An Easy Solution to Recover Photos from Canon PowerShot

Canon photo recovery

1Situations losing photos from Canon PowerShot

1. Accidentally deleted all the photos from the Canon PowerShot camera.
2. Took several photos while Canon PowerShot camera was flashing a low battery symbol. Then got a 'Memory Card Error' message.
3. When you copy photos from your Canon PowerShot to the computer, there are some photos failing to be copied. Also, you can't find them either from the computer or the camera.

There are still more unpredictable situations besides those metioned above, like memory card in Canon PowerShot gets corrupted or photos become inaccessible. Is there any solution to recover those inaccessible photos from Canon PowerShot camera?

2An easy solution to recover deleted/lost photos from Canon PowerShot

When this kind of memory card error problem happens to your, don't worry. Take out the memory card from your Canon PowerShot and connect it to other digital cameras or mobile phones or personal computers (better via a card reader). Then check whether the card is OK or not while in other devices.

Still don't work? Then the best way to check if your photos (deleted or inaccessible) can be recovered is to try a Canon photo recovery program. As long as the SD card of your Canon PowerShot can be detected by your computer, the chances to undelete Canon are very high. But before doing anything, you need to install a data recovery program on your computer and then connect your Canon PowerShot memory card to it.

If you are using Windows OS, try Wondershare Recoverit – a recovery program that can recover photos, videos and music lost from computer hard drive, digital camera memory card and flash drive etc. Besides, it can also recover photos from Canon lost transferred from Canon camera to computer.

If you are using Mac OS X, then turn to Wondershare Recoverit for Mac, which works the same.

cannon powershot photo recovery

The Best Cannon Powershot Photo Recovery Software

  • Recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, emails from any sotrage device effectively, safely and completely.
  • Supports data recovery from all digital cameras and camcorders, hard drives, memory cards, flash drives.
  • Supports to recover data from sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, partition, virus attack, system crash under different situations.
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Tips: Do not attempt to take new photos before you recover lost photos from your memory card, and put the memory card in secure places in case any damage situation will happen.

You only need to take 3 steps to finish the Canon PowerShot recovery

Step 1. Select the right recovery mode. To recover deleted or lost photos from Canon PowerShot, you can go to select the option "External Devices Recovery" to start performing photo recovery.

recover deleted photos from canon powershot

recover deleted photos from canon powershot

Step 2. Select the location where you lost photos. Go to select camera memory card and click "Start" to scanning lost files.

recover photos from canon powershot

If the quick scan in this mode can't find your lost photos, go to "All-Around Recovery" mode which will deeply scan lost files.

deeply scan canon powershot

Step 3. Preview recovered photos and click to recover them.

recover photos from canon powershot

Attention: when saving recovered photos, don't save them on the original canon powershot again. Choose an other media storage or directly save them on your computer.

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