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How to Fix MKV No Sound on Android Phone

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

"Have you ever downloaded your favorite movie from a site only to see a pop-up 'No Sound' on your android screen?" If your answer to this question is yes, then we got your back. We have researched and simplified for you the steps you need to follow in solving this issue.

Part 1. Why Does My MKV File Have No Sound on Android?

1. Can Android play MKV files?

The use of MKV files is currently widespread, especially due to their high quality, but for android phone users, this seems to be a nightmare. Maybe you heard of the latest movie in town, then went on-site and downloaded and the disappointment comes because it only plays video without sound on your smartphone.

One potential reason for such behavior may be the format, which is MKV. These files are naturally not supported to play on Android phones. This is not an indicator that these files lack audio, but only the tools to read the audio section of these videos are not found in most Android media players.

2. Do MKV files have audio?

Failure of MKV video files to play audio is a problem encountered by many Android phone users and maybe a frustrating source during your entertainment. Being unaware of your video or audio files' functioning state may be like adding salt to a wound. And this might be one of the hiccups that come with technology.

However, for every problem, there is a potential solution, whether already discovered or still unearthed. So let's now explore the various options we have in handling MKV No Sound on Android phones.

3. What causes MKV no sound on Android?

To optimally utilize the available solutions, it is imperative we first identify the roots of the problem. Get to know major Causes of Sound MKV No Sound.

Wondering what codecs are? These are simply compression technologies with 2 compartments, an encoder for compressing the files and a decoder for decompressing the files. Videos, still images, audio, or data each have specific codecs, usually on the operating system. These are only activated when requested by the multimedia file or game to be played.

If any piece of the codec is damaged or missing, the associated media file cannot be activated, leading to malfunctioning. In our case, it is the audio codec affected; thus, the MKV no sound. On several occasions, such software failure leaves us with minimal interventions, and what remains is getting an alternative to fix the problem.

Another common reason for the MKV No Sound problem has a corrupted MKV file. This may result from damage during the conversion to android compatible formats, download from unverified sources, or even improper download.

Playing MKV files using the inbuilt or default players in android phones is not supported; therefore, you may convert to using other downloaded media players. However, this still may present the MKV no sound on android. There are various reasons for this. One of them is installing a substandard version of the media player or making unnecessary updates on the software. The Android operation system itself may malfunction, thereby ruining the initially good media player.

Not every video converter on the web may deliver the expected functions because some are of substandard quality. As a result, your MKV file may be corrupted during conversion and thereby cause the "No sound" issue once you hit the play button. Still, the converter may be excellent, but the execution of wrong commands may be the problem-source.

Sometimes videos may contain audio codecs that are not supported by the player, and the outcome is soundless video play. For instance, the Chromecast does not support the AC3 audio codec. Any MKV video with such a codec will therefore play without sound.

Part 2. Fixing MKV No sound Android

Having looked at the possible causes, our problem is half-solved. But now let's see how to fix each of these issues:

1. The solution to damaged MKV file

Once a file is damaged, it may not be recovered, but this issue can surely be prevented. But how? You may ask. It's a simple thing. First, always download your files from trusted sources following the correct procedure. After the download ensures you back-up your files immediately to platforms such as cloud storage or even send the file to your email to prevent corruption by viruses.

2. The solution to corrupted installed media player

The only solution to substandard media players is to uninstall them and install the players like VLC, which are genuine products. In case you had installed a verified media player but still experiencing sound issues, consider re-installing the player as the installation process might have been interfered with. As outlined earlier, unnecessary updates may be the source of trouble, and in such cases, you need to restore the video player to its previous version.

3. The solution to improperly converted MKV file

When you convert the MKV file to an Android compatible format to play it on your smartphone, and the reward is No Sound prompt appearing on your player, the issue may be improper conversion. Therefore, only use trusted and verified converters to convert your MKV files.

Part 4. Tips for Playing and Fixing MKV Files

The media compression format, Matroska Video (MKV) file, is an open multimedia container format that provides the data structure for videos, audios, and other data types. In MKV, while the audio is compressed with formats like MP3.

The MKV file format design makes it dynamic and prevents it from being obsolete; hence, it can be used in the future without any major challenges. This is attributed to its key features such as Fast Seek, Chapter, Menu, Metadata, Multiple audio channels, Online Streaming, Multiple Video Channels, Error Recovery, and Subtitle.

MKV files are widely unsupported by media players. Nonetheless, they can still be played. Some of the tricks that work and at the same time protect you include:

Tips for repairing MKV files

In conclusion, the use of MKV file types has now become widespread. For Android phone users, they are likely to experience issues like No Sound while playing these videos. However, as outlined in this article, these are tested and sure ways to fix MKV No Sound in android mobile, with Wondershare Repairit being the most popular.

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