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How to Fix Blue Screen 0x0000000a Error

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Jun 12, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

Some Windows users have reported encountering the blue screen error ID 16393. This can be problematic as it may lead to system crashes, impacting your computer activities.

This error may indicate issues with system files, drivers, or hardware problems. To troubleshoot the blue screen locale ID 16393 error, users can try updating drivers, running a virus scan, checking hardware components, or performing a system restore to a point before the error occurred. Additionally, seeking assistance from Microsoft support or a tech professional may be necessary for more advanced troubleshooting steps.

Let's go with the article to understand this blue screen of death error in depth and its viable solutions so that at the end you can have your system back in working condition. Also, you will know how to fix bluescreen error when any data loss occurs due to this bluescreen error code 0x0000000a.

But before we start with the solutions, first of all, you will understand what is this blue screen error 0x0000000a and why does it happen.

Part 1: What is bluescreen 0x0000000a?

If you want to know what actually bluescreen error 0x0000000a actually is, then here is a quick guide:

what is blue screen 0x0000000a

Bluescreen 0x0000000a error is considered as windows startup error that occurs usually during the installation process. This is also referred to as STOP 0x0000000A or IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

Whenever any driver or Windows Kernel Mode uses incorrect memory address, it results in bluescreen error code 0x0000000a due to which your access to the system will get denied. Popularly known as the blue screen of death this error reflects that something wrong occurred to windows OS (to any version of windows). The main issue with this error is that the system failed to recognize which particular file is causing it. This eventually may result in extra efforts from your end to identify and thus rectify the issue accordingly.

The format of the error is as:

The format of blue screen 0x0000000a

You can say that primary reason for the issue is memory leak by the power manager due to which sometimes the system gets freezes up or respond slowly.

In the next section will know more about the causes of bluescreen error. Keep reading to know more.

Part 2: Causes of bluescreen 0x0000000a

Behind every issue, there has to be some reason right? That's what we are going to discuss as the most important thing before rectifying the issue of STOP: 0x0000000a error is to understand what made this error to happen and the exact area of concern.

Some causes are listed below to bring your attention to the issue:

Actually, these are some of the causes that made the blue screen of death occur and let you avoid direct access to the system.

Therefore, to know how easily you can start working on your system, in next part you will know about various solutions that will fix bluescreen 0x0000000a error with detailed guidelines. So, without any delay move on to the next part.

Part 3: How to Fix bluescreen 0x0000000a

Fixing the issue of bluescreen 0x0000000a on your system is important to restart the working process. For that, some methods are mentioned below. You need to go through them one by one and after each solution, it is advised to restart the system, to see whether the issue is rectified or not. As if the issue is already solved, you need not move to the next process. So, here we go:

Method 1: Check your system using system file checker

You must note this point that Windows itself provides you with various system checker facilities that you can utilize time to time to get various benefits and solutions. One such facility by Windows is System Utility checker. It can scan and repair/restore the corrupted files of the system. For that required steps are mentioned below:

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. Type command, hold ctrl+shift> Now press enter
  3. A dialog box asking for a permission appear> Tap yes
  4. You will see a black box with a blinking cursor (That represents command prompt)
  5. On the screen you need to type "sfc /scannow" and the press Enter

Soon scanning will initiate to check any system error, after few minutes you will see a confirmation message that corrupted file detetected and repaired successfully.

Check your system using system file checker to fix bluescreen 0x0000000a

Method 2: Update Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10, Vista)

Keeping your Windows up-to-date will assist in resolving many issues like bluescreen 0x0000000a. So, below we have covered the steps that will show you how to update your system's windows.

Please select Start button >Type Update> Select Windows Update>, Click on Check for available updates> Then finally choose to Install Updates.

Update Windows to fix bluescreen 0x0000000a

Method 3: Driver Update

If the issue of Stop error 0x0000000a is due to the wrong, faulty or outdated driver then you are required to update your device driver. That can be done easily by driver easy. That will make the process of searching, downloading and updating the device driver quite simple to you, just a few simple clicks will solve the outdated driver issue.

You can get access to "Driver Easy" by visiting the site at: https://www.drivereasy.com/. Required process is as follows:

    1. After you visit the site and click on the download button
    2. Run the tool> and directly press Scan Now button, doing so will start scanning of the computer system and will detect the driver causing the error.

Driver update to fix bluescreen 0x0000000a

  1. After that Click on Update Button to download and update to the latest version of the driver.

Note: You also have the option to use the Update All button to update all missing or outdated drivers using this toolkit.

Method 4: Restoring System

Using Restore System will enable to restore back to the time when it was working fine, for that the steps needed to follow are as below:

    1. Press Windows key+R (simultaneously) to launch run dialog box
    2. Then type Control and press Enter Key

Restore system to fix bluescreen 0x0000000a-step 2

    1. There you need to select the Recovery option

Restore system to fix bluescreen 0x0000000a-step 3

    1. Now Press to open the System Restore

Restore system to fix bluescreen 0x0000000a-step 4

  1. Follow the on-screen guidelines > after that restart your computer to finish the restoring process.

Method 5: Check Hardware drive corruption

Many times error occurs due to corrupted Hardware drive reasons might be repeated usage, improper shutdown, misuse, incomplete or fault during installation, power outage etc which may result in bluescreen error. To scan and repair any hard disk related issue, Microsoft has provided with check disk utility. Here is the process explanation.

  1. Use Start menu
  2. Here you need to enter "Command", hold the Ctrl+Shift key and then press enter
  3. A dialog box will appear (Permission)
  4. Accept it
  5. Once Command Prompt appears, type chkdsk /f
  6. Then press enter

Alternatively, you can Open Windows start menu> type run> then type CMD> and after that type chkdsk /f

Check hardware to fix bluescreen 0x0000000a

It will start scanning for any corruption to the Hard Disk, you just need to follow the instruction mentioned on the screen. Later you will receive a success message about hard disk correction error gets resolved.

Method 6: Malware Scan

Beside above all processes, let's not forget the role played by your Antivirus and Malware protection software. As it uses to provide security against any unwanted threat to the system especially while surfing online. Thus to avoid any issue due to some malware attack, do a thorough Malware scan to your system and make your system free from any attack or system error.

For that, you can choose any available good antivirus and Malware protection available online or offline such as Mcafee, Avast etc.

scan malware to fix bluescreen 0x0000000a

Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps and solution, be ensure that system will be free from any bluescreen error such as 0x0000000a. And your device will be ready to provide access to it again without any further delay.

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Part 4: If you lost data after bluescreen 0x0000000a, how to Recover Data?

Are you worried about your data while your system screen is reflecting error message with 0x0000000a code or you faced a sudden loss of data due to a system error? Then this is the right place to get the appropriate solution. It's true and possible with Wondershare Recoverit tool, that makes recovery of any kind of data loss or deleted data possible.

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If you want to know how to go about, then just scan through the process mentioned below, that will guide you thoroughly. Here are the required steps:

    1. Launch the tool, select Recovery option

Visit the site to get access to the home page of the recoverit tool, there you will see all round recovery option, you just need to select it.

recover data after fixing bluescreen 0x0000000a-step 2

    1. Locate the location

Now you are required to select a location where you found that data gets lost after bluescreen 0x0000000a error and wait a while till scanning gets completed.

recover data after fixing bluescreen 0x0000000a-step 3

Now you got the option to scan your hard disk or any external device too using this tool.

recover data after fixing bluescreen 0x0000000a-step 4

    1. Preview the data then recover it

After that, once scanning process gets completed just preview the file, you can select particular ones too and then finally click on Recover button to get that recover back to the system.

recover data after fixing bluescreen 0x0000000a-step 5

Using this simple guide you can easily and safely get all those precious data back without worrying any more about further trouble. So, forget any worry or trouble, just go grab this wonderful tool to get best recovery facility.

The article above is designed to consciously focus on bluescreen 0x0000000a error, what are the causes and how to fix them with the best possible solution. Thus, you should be rest assured to get the bluescreen issue rectified with any of the above solutions. And, most important part is you have nothing to worry about your device data, and you can completely rely on recoverit. All the best and you can start to work on your system without any worry.

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