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How to Recover Audio Files from Tascam Recorder

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Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

"I am fond of recording live musical performances. Recently, I mixed it, but as two minutes were left from the end, Tascam recorder told me the card was full. To make room for the file, I erased all the recorded files. So, can I retrieve deleted voice recordings, or have I permanently lost them? I have both Windows and Mac machines. I'll appreciate the help in recovery."

There is no denying that a Tascam recorder is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for you to record audio files. It has revolutionized songs recording decades ago, and since then, it is used for recording countless tracks.

But one of the scenarios that you can have during a recording session is that you delete all the required files, by mistake. There can be a chance that you are ready to transcribe, but the required audio files are missing from the memory card.

Moreover, what if you have deleted all the recorded files from the Tascam recorder? Well, fret not! This article is going to walk you through an easy process on how to recover deleted voice recordings.

Part 1. Overview of Tascam Digital Voice Recorder

Tascam's voice recorder is simple to use a digital recorder that comes with omnidirectional microphones. It comes in two variations, DR-05 and DR-40, and records in MP3 or WAV format with 24-bit high-resolution audio. With recording features like Quick Menu and Peak Reduction, it makes voice recording easier than ever.


But there are instances when you record with a Tascam dr 40 or 05, and something goes wrong with the equipment. The files are lost or deleted; they won't download or seem to have no data. Don't panic! Relax, as you can easily recover deleted voice recordings with audio recovery software.

Part 2. Free Download Audio Recovery Software

Whether you were recording music with Tascam dr 05 or planning to edit the recording in the same, it lets you delete the previous file and make room for new ones. Now, as you work with the recorder, you might delete all the files, unintentionally or storage card damage may lead to it.

Irrespective of the deletion scenario, you can always recover audio files from the Tascam recorder. Recoverit Audio Recovery Software helps you recover audio files, movies, and music from all storage media with a recovery rate of 96%.

Recoverit - The Best Audio Files Recovery Software

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If you use Tascam recorder for audio recording, Recoverit also supports the recovery of voice recordings from both, Tascam DR05 and 40. This software requires no payment if you are unable to recover your files. It also restores ten media files for free without any file size limits.

Part 3. How to Recover Audio Files from Tascam DR40/DR05

With Recoverit recovery software, you can recover audio files from Tascam DR40/DR05 within three steps. It features an intuitive interface and easy to use a process that lets you recover files in no time. Moreover, you do not require any tech knowledge to work with it.

Here is a step by step guide on how to recover audio files from Tascam DR40/DR05, compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

If Android phone users have the same need for voice recordings recovery, you should check out another page: How to recover Android audio files.

Step 1: Choose a Location

Launch the software and choose the drive which you want to scan. If you don't remember where the files were stored, then you can tap on the "I can't find my partition" option to scan the entire storage.


Step 2: Scan the Location

It will take a while to scan the entire storage space for lost or deleted files. The software will display the results and sort them out according to their formats. Choose the format of the files that you want to recover and select the files.


Step 3: Preview and Recover

You can also preview the files before recovering them. Once you've selected all the files, just tap on the Recover button and the software will start recovering the files on your system.


But before you recover the files, make sure that you don't recover the files in the same location from where they got lost.

Part 4. Troubleshooting of Tascam Voice Recorder

When it comes to audio recording, the Tascam voice recorder has quick and easy operations. But as you use it, this recorder comes up with issues like you will not be able to delete data; file error, recording failed, and a lot more.

Here is how Tascam recorder works and fixes for troubleshooting the data recording issues.

How does It work?

Tascam's voice recorder is simple to operate and has been revamped to work with one thumb. Whether you want to record, deleted bad records, add markers, or adjust levels; everything is just a button press away.

It comes with a Peak Reduction feature that sets recording levels automatically by listening to the input. The Variable Speed Audition feature slows down and loops music without changing the pitch. You can also switch Level Align Function for playback or to smooth sudden volume jumps.

So, for recorders and musicians at any stage, there is no easier way to record than Tascam's voice recorder.

Errors during Audio Recording and Its Fixes

Tascam's voice recorder is designed to capture the best quality recordings. But still, there is a chance that you may have trouble with the operation of Tascam voice recorder; here is how you can fix them:

1. Cannot erase data:

If you are unable to erase data, check that you are not trying to delete a file copied from the computer after being write-protected.

2. Distortion in Recording sound:

If distortion occurs, check that effect is not being used, or the input level setting is not too high.

3. The recording is not possible, or writing failed:

Confirm recording level is not low, microSD card is not full, or many files have not reached to its maximum capacity. Check the connection if you are using an external device.

If an SD card is full, it will bring about troubles in saving files, and sometimes even result in data loss. Get the ways to recover SD card photos.

4. Recording level is low:

Check that the input level setting or output level of any device is not too low.

5. The recorder files do not appear on the computer:

Check the connection of the Tascam recorder to the computer through a USB port.

6. The recorder does not function:

Check that the HOLD switch is not in the direction of the arrow and if 'USB connected' appears on display.

7. No sound is output from the speaker:

If you are unable to hear the sound output, check if the speaker is set to off or are headphones connected or not. Confirm all the connections with the monitoring system and its volume levels.

Part 5. How to Protect Tascam Voice Recordings?

The digital voice recorders like Tascam usually have flash memory or hard drive to store data. Now, the audio or voice you record is in the form of a file, and depending on the model, it maybe is an Mp3 or WAV audio file.

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- 2 minutes to read it.

But due to various instances, like a formatted drive, SD card damage, drive crash, or accidental damage, there is a chance that your voice recordings might suffer deletion. Here is how you can protect Tascam voice recordings:

Transfer Recordings to Computer

    1. Connect the Tascam recorder to the computer via USB cable.


    2. As the unit is connected through USB, a screen appears from where you can choose bus supply or data transmission through USB.


    3. Now, look for the DR-05 drive on the computer and search for music and utility folders.

Open the folder, and drag & drop music on the computer that you want to transfer to that folder.

By keeping a backup on your computer, you can protect audio files from deletion or loss.

Other ways to protect your files include:

  • If your files get deleted, stop using the disk. Once you start uploading the new files, it will re-write the data storage block leading to permanent deletion.
  • If you have recovered the files, do not save the files from where it got lost before.
  • Create multiple backups like on a USB drive or cloud storage to protect your files.
  • If you have accidentally deleted the files, but want to protect them from permanent deletion, try running a raw file search that detects the file and folder structure on the deleted drives.
  • Copy the recent version of the file to an external device or USB storage, so that you can have access to your audio files at all times.


Losing audio files from a Tascam recorder is quite common. Either an accidental deletion or a damaged device causes the same. There are instances when the deletion of voice recordings becomes inevitable.

To recover the files, use Recoverit Recovery software. Apart from audio files, this software can also recover your lost or deleted videos with a data recovery rate of more than 96%. However, to prevent the deletion of audio files, you can transfer recordings to a computer or make their backup on cloud or USB storage.

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