How to Repair Damaged JPEG/JPG Photos from Digital Camera?

How to Repair Damaged JPEG/JPG Files from Digital Camera?

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One of the best inventions in technology that we have today is the digital camera. You can take photos of any moment you would like to cherish, like you being at the top of a mountain or being with the people you like. Taking pictures might mean more to other people, such as professional photographers – they take big risks just to get the best shot of their subjects. However, one of the problems that no picture can get away from is corruption. Do you ever wonder why this happens? Also, do you have any idea how you are going to repair these damaged JPG files?

Reasons for Damaged JPEG or JPG Files

Here are the most common reasons why images shot from the camera gets damaged:


Now, let’s dive into the ways on how to repair damaged JPG files. This is crazy, but I’d like to share with you three software tools to help you get your precious JPEG files back.

Way 1. Repair with Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair

Stellar Phoenix Photo Repair

The first tool to help you repair damaged JPG files is the Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair. This is a very powerful software because it is compatible with a lot of memory cards, as well as camera brands. Here’s the list:

The Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair has many great features for software that repairs damaged JPG files:

Steps to repair damaged JPG files – photos and Images

Step 1. Choose the right version whether you are operating on Windows or Mac. Free download, install, and then launch the application.

Step 2. Start to add files to the interface. Select your corrupted files by clicking on the "Add file" button at the center of the interface.

launch the photo repair software

Step 3. You can add many files because the Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair can work per batch. You can also untick any of the files that you have just added or select all. Click the "Repair" button and have the software start to repair damaged JPG files.

add files for repair

Watch the preview as the software repairs damaged JPG files. This is one of the great features of the software, as it can give you a peak that your corrupted photos are getting repaired.

repair files

Way 2. Repair Canon Rebel JPEG pictures with photo editing tools

The Canon EOS Rebel is autofocus and single-lens reflex camera (SLR) and is a great camera that you can use to capture your life’s treasured moments. But like any other camera, it is also susceptible to JPEG files corruption.

Common reasons why photos taken from Canon Rebel gets corrupted:

Do you know that you can repair damaged JPG files by editing them in an image manipulation software like Adobe Photoshop? However, it takes a matter of practice to achieve a perfect repair. Unlike using the Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair where you let the JPEG photo repair software do the job, you alone will manually edit your corrupted files.

The skill in graphic design can help you not only repair your photos but also improve them dramatically! You can adjust the lighting, as well as the quality of your photos. Launch the application after downloading and installing it, and then open the file that you want to repair.

repair JPEG files with PS

Way 3. Repair corrupt JPEG with Command Prompt

For small corrupted areas in your photos, you can try to use the Command Prompt. You might think this is crazy, but it wouldn’t hurt to try, right?

  1. To start with, transfer the corrupted photo to your computer.
  2. Then, type "Command prompt" on the search box of the Windows Start.
  3. Run it as an administrator.
  4. On the command prompt, type "sfc/scan" and then hit "Enter".
  5. After the scan has finished as well as the repair, restart your computer.
  6. Finally, check if your corrupted photo has been repaired.

Among the three methods that aim to repair damaged JPG files, the Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair can be said to be the best. It supports lots of image files, can work on a different data storage device, and is compatible with many brands of cameras. It has also established its mastery in the field of corrupted files repair and does the job on its own. The downside of using a photo editing tool is that it depends on the mastery of the person to be able to repair the image and can take a very long time. About the use of the command prompt, it is only recommended when the damage is small. When these two methods don’t seem to work, the best resort is to let the Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair do what it’s best known for – repair damaged JPG files.


The digital camera has been very useful to us. Precious memories can be stored in photos and one can express art in the form of pictures. However, photo corruption has been one of the common problems when it comes to taking pictures. The common reasons associated with the corruption of photos taken using digital cameras include the usage of the memory card – whether it has been mounted or unmounted properly. Also, the use of cameras can lead to photo corruption too: taking pictures at the low battery and taking photos at a very fast speed then turning it off.

When photo corruption happens, three ways can be done to repair it.

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