Sue Wayne

Sue Wayne

staff Editor
  • Passionate Mac computer nerd with 8-year experience;
  • Publish a series of Mac-related blogs for Recoverit;
  • Provide multiple solutions to a Mac computer problem;
  • Pursue the mind peace and physical fitness through Yoga.

Experience & Education


Sue Wayne discovered her passion for computer technology 8 years ago, especially the Mac computer, and has been working at Wondershare to provide a series of Mac-related blogs ever since. She has been an expertise that can offer multiple fixes to help you solve problems with Mac computers. She specially focuses on Mac data recovery, tips, instructions and Mac fixing solutions.


Immersed herself in computing and technology, you think she must be an IT-related major. Instead, she opted for the Journalism. The education background brought her the Mac world. During the college life, she had to have spontaneous access to the latest technology trends and inventions. The more she acquired, the more she come to like computing and technology, especially how a Mac computer works.


Sue knows a fair bit about Mac and is here to help. She has posted scores of posts covering knowhow, the difference between Mac and PC, Mac data recovery, Mac data backup, Mac problems fixing, and many more solutions. The accumulated experience and technical knowhow makes Sue well-recognized in numerous platforms.


When Sue is not in the office, Sue taps into her another passion – Yoga. She devotes her time to keeping herself fit physically and mentally. Sue has a dog named Pada. She enjoys walking her dog every day.