How to Recover Lost Videos from Hard Drive?

Easy Ways to Recover Lost Videos from Hard Drive

If you have lost videos from hard drive, you need to look across the article to know more about restoring lost videos in hard drive.

The hard drive is an essential element across any computing device that we utilize within our daily lives. Being the part of the computer that saves memory, people are quite careful in managing and ensuring its safety. However, some users report accidentally formatting their hard drive or physically damaging it by accident. Under such circumstances, they have reported lost videos in hard drive.

Although it seems as there are no particular solutions to it, this article would be introducing users to the possible and plausible solutions that would provide them quick and clear results to their problem. Go through the article to know more about recovering lost videos in hard drive.

Here's a table of the reasons and corresponding fixes, you can have a quick look:



Accidentally Deleting the Video File

Recover Video Files from Recycle Bin

Have Your Video Files Permanently Deleted

Recovering Lost Video Files Through Wondershare Recoverit

Virus or Malware Attack on Files

Using the CMD Method to Recover Files

Power Cuts or Shut Downs

Recovering Files from File History of Drives

Detailed information about this article:

Part 1: Reasons and Fixes to the Lost Videos in Hard Drive Issue

Data loss across hard drives is a common problem reported across all levels. Data loss is reported for numerous reasons, from the basic use of computers to industrial uses. Following are a few major reasons that would be addressed with their fixes, depicting the issue of the lost videos in hard drive. Look through these reasons to know more about the issue and the possible solutions that can resolve it:

reasons behind hard drive video lost

· Accidentally Deleting the Video File

The computing world has provided all ages with certain use cases that require them to work across such devices. However, when you work through some files, you may accidentally delete them by tapping the wrong button. Although this sounds quite simple, you can get confused about not finding the file across the location you previously had it saved.

In other cases, children at your home may use the computer in secrecy. They may accidentally delete the files for having the lacking of knowing much about computers.

· Have Your Video Files Permanently Deleted

Another major concern that raises the issue of lost videos in hard drive relates to permanently deleting the video files across the device. While using the computer, there are circumstances where you feel that a certain file is not appropriate for use. However, you might find a reason for having the file across your computer, yet it is quite late.

The files may have been permanently deleted from your device, which would leave you with no choice of retrieving them back easily. You may then look for potential solutions to recover these lost files.

· Virus or Malware Attack on Files

The files can be attacked by viruses or malware across your hard drive. Virus and malware can be potentially harmful to the users in restricting their operability across the device. A potential problem that arises due to viruses or malware attacks on your device involves the change in the file attributes of the video files. When you try running these files, they cannot be played due to wrong file attributes.

· Power Cuts or Shut Downs

Another reason that leads to the problem of lost videos in hard drive involves the power cuts and accidental shutdowns of your computer. While working on your device, if you are transferring the files across another file location and have the power of your computer accidentally cut down during the process, you may lose it. Under such circumstances, power cuts or accidental shutdowns of your computer can be quite problematic.

While addressing these reasons, some related fixes potentially resolve and recover the lost videos in hard drive. Before we proceed into the details, we’d look across the following table showing the reasons along with their subsequent fixes.

Part 2: Fixes to Solve the Lost Videos Issue

The part discussed above was focused on the reasons that lead to lost videos in hard drive. Once you have understood the reasons, it is time to go across the fixes responsible for resolving the discussed problem. This part would provide users with a detailed overview of the fixes that would recover the lost videos across the hard drive.

Fix 1: Recover Video Files from Recycle Bin

Files that are accidentally deleted can be easily recovered from the Recycle Bin. By default, all files deleted from the computer are initially sent across the Recycle Bin. The users are then advised to remove the files from the Recycle Bin to delete them from the computer permanently.

However, if you have accidentally deleted the video file from your drive, you will find it across the Recycle. The process to restore the lost videos in hard drive from Recycle Bin is provided in the following steps:

Step 1: Access the "Recycle Bin" from your computer's desktop. The deleted files would be displayed across the window.

open recycle bin

Step 2: Locate the deleted file from the list and right-click on it to open the drop-down menu. You need to select the option of “Restore” from the menu.

tap on restore button

Step 3: Conversely, if there are multiple files across the Recycle Bin, select all of them and click on the option of “Restore the Selected Items” on the menu at the top of the window.

restore the selected items

Fix 2: Recovering Lost Video Files Through Wondershare Recoverit

There are cases where you permanently delete your files from the device as per protocol. In other cases, if video files are extremely large, the files are directly deleted without being sent across Recycle Bin. In both scenarios, the files are permanently deleted.

To cope with this situation, Wondershare Recoverit provides users with a dignified platform that restores lost, deleted, formatted, and corrupted files across the computer. This recovery software provides users with various recovery options across the platform. While it recovers 1000+ file types and formats across the platform, it offers several other explicit features, making it one of the best options in the market.

If you are looking forward to recovering your permanently lost videos in hard drive using Recoverit, you need to look across the following steps in detail:

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Recoverit and Select Location

Download, install and launch the software across your device successfully. On successfully opening the platform, you can select the location where you have lost your data. The interface shows up "Hard Drives and Locations" on the left-hand side of the panel. Once selected, tap on "Start" to initiate the process.

select the hard disk drive

Step 2: Scan Files across the Selected Location

On starting the process, the platform automatically goes through the drive and recovers all the lost, deleted, or corrupted data. It displays the data across the interface that is being recovered.

recovery in process

Step 3: Preview and Recover Lost Video

After the process concludes, go through the recovered file list, and find the lost videos. Preview the videos first and check if they've been recovered properly. If so, tap on "Recover" to export these files across the device.

tap on recover button

Fix 3: Using the CMD Method to Recover Files

If a virus or malware has attacked your computer, you can potentially resolve the error with the help of Command Prompt. As it provides control over the operating systems better, this solution can be potentially implemented for recovering files that are lost because of the virus or malware. As the attributes of such files are damaged, the CMD method can be utilized to recover the files by following the following steps:

Step 1: Use the shortcut key of “Win + R” to open the ‘Run’ program on your computer. Type in ‘cmd’ and click “OK” to launch Command Prompt on your front.

open command prompt

Image altStep 2: Once the CMD window opens up, type the following command, and hit ‘Enter’:

“ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D X:*.*”

execute the command

You need to ensure that the “X” across this command is replaced with the appropriate local drive where the files are lost.

Fix 4: Recovering Files from File History of Drives

Power cuts and instant computer shutdowns can stop file transfers and provoke file losses. If you encounter such a situation, you need to ensure that the option of “File History” is turned on across your device. To turn it on, type in “File History” across the Search bar and click on the “Turn on” option across the Control Panel that opens up.

turn on file history

Following this, you can recover the files from the File History of a certain local drive by following the steps below:

Step 1: Access the drive folder that contained the video files that were lost. Right-click the folder and select the " Properties " option from the drop-down menu.

open folder properties

Step 2: On the new window, proceed to the "Previous Versions" tab and go through the versions you have to recover. After selecting the appropriate version, click the “Restore” button to execute the process.

restore the backup

Part 3: Tips and Tricks to Prevent Video Loss in Hard Drive

This part would focus on providing you with tips that would help you protect your hard drive from such errors and concerns. To avoid the problem of lost videos in hard drive, you need to look across the following tips and tricks about protecting it:

· Keeping the Hard Drive Safe

Before leading into the technical solutions and preventions of protecting the hard drive from data loss, you need to be sure of your physical environment. Ensure that the computer is kept in a safe place where there are minimal chances of being damaged. This reduces the risks of damaging the computer and the hard drive.

· Partitioning the Hard Drive

The hard drive that you use in your computer should be partitioned effectively. This means that separate drives and zones are created within the computer. Thus, if a certain drive crashes, you are not left with all of your data corrupted or lost in the process.

· Using an Anti-Virus Software

Virus and malware can be quite a problem for your hard drive. To prevent this firsthand, ensure that you use anti-virus software that secures the data and prevents viruses and malware from damaging the contents of the video files.

· Keeping Computer Clean and Dry

You need to ensure that the computer stays clean and dry to prevent the computer and hard drive from getting damaged. Water across computer appliances is never recommended; thus, it needs to be avoided at all costs.

Wrapping Up

This article has provided users with an in-depth discussion about the issue of losing video files on the hard drive. While understanding the reasons and solutions associated with this issue, the discussion has also been directed to techniques that can be potentially adopted to avoid this issue firsthand. Go through the article to know more about the issue of lost videos in hard drive.