Recovery from Dell Laptop

Once you know the reasons that cause the data loss from Dell hard drive, the next step is to understand the potential factors that may impede the process of data recovery on a Dell laptop. Following is the list of factors that plays an important role in affecting the recovery when data is lost and the process of data retrieval is in progress.

1. Continued use of the affected system or storage drive

The clicking noise of the Dell HDD is a sign that the hard drive is on the verge of corruption and that needs to be fixed. The continuous use of the affected hard drive will cause permanent damage in a way that no recovery process could be used to recover data and the only way out of this problem left would be installing a new hard drive to the device.

2. Hit-and-trial attempts for data recovery and partition repair

Using low-quality recovery software or process or any substandard way to repair the hard drive partition, would lead to permanent blockage of any reliable recovery method, and next you cannot perform any to recover the data.

3. Reinstating deleted partition with Disk Management or a third-party tool

Sometimes, when you attempt to reinstall the deleted partitions with a manual method that is not reliable i.e. with disk management or any substandard third-party tool that is incompatible with this problem, it will impede the way of the real recovery process that could otherwise recover the data in no time.

4. Disk fragmentation

Disk fragmentation is another issue that can or-regularize the process of data recovery and hinders the recovery software to scan.

5. Corruption level

The impedance in the recovery process for data loss in Dell HDD is also dependent on the level of corruption of the hard drive. Whether it is in a normal state or on severe levels. In case of severe corruption of Dell hard disk, the recovery process can be affected.

6. Bad sectors on the hard drive

Sectors are again important as well as big contributors that may affect the recovery of data that is lost from the device's hard drive. Any bad sector is going to slow down the process of data recovery.

Click the link to learn the way to Repair Hard Disk Bad Sectors on Windows.

Part 3: How to Recover Data from Dell Hard Drive

Now as you know about the potential reasons for which you lost the data from Dell laptop hard drive and the factors that may cause impedance in the recovery process, the next step is to get a power pack solution for recovery. When Wondershare Recoverit is in the market, then why go for any other option? Being one of the best recovery software, it can retrieve data in more than 1000 file formats and run a quick scan for recovering data. Here are the steps with which you can recover the lost data from Dell hard disk.

Step 1 To start the process of data recovery, download and then install the software on your Dell laptop.

Step 2 Once the software is ready to use, open the interface, and select the option of Desktop Recovery from the main menu.

recoverit desktop files recovery

Step 3 Next step is to select the desired file location where you want to save your recovered data.

Step 4 Once done with selecting the location, click Start to continue the scanning process by the software. Opt for All-Round Recovery to run a deep scan.

scanning lost files on dell laptop

Step 5 As soon as the scan is completed, the recovered data files will appear on the screen. Select the files that need to be recovered. Click Recover to finish the procedure.

preview and recover dell hard drive

Part 4: Nine Tips to Prevent Data Loss from Dell Laptop

Data recovery for Dell hard drives is quite easy with Recoverit data recovery software, yet there are some tips that can avoid data loss at all. Here are the followings:

  1. Regular Data backup will have a copy of your data and in case of any loss, you still have it saved at a different location.
  2. Keep your device updated or optimized with the defragmentation tool for a drive.
  3. Run scheduled chkdsk scans.
  4. Run SFC scans to check system file integrity. Any corrupted or crashed file should be fixed firsthand to avoid data loss.
  5. Use Dell Support Assist to schedule the updates.
  6. Keep a check on the hard drive or SSD SMART information by using third-party application software.
  7. Go for the regular install OS and software updates.
  8. Monitor system temperature and keep it cool as the temperature can cause physical damage to the hard drive.
  9. Install and update the Antivirus or Malware protection application.

While using a Dell laptop hard drive, if in case you face a data loss, due to any technical, non-technical, or physical issues, you exactly know what you have to do. All you need is to check for the right reason causing the problem and then use the Recoverit data recovery software for data retrieval. Along with this, you need to check all the tips provided above for avoiding data loss from the Dell HDD at.

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