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How to Recover Data from A Partitioned Hard Drive?

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Jan 24, 2024 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

While many people partition hard drive to divide mass storage into separate sections, others do it to improve computer hard disk efficiency. And it's even more helpful for people who are running more than one operating system.

But situations arise when you, unfortunately, partition the computer hard drive incorrectly without doing an advanced backup operation. Sad right? Yes! Anyway, thanks to the everyday evolution in technology, you can now recover data from a partitioned hard drive within a few clicks.

In this post, we'll discuss the meaning of partition, important notice before partition and the top efficient method to recover data from a partitioned/repartitioned hard drive. This method will blow your mind!

What is Partitioning A Hard Drive

Hard drive partitioning is the division of a complete hard drive into isolated sections to help enhance hard drive efficiency! Yes, they do this by enabling the FAT/NTFS system in the computer operating system to automatically assign cluster size based on the size and the disk.

hard drive partition

Having understood a brief meaning of 'Hard Drive Partition', let's shed more light on the reasons why people partition/repartition a hard drive. And top critical problems that usually occur when partitioning/repartitioning a hard drive.

1 Why People want to Partition/Repartition their Hard Drive

Although there are several reasons why the hard drive is partitioned, we've listed the top 3 reasons why many folks today partition their hard drive.

Backup/Protection Against Unplanned System Crash

One of the main reasons why people partition hard drives is to backup essential documents/files. As we all know, malware attacks are a big threat to our computer and its data. Thus segmenting your hard disk will enhance data security. And for a simple approach, it's advisable to create more than one partition! Whereby, one partition will oversee the operating system functioning, and the other, will be used to backup documents that are precious to you. Besides, there is no way a virus can infect all the partitions of a hard drive.

To Enhance the Functioning of Multiple Operating System

If you're among folks who work with more than one operating system, creating a partition for each of them is very necessary. If you ask, 'Why? This is because the partition will enable the operating systems to run smoothly together on the same computer.

Good Organization of Vital Data

If you're looking to organize your data in a way that makes it easy for you to find any time, anywhere, then partitioning your hard drive is one vital step to take. Even, partition doesn't only organize your data, it also creates a safe path where you can save your important files without hassles.

2 Possible Problems that may Occur when Partitioning/Repartitioning a Hard Drive

Computer crash

If there's too much interruption of partitioning/repartitioning operation as a result of frequent interruption of the flow of electricity, your hard disk may get entangled causing it to overwrite data. In this case, your precious files get compromised, and it's even worse as your computer system may encounter an unexpected crash.

Click to learn tips on how to avoid a system crash.

Hard Disk Overheat

Firstly, do you know computer hard disks usually overheat? Yes, if your computer system is working at a very high temperature or high voltage of electricity supply, you may encounter break down of computer system, as hard drive tends to fail whenever it's working at a temperature above 0°C - 60°C. Also, the accumulation of bad sectors in hard disk and a faulty CPU fan is another main factor of hard disk overheating. So you should always beware!

Firmware Error

Another problem to look out for is the firmware error! Imagine situations where your system is unable to identify the hard drive! This occurs due to the inability of the hard disk to rotate at its normal pace, causing it to freeze at some point. However, firmware error doesn't just affect the partitioning/repartitioning process, it also risks the safety of your computer and its database.

The Three Steps to Recover Data from A Partitioned Hard Drive

It's no doubt technology has made the world a better place! Gone are those days when every lost database can't be retrieved. All thanks to the powerful Wondershare Recoverit data recovery software, getting back at your lost data is now as simple as sipping a cup of coffee. From it's 30x faster data recovery speed to the advanced recovery tools, Recoverit boasts of a wide array of features that enable humans at all levels to recover their lost data in a lightning-fast manner.

Hence check out the simple step-by-step guide to recover data from a partitioned hard drive within the blink of an eye, below.

Step 1 Select Storage of Lost Data

computer data recovery

Download and install Wondershare Recoverit data recovery software on your Mac or Windows PC. Then launch the software app on your system and select the storage of your lost data to begin the operation.

Step 2 Scan Location Of Lost Data

computer scan

In the second phase, Recoverit will begin a deep scan to search out your lost video, and audio files, including other missing documents that are precious to you.

Step 3 Preview and Recover Lost Data

video preview

Finally, your missing files will be displayed on your screen. All you've got to do is preview the files and reclaim the very crucial ones by clicking on Recover.

Simple right? Don't think twice, just download Recoverit data recovery software and reclaim your lost memories in a jiffy.

Important Notice Before Partitioning A Hard Drive


A quick search on google for ways to recover data from hard drive partitions, you will see tons of info, but only a few websites have got the brief information you'll need. Anyway, this page has covered the best of the best information you need in the aspect of recovering data from a partitioned computer hard disk. All thanks to powerful data recovery software like Wondershare Recoverit, reclaiming your lost database is now like plucking off a low hanging fruit!

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