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How to Recover Data from IDE Hard Drive

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Jun 18, 2024 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

Found an old hard drive from ancient times and plugged it in to my USB to ide drive. It's only reading half the partitions. Is there any way to recover the inaccessible data? - from Reddit

How to Recover Data from IDE Hard Drive?

IDE hard drive could also have problems with the data being stored. There could be factors that will make the information in the drive just lost. Well, it could be caused by accidental deletion or by some other factors such as sudden power outage and viruses.

Data recovery software might be used to have all the information retrieved to be used for its functionality. Recoverit data recovery is one thing you can download and help yourself in finding back that lost information you want to redeem. This brings forth the more natural way to IDE hard drive recovery as one can just have everything in a click.

Recoverit Hard Drive Data Recovery

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3 Steps to Recover Data from IDE Hard Drive Using Recoverit data recovery

This software can easily guide you with its user-friendly interface in which the users can understand with ease. Follow the next simple steps to perform hard drive software with Recoveit. Mac users can turn to try Recoverit for Mac...

Step 1: Select a recovery mode. You can select the option "External Devices Recovery" to start.

select deleted data from ide hard drive

Step 2: Select the location where you lost your files, click "Start" to scanning lost files.

select data from ide hard drive

Step 3: After deep scanning, you can preview and choose those files that are to be recovered so you will already be sure on those that have to be retrieved or to be deleted permanently. Then, click on, Recover.

ide hard drive recovery

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Files from Hard Drive?

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What is IDE Hard Drive?

IDE hard drive (Integrated Drive Electronics) is a type of cable that is used to connect to the motherboard directly. Meaning, it could have the passing through of the information faster from the mainboard to the hard drive. This should have all types of data be easily transferred to devices to backup or save information for safe keep.

This is also common in all computers that are IBM compatible. It is a way to connect devices to the computer and share information. With that, there could be an accessible way of having all the data stored and backed up well.

The IDE hard drive connects all the other devices that could store information such as a floppy disc, a hard drive, or the CD ROM drive. Information connection is one feature that the IDE hard disk functions for. This also is excellent support for files that have to be kept for important usage. Users can get to have the IDE hard disk data controlled well when they have the right storage that will be a perfect place for the information to futures sharing.

Initially, the IDE hard disk is named AT Attachment, in which the IBM AT computer has developed. The primary use of this IDE hard drive interface is to have the hard drive and the controller combined. This can get to have the data transfer made easier as information is to be used at the moment.

What's the Difference between IDE hard and SATA hard drive?

IDE and SATA are hard drives that have been popularly used in modern times for the storage and transfer of information. Connection to the computer could have all the tasks done right as one gets to have the functionality of the devices.

SATA hard drive (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is a storage device with an inexpensive, large capacity of storage that supports hot plugging. This has a data transfer rate of 150 MB/s to 600 MB/s. This is also characterized by the red data cable that is narrow and is up to three meters long. There are two connections for power and data. Each of these drives connects directly to the motherboard. This uses a single link that cuts the delayed streaming to make the transfer of data be at a faster pace.

IDE hard drives (Integrated Drive Electronics) have maximum compatibility. This does not support hot-plugging, so there would be no need for a USB to be used when dealing with storing data. The rate of data transfer could reach up to 133 MB/s. Not like SATA, IDE ha a ribbon-like data cable, which is more or less eighteen inches long. One can use more than one IDE on one computer. All one has to do is connect the ribbon cables in chains so there would be connections between cables. The data transfer also runs in parallel with the IDE. This means that the device needs the data to be streamed entirely to be transferred.

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