How to Recover Data from A Fusion Disk

How to Recover Data from A Fusion Disk

Have you lost your data on a fusion drive? You surely must be desperate to recover it? No need to stress out, in this guide you will get to know some easy steps to recover data from a fusion hard drive.

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Q: "I am an apple user for quite some time now, I've been using Mac books and other apple products quite frequently. Sadly, this month I'm stuck in a devastating situation where my data is accidentally deleted from my fusion disk. The data on the disk is really important to me when it comes to my academic and professional life. Losing that data will result in a great decline in my work graph. I desperately need to know the quickest solutions to recover data from my fusion disk."

Yes, no doubt losing such important data can make you go crazy. People using Apple computers everywhere in the world, face this problem at least once in their life. Losing your data on fusion disk is completely recoverable. People with Mac book profusion drive or any other apple product can recover their lost data. The data may be lost due to several reasons, which are mentioned below in the guide as well. In this guide, you will have the finest and quickest methods to get your data recovered in no time. Just stick to the guide and follow the steps properly.

  • Part 1. Why do you lose data on a fusion drive?
  • Part 2. How to recover deleted/lost data from Mac Fusion drive?
  • Part 3. How to fix a split fusion drive? (extra tip)

Part 1: Why do you lose data on a fusion drive?

Losing your data may be due to multiple reasons. The hard drive is always vulnerable to losing the data due to any causality. The reason behind losing your data can define how hard would it be to recover it. Taking electronic devices for granted is a big mistake, you must always make back up of your data. Fusion Drive may run into troubles just like any other storage device. Data loss situations can also happen on this drive:

Accidentally deleted files or formatted disk/partition

There are scenarios where you sometimes actually delete your data accidentally, but that's not something odd. People often accidentally delete their important files in a hurry or sometimes while having confusion about something. There are cases when people often format the whole disk or one of its partitions while doing something else on their computer.

Virus attack or hardware failure

Electronic devices like computers are prone to have attacked by viruses very frequently. As we use our computers to link to the internet, it is quite certain that the internet works as a bridge between viruses and computers. People sometimes use too many removable disks with the computer which rarely transfers viruses into computers. These viruses can erase your data in a matter of time. They can either corrupt it or completely erase it without letting you have a clue.

Fusion Drive becomes unbootable

Fusion drive becoming unbootable means that either SSD or HDD fails, as in fusion drive both are present. The HDD is more likely to sudden failures but on the other side, SDD sends a warning before failing gradually. Fusion drive has this drawback that failing of one drive causes the whole fusion drive to become unreadable.

The storage is presented as two drives instead of one

The storage seems to be separated into two drives instead of one, this is because the drive is no longer a fusion drive. This usually happens when you have replaced one of your drives on your fusion drive. Some software may be the reason for a split between the storage.

Part 2: How to recover deleted/lost data from Mac Fusion drive?

Now that we are already aware of the reasons why the Mac fusion drive loses data, it's time to know what to do when the data has already been deleted due to any of the reasons mentioned above. It is a great blessing that the data is recoverable from the Mac fusion disk. All the data lost on the fusion disk is recoverable from the methods mentioned in the guide below. There are multiple ways to recover the data from the Mac fusion disk, all of the methods are explained step by step. The recovery methods are to be followed with more focus as it is time to get your data back from Mac fusion drive. Just read the steps and do accordingly, you will surely get your data back.

Solution 1: Recover data from time machine backup

If you have created a backup using the time machine, you can easily restore all your data lost due to any reason. Some people are smart enough to do this, people create a backup using time machine backup and then if their data is lost due to any causality, they just easily restore it. Creating a backup isn't a stiff task at all, you just need to be prepared before-hand for any dilemma like this. There are very simple steps to recover your data once you've made a backup using time machine. Follow the steps to recover data from time machine backup;

Step 1 Firstly, restart your Mac.

Step 2 when the startup disk is waking up, don't forget to hold the "Command" and "R" keys simultaneously. This will bot your Mac into macOS utilities. Try again, if failed to open it the first time.

Step 3 Select the option of "restore from time machine backup" from the list with several options.

Step 4 Now, click continue. Click continue again on the restore your system page.

Step 5 Select the time machine backup you want to recover.

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Step 6 Click "continue and then select the most recent backup of your Mac's hard drive.

Step 7 Lastly, click continue. Wait for a short time, while your data is being recovered. Once it is done, you need to restart your Mac to see the results.

Solution 2: Use data recovery software

If you haven't made your backup using a time machine, the above method would surely be useless to you. If the above solution is of no use, no worries you can recover your data using any data recovery software. There are hundreds of data recovery software in the market. The point to ponder is that you must use the best data recovery software to get your data back, as it is quite an understandable thing that you won't risk your data into the wrong data recovery software. You can use recovery as it is the most astonishing and versatile data recovery software in the market.

Recoverit data recovery is remarkable enough to recover more than 1000+ types and formats of data. Recoverit can recover data from almost any of the storage devices used in the 21st century. Recoverit for Mac is a widely known software all around the world. There are very few steps to be followed. Use these steps to restore your data from the Mac fusion disk.

Step 1 Launch recovery on Mac

First and foremost, the task is to download and install the recovery software on your Mac. Once it is installed, you can just double click the icon to run the application.

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Step 2 Select the device

Once you've opened the application, the steps are comparatively the same for other computers and macOS. You need to select the drive under the "Devices" option in front of you or if you know the exact path of your lost data location, you can either select that. Click on the "start" tab to move forward.

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Step 3 Scan the location

Recoverit is famous for its deep scanning process. Once you have pressed the tab of "start" the software will start the deep scan. You can even either pause or resume the scanning process.

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Step 4 Preview and recover files

The scanning process might take some time. After the process has been completed, you will be able to preview all the data you had lost and found after the deep scanning process. You can preview multiple types of data, may it be videos, pictures, or audio. Before thinking twice, you need to select the button of "recover" to enable the final and the most important recovering process. The recovery time of the data will depend upon the size of the data. Lastly, save your recovered data at the desired location.

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Part 3: How to fix a split fusion drive? (Extra tip)

There is a situation when you will witness a split in your fusion disk. There could be several reasons for this scenario. Replacing one of the drives in the fusion drive or using any software to split could be the reasons for this. So, there are two options for you in this case, either you can use the two drives independently or you can just fix the split using the steps mentioned below. Follow these steps carefully to do the task:

Check whether there is a drive labeled as a fusion drive.

Create a fusion drive again

So, now that you are creating a fusion drive again, you need to make sure that you have made a back-up of all the valuable data present in your fusion drive. If you have created the back-up, then proceed further. Follow these steps to create a fusion drive again.

Step 1 Ower on your Mac, don't forget to hold "Command" and "R" to start up from Mac OS recovery. You need to release the keys when you see the Apple logo. If you fail the first time, try again.

Step 2 Furthermore, you need to choose "utilities"> "terminal" from the menu bar in front of you. Now, Type diskutil reset Fusion in the Terminal window, then press "Return".

Step 3 Type "yes" and then after it presses "return".

Wait for a while till the terminal indicates that the operation was successful. Once you know its successful, quite the terminal and return to the macOS utility window. Lastly, choose "Reinstall macOS" and follow the instructions given on the screen to reinstall the Mac operating system. After all of it is completed, you will witness that the Mac has created a fusion drive with reinstalled macOS and boots from the drive.


Data is becoming the most valuable entity in this period of the world. So, securing it must be the first thing on your mind whenever you are saving it on your computer or Mac. Data once lost can surely give you a tough time, as it disturbs many things altogether. Make sure you always keep a backup of your fusion drive data. Unfortunately, if you reach this situation where data is lost. Make sure you choose the best software available in the market. Following the steps with great focus is the key to getting your data back safely.

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