How to Fix Kodi No Sound Issue in the 4 Cases

Solve the 4 Cases Where Kodi Has No Sound on Your Videos

Kodi no sound issue is general and frustrating. To help you out on the same, some trusted and tested techniques are presented here. Keep reading to fix Kodi no audio issue with easy steps.

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Kodi is a good source of entertainment. But it has an issue and that is Kodi no sound issue. It is a common issue that arises without any warning. It is very frustrating when Kodi has no audio. Let us begin a journey to fix the Kodi no sound issue with some simple steps.

What Are the 4 Cases Where Kodi Has No Sound?

When we talk about Kodi no sound issue. There are many causes. Let us go through this by taking the top 4 cases for the same.

Case 1. Kodi Audio Settings Problem

Incorrect audio settings are a major reason behind Kodi’s no audio issue. It happens when the audio settings of Kodi didn’t match your audio output device. In this case, you will not be to hear audio at all or can hear disturbing audio.

Case 2. Kodi Software Crash

In certain cases, the sudden power failure or some bugs causes Kodi software to crash. In this case, you will not able to listen to audio or you are not able to access Kodi at all. This generally happens in the case of Kodi’s old versions.

Case 3. Video Has No Sound

In this case, you will only be able to see videos but not able to listen to the audio. Here you need to check your Bluetooth connectivity in case of Bluetooth speakers. Sometimes this issue is caused by a problem in sound drivers in case you are using windows.

Case 4. Hardware Problems

A hardware problem is a common problem for Kodi no sound issue. You will not hear any sound or disturbing sound in this case for all videos. It is a problem with audio cable, connecting ports, or old Kodi box.

How to Resolve the Kodi Audio Settings Issue

In many cases, incorrect audio settings can cause Kodi no sound issue. In this case, you are required to change some general audio settings. For this just go through some steps.

Step 1: Launch Kodi on your device and go to the home screen. Here click on the “Settings” icon from the given options as shown in the image.

select “Settings”

Step 2: Click on “System Settings” as shown below in the image with an arrow.

click on “System settings”

Step 3: Start clicking on the “Standard” and continue doing it until you saw “Advanced” in the left pane. Once you saw “Advanced”, click on this to enter Advanced settings as shown below.

click on “Advanced”

Step 4: On clicking “Advanced” you will see options on the left pane. Choose “Audio” from these options.

select “Audio”

Note: After resetting the audio settings, Restart your device.

How to Fix the Kodi Software Crash Issue

There are many reasons behind Kodi software crash like,

But when this problem remains certain for a long time you need to alter some settings. You need to disable hardware acceleration. Let us discuss it in detail.

Step 1: click on the settings icon as shown in the image.

click on settings

Step 2: Go for the “Player settings” from the given options.

click on “Player settings”

Step 3: Now go to the bottom left corner and start clicking on the gear icon until you reach “Expert”.

Note: It generally takes three clicks to change the mode from “Standard” to “Expert”.

click three times on the gear icon

Step 4: click on the “Videos” tab from the given options and go to the processing section. Now go to “Allow hardware acceleration - DXVA2”. You are required to keep it disabled.

disable “Allow hardware acceleration - DXVA2”

Once you successfully disabled the given option. You are required to restart your Kodi to make the necessary changes, applied effectively. This technique will prevent Kodi from crashing in the future.

How to Repair Corrupted Videos Without Sound

There are several instances when your videos got corrupted due to several reasons. It may happen due to sudden interruption during transfer, changing in the format, virus attack, and so on.

Here you need to know that no matter whatever will be the reason for corruption, you can easily recover your video with the “Wondershare Video Repair” software.

This software is available for both Windows OS and Mac OS. The prime advantage of using this software is, it recovers your corrupted videos of almost any kind and without introducing any sound. You just need to follow three simple steps to repair your corrupted video.

Step 1: Add corrupted video

Launch “Wondershare Video Repair” and add a corrupted video. You can add a corrupted video by clicking anywhere in the middlebox with the message” Add video and start repairing” or by clicking on the “Add” button.

add corrupted video

Once the corrupted video is added successfully, the interface will show the required details as shown in the image.

detailed information of corrupted video

Step 2: Repair video

Click on the “Repair” button to proceed. It will take some time. Once the repair is completed, a window will appear before you. It will ask your permission to preview and save your repaired video. If you don’t want a preview you can simply click on the “Save” button to proceed. In case you want to preview the repaired video for its quality you can do this by simply clicking on the little triangle.

If the repaired video doesn’t meet your expectations you can go for “Advanced Repair”.

choose “Advanced Repair”

For this click the folder icon and add sample video file. A sample video file is a valid file that is created by the same device. It also carries the same format as that of a corrupted video. Actually, the advanced repair will utilize the information from the sample file to provide efficient results.

add the sample video file

Once the sample file is added click on the “Repair” button. Once the” Repair” button is pressed you will be asked to save the video.

Note: Once the advanced repair starts you can’t save it.

Step 3: Save video

Now on clicking “Save”, you will be asked to select a path or location for saving the recovered video. You can simply select any location to proceed. You are also provided with an option to create a new folder. You can name a new folder to find it easily later on.

select the path

Once you are done with selecting the location, the process of repairing will begin. Once completed, you can access your repaired video.

How to Fix the Hardware Issues

It’s not a software issue in all cases. There are many instances when hardware failure causes Kodi no sound issue. Although it is not a common cause, it happens sometimes. In this case, you are required to follow some of the simple tips that are presented below.

In order to get rid of this issue, you can use an air can for blowing out the accumulated lint. It also helps you to blow out other dust contaminants. As far as the remaining contaminants are concerned you can use a cotton swab to wipe them out.

In another case, there is a possibility that you have plugged-in the wrong cable. For this, you can take the help of the device’s manual for establishing the right connections.

In another case, you are advised to keep your audio cable away from sources that generate electromagnetic radiation. The sources responsible for electromagnetic radiation include computer monitors, power supplies, etc. if you are facing low space issue you can arrange cable in parallel or cross them at 90-degree angles.

If the above mention tips don’t work for you. You are required to switch off all Bluetooth devices except for Kodi. In most of the cases, this technique works as there doesn’t remain Bluetooth disturbance anymore.

In other cases, there arises a hardware fault in the electronic components present on the circuit board used inside the Kodi box. In this scenario, a simple hardware repair will do a job for you and you will be able to experience good sound.

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Closing Words:

There are many reasons behind Kodi no sound issue. These reasons are common reasons and often accompanied by almost everyone. It just requires some tips and easy solutions to fix these issues. To help you out on the same, some trusted and tested techniques are presented in this resolute dossier.

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