DiskPart: How to Format Hard Drive to FAT32 in Windows?

If you are trying to format your hard drive to the FAT32 file system and unable to do it, come here. Learn the method of formatting hard rive to FAT32 with ease.

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How do I format my external hard drive to fat32 on Windows? Can a Disk Drive with space more than 32GB be formatted to FAT32? I want to share my files on Mac through a drive that supports NTFS. But a Mac computer will not read the disk. How can I format a drive to a file system that is supported by both Mac and Windows? Is it possible to convert the file system of the disk to FAT32?

Data sharing between different devices is essential in this day and age, to make this possible, we use various mediums to share our files like the USB flash stick or an external hard disk. But if you intend to transfer data from a Mac to a Windows PC or vice versa, then you may find problems in performing such task.

The issue occurs when the file support system of the storage device on Windows is not supported by the Mac. The solution to this obstacle is converting the drive to the file format that is supported by both the operating systems. FAT32 is one of those file support systems, which works well in both MacOS and Windows 10. In this article, we will find how to format and convert a Hard Disk Drive to FAT32.

Part 1. Overview of FAT32:

File Allocation Table(FAT) is a file support system that is used primarily on small storage devices which can hold up to 32GB of storage. FAT was introduced in 1977, and in, this section, we will learn everything that is to know this specific file support system.


Closing Words:

If you carry a regular habit of transferring files from one system to another through an external hard drive or if you intend to transfer your internal HDD to a different computer, then you must format your device to a format that is supported by all systems. Despite being an outdated file system format, FAT32 is compatible with both Windows PC and MacOS. Though we recommend that you switch to its more advanced and secure version, which is the ExFAT. If after the process of formatting, you find the need to retrieve deleted data, then you must use Recoverit by Wondershare to recover all that is lost.

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