How to Format and Wipe Linux Disk Using Commands

Can’t seem to clear your Linux disk space or not sure about disk formatting? Read this informative post about the working of different Linux commands to wipe or format the disk.

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How can I erase an entire Linux disk space? My hard drive is running out of space and I would like to wipe disk of my Linux computer to create more storage.

If you also own a Linux system, which is running on low disk space, then you might be facing a similar situation. Although Linux is one of the most popular open source operating systems, it can be a bit complicated at times. For instance, there is no direct solution to do a Linux format disk using a dedicated GUI feature. Don’t worry – you can still erase disk on Linux with the help of the right commands. Read on and clear your Linux disk space by following this extensive guide.


  • Part 1: Why We Need to Format and Wipe Linux Disk?
  • Part 2: How to Format a Linux Hard Drive?
  • Part 3: How to Wipe a Hard Drive on Linux?
  • Part 4: Tips for Formatting and Wiping Linux Disk

Part 1: Why We Need to Format and Wipe Linux Disk?

Before we get to know different ways to format a disk on Linux, it is vital to understand the reasons behind it. Ideally, there could be following major reasons for wiping or formatting a disk on a Linux system:.

That’s a wrap, folks! Now when you know how to format or wipe disk on Linux, you can easily meet your requirements. In case if you have accidentally deleted your data or have formatted a drive, then use a reliable data recovery solution like Recoverit Data Recovery. Using it, you can just attach your Linux device to a PC and later extract the lost or inaccessible content from it. Go ahead and try some of these methods and feel free to share your own shortcuts or tips in the comments below.

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