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How Can I Get a Hard Drive Repair Service Near Me?

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

A few days back, I bumped into an old-time friend who I've seen for a very long time. But she had a serious issue that could lead to a total loss of the database she had kept for years. Imagine memorable moments lost within a short time! Heartbreaking right? Yes! This time, she asked do you know any hard drive repair near me? or hard drive repair in Toronto?

Thanks to everyday knowledge, I was able to give her tips on the top hard drive repair service near her and the best way to recover her hard drive data efficiently. It's a win-win for her! Check out the top external hard drive repair service that I recommended for her, the best way to recover hard drive lost data, and tips for hard drive maintenance. Read further to learn more.

Why People Need a Hard Drive Repair Service Near Them?

With lots of hard drive services available online, the chances of getting the best hard drive suitable for your requirements are very slim. But that's on that aspect! However, there are lots of hard drive services available out there that can help you repair your faulty hard drive efficiently. The big question is Why do you need hard drive repair near me?

Well, in situations where your hard drive eventually stops functioning in the course of using it to save important databases, the next thing that strikes the mind is hard drive repair local service.

Another thing is hard to drive corruption! Yes, hard drive corruption is very rampant these days, and it has caused a lot to people in the computing industry. From data loss to complete destruction of hard drives, a competent hard drive service will be beneficial in such a situation.

How Can I Get a Hard Drive Repair Service Near Me?

Not every other computer-repair shop happens to repair hard drives. The reason: hard drive restoration requires specialized and expensive equipment. More importantly, it requires professionals. In most cases, if a random service center offers to repair hard drives—they just act as an 'intermediary' and make profits from the difference-rate (their price - company price). So, it's beneficial to contact professionals directly and ensure that you get the hard drive repair not only at a fair price but also at a quicker speed. After a long-time investigation, I find out the best hard drive repair services near you will be:

1 OnTrack EasyRecovery Services

Being one of the industry-leaders with 22 global laboratories, Ontrack can resolve complex data challenges related to data loss that occurred via deletion, server corruptions, reformatting, virus attacks, etc.

Ontrack Easy Recovery Service

Be it conventional hard drives, modern SSDs, optical media storage devices, or USBs; Ontrack EasyRecovery has performed 596k hard drive operations with a 90% success rate over the course of 35 years.

Services offered by Ontrack EasyRecovery: Data Recovery, Data Destruction, Email Extraction. Other non-hard drive recovery options are available too.

For: HDD, SSD, external hard drive repair, RAID (including deleted files).

Clean-room standard: ISO 5 Class 100

On-site and Emergency services: Yes; prices vary according to turnaround time—7 days, 3 days, 24 hours.

Pricing: $100-$1000 (rises depending on the recoverable file size); up to 1GB is free.

2 Gillware Data Recovery Services

Established in 2004, a recent but capable hard drive repair service, Gillware has successfully recovered over 100k devices. With ISO-certified recovery laboratories spread across 14000 sq ft, Gillware takes pride in being one of the largest hard drive repair services in the world.

 Gillware hard drive data recovery service

Individually skilled and recognized for HDDs and RAID systems, Gillware has proven itself effective when it comes to SSDs, flash memory drives, and microchips.

With an active referral network of 2,000 managed service providers across the world, finding Gillware hard drive repair service near you will not be troublesome.

Services offered by Gillware: Data Recovery, VMWare Data Recovery, Digital Forensics, and other non-hard drives repair services.

For: HDD, RAID (including deleted files), SSDs, external hard drive repair.

Clean-room standard: ISO 5 Class 100

On-site and Emergency services: Yes, the on-site engineering team will recover all data within the minimum time possible; up to 30TB demands an 8-30 hours turnaround.

Pricing: $1000-$2500 (rises depending on the recoverable file size).

3 Seagate In-Lab Laboratory

 Seagate in-Lab Laboratory

Unlike the above two hard drive repair services, Seagate has yet to receive recognition on the enterprise-level but still dominant when it comes to meeting the demands of individual Laptops and Computer owners.

Services offered by Gillware: Hard drive repairs

For: HDDs, external hard drive repair, SSDs, smartphones, RAID.

Clean-room standard: Unspecified

On-site and Emergency services: On-Site facility available, No emergency services.

Pricing: Labor costs $50—thereby increases according to file-size.

What If I Only Want to Restore Hard Drive Data?

If you are considering purchasing a new hard drive but still want to restore the precious data, you can use a professional hard drive data recovery program like WonderShare Recoverit. Being the most effective data retrieval solution, Wondershare Recoverit lets you easily recover your lost data from the damaged hard drive given that the injury is logical.

All you have to do is install the software on your computer and follow these steps to recover your data from the damaged hard disk. Since Wondershare Recoverit is free for previewing the data from the damaged hard drive, it is salutary to install the software and see if you can revive the data at a much lower cost.

Step 1 Select the dead hard drive

After installation, open the Wondershare Recoverit application.

On the main menu of the app, you will find all the hard drives associated with your computer. Select the dead hard drive—from which you want to recover your lost data. And, click on 'Start'.

select dead hard drive

Step 2 Scan the dead hard drive

As soon as you select the hard drive and click 'Start', Wondershare Recoverit will scan the damaged hard disk automatically and list them in the item menu.

scan the dead hard drive

Step 3 Preview and recover data

You can view all the data—photos, videos, documents, audios—and choose any or all data for backup.

You will also have to choose a location for the recovered data to be copied. Select a location on the working hard drive.

preview and recover data

That's it.

Tips for Hard Drive maintenance

Hard drives do not demand much physical commitment, but to work efficiently they do require constant maintenance. These tips for internal and external hard drive maintenance will help you protect the sensitive data stores:

Tips for maintaining Internal Hard Drives

  • Clean In and around the machine

Most users need hard drive repair because their hard drive has been the subject of overheating. If there is dust in-and-around the machine, it can shut the air-vents preventing movement of air quickly. Regular and careful cleaning will avoid such problems.

  • Overheating is a warning signal

If your hard drive shows such signs even after you've cleaned the air-vents, it's time to consider data backup. You should also remember not to boot when your hard drive is overheating. Not recommended, as many-a-time overheating is the result of actuator heads—and booting further complicates the damage.

  • Install software that you need

There is a good reason that IT companies restrict their computer to only specified programs; not only it checks hard drive space to maximum but also it makes sure that you do not install any malicious software. Also, when installing software - ensure that you download only from verified sources.

  • Secure the Computer and Keep OS up-to-date

Having a firewall ensures strict and regular scans of all the programs and files. Updating the OS helps with the security and functionality of the hard drive. Such updates often solve any risky security mishaps and also fixes prevailing threats.

Tips for maintaining External Hard Drives

External hard drives, on the other hand, are prone to physical damage on a larger scale. However, it doesn't mean that they do not befriend software and hardware issues.

  • Avoid any physical damage

Be it storing, carrying, or positioning—you must be extremely vigilant when handling external hard drives. In most cases, physical injuries can corrupt the external hard drive beyond repair. Consider buying an external hard drive case to store it properly, and always ensure that you position the hard drive on non-slippery even surfaces.

  • Use a Surge Protector

Voltage spikes—even for a split-second—is like a lightning hitting the hard drive. To avoid such a disaster, use a surge protector.


There you have it! You can now easily reach out to the top hard drive repair service near you easily! From Ontrac EasyRepair hard drive service to Gillware data recovery service and Seagate in-lab laboratory service, you can be sure you've got the top hard drive repair service near you at your fingertips. Also, Wondershare Recoverit data recovery software is a great choice if you're looking to recover hard drive data, so get your choice now!

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